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  1. Perhaps it will be called "Tiger & the guys that let him win."
  2. Are you saying that makavelli is not in his/her right mind? I
  3. Different strokes for different folks. We just appreciate football in different ways. The majority of people like to see touchdowns and exciting offensive plays. Very very few can get excited about a game that had 5 field goals and no touchdowns. I doubt LSU would beat OSU by 40. They would win, but not by that much. Especially with the lack of competent QB's.
  4. Why not? The game doesn't mean anything. It is going to be a decent game and get good ratings as well. It is just an exhibition.
  5. ZJ has too much integrity for something like that. Not to mention he wouldn't get the recognition for taking out Woods on a Sunday. Not too many can say that.
  6. I can't wait to fall asleep during another defensive battle(read boring game). If I can stay away, I will be watching LSU win again.
  7. Do you really think Johnson threw away $550,000 just so Tiger could win because he needed one? Nobody is going to do that. Quote:
  8. I don't feel too bad for them. If they were big names on the Tour and they are now living paycheck to paycheck it means that they have squandered millions of dollars.
  9. I have a Wings jersey signed by the 2010 team and a signed Lidstrom jersey and neither of those are under glass yet. Do I sense a bit of hostility in your last sentence? My toll post was in jest.
  10. I see. Sounds to me like you are a bandwagon fan or like to hide the fact that your favorite team sucks and you don't want to be associated with them. Perhaps Calgary? Now that was a troll!
  11. I was mostly refering to other treads. So are your "instincts" your final answer? I mean, when I see a hot woman my instincts are to jump her bones, but my answer is to not do it. See where intincts differ from an actual opnion? I am not making anything up. Have you ever watched Ultimate Force? That show is awesome. Since you asked and I like to amuse... Is the PGA Tour deeper than the Euro Tour? a) Yes b) No I am only looking for an "a" or "b" on this one. No explanation needed, just an "a" or "b".
  12. I wasn't trolling. You and Sean may want to freshen up on what trolling is. Why do you sometimes duck direct questions from me? Maybe I'll put the question another way, although you will probably try to side step that too. True or False, The PGA Tour is deeper than the European Tour. Quote:
  13. Your analysis is incorrect. I am not trolling anything. How's your favorite hockey team doing? I can't remember who it is. Maybe I can troll you then.
  14. I'll be looking forward to your analysis. I am not worked up about anything young deasy. I try to discuss and you always act like I am after you or something. I am not. To be fair, there was no "discussion " about the deepness of tours. Prior to your comment, only franky mentioned "deepness." You were the second to mention it so I figured that you were taking the opposite stance from him or else you wouldn't have brought it up or perhaps you might of said "I agree with you Franky that the PGA Tour is more "deep." Did you really think that telling me to leave it alone was going to
  15. I am just trying to get your view on this DISCUSSION forum. You always seem to get riled up when I try to have a discussion with you. Perhaps you feel I am out to get you or something? Just trying to figure out why you made that comment when you seemingly agree with Franky's assertation that the PGA Tour is deeper? The comment came out of nowhere and made no sense in the discussion. So I am not putting words into your mouth, would you answer the following question? Which is the deeper tour? a) The Pga Tour b) The European Tour
  16. Why did you mention it then? What was the purpose of your random comment(by random I mean you didn't direct it toward anybody by quoting)? Do you agree with Franky that the PGA Tour is the deeper tour?
  17. Why would you consider the Euro Tour the "deeper" tour? Is it only because you can recognise more players? Looks like someone may be making a trip to the penalty box. Likely it will be a return trip!
  18. Perhaps all the golf fans of the European Tour?
  19. No, I was getting a drink of water out of the faucet. I also had the chicken pox and on drugs for that. So that could have played a factor.
  20. I sear I saw an alien when I was young. It was in my grandmothers kitchen getting in the fridge.
  21. Woods Focuses on the Acceleration of Fuse Science Technology around the World AVENTURA, Fla. , Nov. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd. (OTCQB: DROP), the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc. ( www.fusescience.com ), announced today that it has entered into an exclusive endorsement agreement with Tiger Woods in the sports nutrition and energy categories. Woods will endorse Fuse Science as a primary spokesperson in professional sports.
  22. Why couln't Millen be right when he was GM'ing the Lions!
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