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  1. Still Tiger Woods. Instead of what he is doing, we would be discussing what he has done or could have done. He is the most polarizing figure in golf, you can't avoid talking about him.  I suggest if you aren't interested in the discussion you don't enter the thread.

    Originally Posted by bigoak

    There always seems to be some sort of argument about Tiger Woods,  Should he play?  Should he change coach?  Should he be playing more now?  etc.  What would you argue about if that traffic accident was fatal?

    I'd be willing to find out!

    Originally Posted by Gioguy21

    michelle wie. real woman or is there some 'tucking it back' involved?

  2. I can only drive the ball about 240yds, but my penis size is 350yds and I have slept with 200yds of women.

    Originally Posted by newtogolf

    I find these discussions humorous like I do discussions about penis size and how many girls a guy has slept with.  I'm sure some people exaggerate but I'm guessing there are some cases where they aren't, either way I don't get how this affects the rest of us.  I can't compare swords to John Holmes, or beat out Wilt Chamberlains female conquests, and I doubt I'll ever hit a real 350+ yard drive without the assistance of hurricane winds on a downhill course made of concrete but I'm okay with that.

    If a guy tells me he saw his buddy hit a PW 200 yards I might be skeptical but unless he's given me a reason to believe he's a liar I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  I'm not sure why everyone assumes if someone can hit the ball a ton they would have to be pro's or long drive champions, not everyone has those aspirations, nor does it mean it's impossible for them to do it.  I see this on almost every forum, guy posts his results from a driver fitting and everyone (usually those with shorter drive distances) chime in that the launch monitor numbers were jacked, he's too stupid to calculate the distance he hit on the range.  Who cares?

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  3. gleason_not_sure_if_serious.jpg

    Iron covers causing pace of play issues?  That's funny!

    Originally Posted by inthecup

    I have thought about it lately.  My old clubs (Callaway X-18's) seemed un-dentable.  My new irons are cast but "soft stainless steel" and seem to pick up small dents more easily.

    My problem with iron covers are speed of play.

  4. Do you disagree his original premise that Scotty's are over-rated? I mean, how many Scotty owners have them fitted to even half the standard that your fitting was? IMO, not many.  Most see the name "Scotty Cameron" and drool and buy one of the shelf.  I don't know if it is a status symbol for them or if they actually think they will putt better because of the name on the club.

    Originally Posted by iacas

    They may not be worth it... to you. But that's your opinion, and you can't force others to have the same.

    I putt with a putter that would cost nearly $600 if paid for normally (my Edel putter).

    It has a great insert, variable weighting, and is fully customized the way I wanted it customized, and fits me perfectly, from my alignment to my distance control.

    I guarantee it's a better putter than virtually ANY other putter out there, and I'll have it for decades. Also, the technology and general design and build quality is miles ahead of your $15 putter.

  5. If you look at his other thread he flew 6500 miles from Tokyo for that fitting! That is some serious dedication.

    Nice putter BTW!

    Originally Posted by MiniBlueDragon

    *is jealous*

    Congrats on the putter and also having someone close enough to fit you for it. Alas I need to fly/drive/train to Scotland for a fitting (500 miles if I could go in a straight line) so it bumps the price of the putter up by far too much. :(

  6. He didn't win all 4 majors in a season in his prime, but you think he can do it now?  Like I said earlier, care to make a bet?

    Originally Posted by senorchipotle

    seriously, i think he can do it if he gets motivated. once he gets to the point where he's no longer thinking mechanically about his swing, watch out. i have a suspicion that we're going to see 2.5 years of year 2000 like dominance from tiger.

  7. You have zero tolerance, but you are going to intentionally hit back into somebody? That is awfully hypocritical, don't you think?  Not to mention dangerous and opening yourself up to liability.  Don't be a douche bag.

    Originally Posted by Tumbler

    If a ball lands within 20 yards of me or my group (from the tee we're playing), it gets tee'd up and sent right back. Had an uncle lose teeth to someone hitting into us, so I have zero tolerance for it.

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  8. Originally Posted by newtogolf

    I'll agree average was a bit too far of a reach, but I think you went too far the other way to make your point saying they'd wipe the floor with male scratch golfers unless you are assuming they play from different tees

    LPGA tournaments are mostly in the mid 6000 range for yardage I think. Some shorter, some longer.  From those tees(both playing the same tees), yes the LPGA player will wipe the floor with the male scratch golfer.

