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  1. So you guys may remember me from my post a few days ago concerning which game improvement iron I plan on buying. After several trips to both dicks and golfsmith, I've narrowed my options down to these two clubs. It's hard to compare at golfsmith since the Mizuno demo is a 6 and the Callaway is a 7. Just based on about 50 swings of each the performance of the two is about the same (compensating for the iron difference, I'm NOT saying the Mizuno 6 performed the same as a Callaway 7). So I guess what I'm asking is, what do you guys think I should go with? Personally the Callaway felt a bit l
  2. Yeah I took a few swings and they immediately wrote down that kind of stuff on a card for me of which included stiff shafts.
  3. So I've picked up golf again and been playing for about a year now and have been having lots of fun with it, however, i'm still swinging my father's old taylormade r7 xds, which are regular flex and have no other adjustments to them. Seeing as I come from baseball, despite working on it my swing isn't exactly light and after buying a stiff flex driver I've determined i most definitely need stiff irons as well. So here we go, on the path to finding the ones right for me. I spent practically all day today a golfsmith and basically swung every single game improvement iron to date. My price rang
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