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  1. The last time I was there I think it was called the "penalty box".
  2. Every word. Didn't see anything about being Joe Pa's fault. Could you post that up?
  3. Outside of LSU and Alabama, the SEC isn't as great as you think it is.
  4. Paterno didn't "let" little boys be abused and raped. He didn't hand them over to Sandusky. He didn't know and do NOTHING about it. You make it sound as if Paterno is an accomplice. Should he have done more? Absolutely. But to burn him at the stake as you are is insane.
  5. Still waiting on pics of the indoor driving range and putting green set up!
  6. I don't think Paterno should be fired. Sure, he might have failed a morality test, but he didn't do anything legally wrong. Perhaps there is a morality clause in his contract. His reputation is tarnished. He should have done more. If Paterno wasn't as iconic as he is, we likely wouldn't be talking about this. Mike McQueary should be taking a lot more heat. He should have done something to get the kid out of there and went directly to the police, not Paterno.
  7. Good thing she isn't a student athlete then.
  8. 4 pages and you haven't posted pics of your indoor set ups? Get on it boy! If you are going to move in 4 years and save up money, buying a house now is not a good way to go.
  9. Your original comment that I took issue with came off as insulting to American's. That is why I made a stink about it. Even though you were insulting yourself in the process, some of us take exception to those kind of comments.
  10. I did miss that, my bad. The order of the posts threw me off. I asked the question and you gave the answer to Jamo in your reply then you singled out that line of my post saying you did. I was looking for your answers to my questions in a post in which you replied to me. Again, my apologies. It is pretty convenient of you to totally ignore 99% of the post questioning your bias.:) For the record, I would consider it a weak field if only half of the US ryder cup team were present(and no Euros present). It doesn't matter which half.
  11. It must not count for the money title or else you would think Simpson would be in. Those guys don't need this tournament to retain their cards for next year, so my guess is that they just don't care and want a rest.
  12. Where? Are you considering your comment about American's only caring about America your defense of the comments about a weak field? I must have missed where you explain how it wasn't a weak field.
  13. Are you not answering my questions because you have no answers? You made a claim, now you must back it up.
  14. I don't know much about the event. Does it count for anything on the Tour that your list of players would care about? Those guys are pretty flush with money, so maybe they just want some time off?
  15. I think you are mistaken. Who has said they don't like Sergio? Furthermore, who has said they don't like Sergio because he is Spanish? I am pretty sure we all like Sergio. The contention is that Sergio won 2 events in a row with weak fields. Can you dispute the weak field claim?
  16. Just because you were born in America doesn't mean that you can't have an anti-American bias. There are plenty of people that were born here that hate America. If you had no bias why the quote below which essentially says Americans only care about America? Why not mention the PGA tour and not America? Why didn't you post your defending argument on the weak field issue? Most likely because you can't defend it, because they were weak fields. Instead of defending your position, you spout off about Americans only caring about America.
  17. 3 out of the top 20 players in the world barely qualifies as a decent field. You 2 are showing your anti-American bias. The Castello Maters had ZERO top 20 players in the field. The Andalucia Masters had 3 in the top 20. Had Sergio not won the previous week, there would have only been 2 top 20 players.
  18. Luke Donald doesn't move the needle in the U.S. When he brings in more viewers/readers than Tiger Woods, they will talk more about him instead of Tiger. Tiger is one of the most famous and recognized athletes in the world. Very few people in the U.S.(outside of golfers) would know who Luke Donald is. Nearly everybody knows who Tiger is. Journalism isn't in the business of being a non-profit. FTR, I think, and have said that Luke is the best in the world.
  19. I Good news! You can block entire threads by NOT entering them!
  20. Woods just signed a long term deal with Rolex. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5guVozZK3JyFKbXGPmLNEqMfQm0mg?docId=174f24a2aa534e46b1eb0a2abd47557e
  21. If Luke Donald isn't the best player in the world, who is? And what makes them better than Luke?
  22. The media is not going to give up on its bread and butter. You may not care about it, but you are in the minority. Tiger moves the meter, the others don't.
  23. As long as JD stays as wildly popular as he is these type of antics won't matter. They haven't in the past and they won't in the future unless his fanbase hits the skids.
  24. I am a Redwings fan for the record. You are the delusional one. It is obvious that you don't know WTF you are talking about. Malkin not in the top 10 of centers? Do you even watch hockey? Please enlighten us with your list of 10 centers better than Malkin.
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