    Originally Posted by x129

    There are lots (ok for some definition of lots) of long hitter amateurs that can outdrive PGA pros.

    I would take the top 15-20 LPGA players over a scratch golfer (assuming we play the ladies tee in the mid 6k range).  Look what Annika or Wie did against the male golfers.  I doubt many scratch golfers would have been that competitive.  I don't track the LPGA enough to have a feel of how good the 100th ranked player is.

    The 100th ranked player has a scoring average of 74 in tournament conditions. Similar to the PGA add, these gals are good!

  9. This couldn't be further from the truth. LPGA players would wipe the floor with an average golf guy.  They will wipe the floor with scratch players, let alone an average guy.

    Originally Posted by newtogolf

    I agree that the LPGA is more like the golf average guys play versus the PGA which is what we all aspire to be able to do but very few of us ever will.

  10. Since you share the opinion, could you please elaborate on how they are "hurting" the game of golf?

    Originally Posted by mikelegacy

    I dont like the long putters personally. Im in the same opinion as Mickelson's caddie whom said that they are hurting the game of golf. Players should just practice more with regular putters. If they have a bad stroke, just practice at it.

    To me it's becoming more about the technology than the golf stroke with putting anymore.

  11. You can get a few points of swing weight by changing your grips to winn lite grips if you want something more immediate.

    Originally Posted by KonVex

    Yes i think your right...the shaft that is on it is a KBS Tour 90 shaft. I looked this shaft up and apparently its 21% lighter weight according to the KBS website.  Its not the club then its the shafts.  Eventually i'm going to get them re-shafted with dynamic golds to get a bit more swing weight .

  12. Stopped by menards last night. The drivers were $120 up here and the fairways were $99. Good find though!

    Originally Posted by Gresh24

    I am in central IL.  It's the first time I've ever seen any golf clubs there.  They were with other summer games and toys.  They had a men's in Stiff flex and Senior, and several 3 and 5 woods.

  13. Where did you find it? I might stop at Menards on my way home!  I've always called them the Walmart of home improvement stores.

    Originally Posted by Gresh24

    I also found an FT-IZ brand new at Menards of all places (a home improvement store in the Midwest - like Lowes and Home Depot) for $99.  That's even less than on ebay right now.

  14. For future reference, you can get shipping boxes from your local golf stores. They should just give them to you.

    Originally Posted by 6AndAHalfFooter

    My Nike VR Tour Driver (9.5 Degree, Project X 6.0) broke exactly in the same fashion, after less than 2 Months Use.  Bought it on-line... it has been sent back to Nike.  Been gone for almost 2 weeks and I am missing it (particularly with a scramble coming up this weekend).  I went through a fitting process when buying this driver and by reducing backspin by over 30%, I increased total yardage (carry plus roll) by ~30 yards.  Previous driver was Cobra SEZ460, which I hit straight but very high with the Aldila NV HL (high launch) S-60 Shaft.  It was great as I learned the game and to this day for accuracy, but with ~ 3000 RPM backspin, my ball drops from the sky like a rock and I get no carry/roll.  Bottom line: I am a huge advocate of being fitted for a driver... I tried 4-5 others with very marginal improvement, but then this particular combination of club/shaft was the right one for my swing.  It's a great club for me when the head stays on the shaft.

    This Breaking Phenomenon: Sounds like a fairly common (if not epidemic) rate of occurrence.  My theory: the Str8 Fit adjusting hosel creates uneven pressure around the circumference of the shaft and the stiff Project X Shafts cannot handle the resulting stress.  My point of failure was a broken shaft, nothing to do with "glue" as somebody suggests above.  I am not seeing many reports of broken "less stiff" shafts... mainly Project X 6.0 and 6.5.  It serves to reason that the stiffer shafts (or more accurately, the higher swingspeeds that necessitate them) would be causing the failures.

    My concern: unless something has changed with the Str8 Fit adjusting hosel, or the shaft itself... Nike will send me back another 'time bomb' which will require replacement in another couple of months.  Frustrating situation because we may never find out if/when Nike will address what is causing these failures (as somebody suggests, perhaps just a bad batch of shafts - I hope so).  I guess I will save the shipping box when Nike sends it back to me... it will save me $14 at the UPS Store when I have to send it back again in October.

  15. I think that is a silly way to think about it.  There won't be another Tiger and Jack for some time, if ever. Does that mean that there is no future? What if he has a career similar to his idol Phil with no other US golfers doing much of anything. Phil was a step ahead of any other US golfer outside of Tiger. Is it not possible that he could be a step ahead of other US golfers? All he has to do to be the "future" of US golf is to be better and win more than all of the others. Again, I don't know if it is probable, but it is certainly possible.

    Originally Posted by LankyLefty

    I really think If he saying that 1 man will be the future of US golf then hes automatically comparing them to Tiger and Jack. Just like every talented wing man in the NBA is compared to Jordan.

  16. The only way to tell is by taking it to the range to compare or do it on the course. It is impossible for us to tell. It could be a swing issue that causes the extreme height.

    Originally Posted by Ryan Lawhead

    Well have been swinging my SUMO2 for about 2 years now and its an awesome driver (other then the sound of impact) but its a 10.5 loft and just in my eyes ALWAYS went to high in the air and just hate it because I know thats robbing me of distance I hit around 250-260

    So Bought the new R9 Superdeep because I read it keeps the ball flight down and added distance I got it in 9.5 Loft so you guys think this will fix the whole SKY high balls I have???

    Bought a set of burner Irons as well anyone have any experience with these??

  17. Perhaps you should look at his signature, avatar, and the fact that he is an insider. It is clear as day.

    iacas doesn't need any protecting.

    Originally Posted by turtleback

    Just curious, how are we supposed to know that?  Other sponsors usually mention that they are.  Some of us are a little protective of iacas because of the time and energy he has put forth to make this place for us.  And we don't like to see his hospitality abused by freeloaders advertising here.  Obviously some folks thought that was happening, even though it wasn't, apparently.  In the future you might want to think about labeling your posts as coming from a sponsor?

    And I'm still not sure why, when I posted that my new putter has cut my putts per round by about 5, you would say I need one of your putters .  That just looked . . . silly.

  18. That is nonsense. You still need to be able to read the green and get the speed right. If it were that easy, all the pros would be using them and there would be many more wins with them.

    Originally Posted by TitleistWI

    IMO, long putters should be banned because they take most the skill out of putting.  Just as the size of driver heads has been limited, so should the length of putter shafts.  IMO, the limit should be 35" because long putters make it so easy that anyone can putt well with one.

  19. I think you guys missed the point on this one.  The OP didn't ask "will Keegan dominate like Tiger and Jack?" He didn't say a word about domination. He wasn't comparing Bradley to Tiger or Jack either.  He was simply asking if he is the future of US golf, which is entirely possible. Probable? I don't know, but it is certainly possible. No one(currently) is going to be like Jack and Tiger. That doesn't mean that we can't have a player or 2 that are just a step above the others, thus making them the future of US golf.  If you are basing the future of US golf on the ability to completely dominate, then there is NO future.

    Originally Posted by Shorty

    He will dominate golf for the next 20 years and win 17 majors.

    It's obvious isn't it?

    How could one think otherwise?

    Originally Posted by LankyLefty

    Keegan who? Oh that nobody who came out of nowhere to win the lamest major of the year....

    Common, congrats to this dude, hes probably got a bright future on tour but... Common man, Nicklaus was the first guy to really come out on the modern media stage and take the professional golf world by storm. It would be more then 30 years later that tiger would come out and one up him.

    Outside of those two guys, no one has been the "the guy" for more then a a few tournaments in a row, Ben Hogan was great but his career was marred by injury and subpar competition.

    So if history is any indication It will be at least 10-15 years before we see someone who is capable of what Tiger or Jack did.

    Until then we will have to settle for the smattering of somewhat exciting young guys we have, but comparing anyone to Tiger or Jack at their best is just setting them up for failure.

  20. There are many worse choices than bud light.

    Originally Posted by FowlPlay

    All I can say is that he just won a major, and he's drinking perhaps the worst brand of domestic beer. Lost a point in my book.

    I am sure it is jus what he had in the fridge.

    Originally Posted by FowlPlay

    True that. But I thought he could've at least bought something premium considering he's got a fat check coming in.

    If I won a major, I would probably buy multiple kegs of some of the best beer in the world, and have a private dinner and party with my friends and family.

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