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  1. Should have had them throw on a winn lite grip to offset the loss of swing weight.

    Originally Posted by Kieran123

    I already have a flat swing...but I think my hands are far too forward of the club

    I went and shortened it last night - the shorter the club the more upright the swing right? I can stand a little closer to the ball etc now

    Was hitting it fine on the simulator - as accurate as that is I don't know, but will hit the range tonight and see

    I may have to get some lead tape, as it feels like I am swinging a feather a little bit

  2. Would you care to put your money where your mouth is? I am intrigued by those Edel putters and fitting. Shall we bet that?

    Originally Posted by jgreen85

    tiger sweeps the majors next year; you heard it here first. Though I really do think it will happen, I acknowledge that it doesn't cost me anything to state it here, but meh.

  3. Pay the $125 and get fitted. Then shop around. There are plenty of drivers for much cheaper than you are looking at. You can probably find something that would do much better for under $200.

    Originally Posted by daSeth

    Hi fellow Santrappers,

    Just seeking some honest advice...

    I bought my driver 11-12 years ago, a Titleist 975J, 9.5*, with a stock Titleist stiff shaft.  It is/was a great club and gave me a lot of years of good service.  If fact, I am rather attached to it.  I am offended that they are selling on Ebay for $30.  I think I'll keep it rather than sell it at that price.  At any rate, I took the last 5 years off the game and am now getting back.  I am swinging much faster than before.  I could explain the why but it's not important.  My short irons are about 10 yards longer than when I used to play.  The long irons have gotten ridiculously long.  I don't know my swing speed but I play my 7 iron for 175, 8 iron for 163,  9 iron for 150, PW for 138, swinging smoothly at 80% as always.  I am probably capable of hitting each farther, but I dial it down for consistency (in theory).

    Back to the driver, I am really struggling to control the thing and suffering a lot of penalty strokes/bad lies/recoveries as a consequence.  The launch is much higher than it used to be, the ball spins like crazy both left and right, and I simply do not feel the club like I used to.  It used to feel like a long hammer.  It now feels like trying to swing a feather.  I feel like I am making good swings and getting overly random results.  Even taking a bunch off of the driver does not seem to make a difference.  It goes 300+ pretty easily on 80% swings, when it goes straight.  In fact is goes a lot farther when I swing easy.  My buddy seems to think that I'd get a benefit out of a new driver with a much stiffer shaft.  I tend to agree but I don't want to drop $400+ and still hit the same crappy shots.  I have been shopping a Titleist 910 D3 but still need to figure out shaft.

    Anyone out there with my length get a big benefit from going stiffer and newer?  What shaft worked for you?  Anybody have a guess of what my swing speed is?

    Fitting at the local Titleist advanced fitting center is $75 if you buy and $125 if you buy elsewhere, but they are pretty much charging retail for the driver.  That puts me out $475 + tax and shipping (Ouch...).  Not that money is too much of an object but getting ripped off sucks...  Should I shut up, pony up and just get fitted, and buy the club there?  Or do I get fitted and buy online (with all the nuances of online purchasing)?

    Or, do I take lessons because my club is fine,  I suck, its my swing?

    I know it's a lot of questions, but that's what forums are for...

  4. For my game the ball really doesn't matter much. I haven't played much this year so I have only used 1 ball Taylormade TP Red.  Last year I used some TP Reds, Nike One Tour D, Bridgestone E6, Top Flite D2 feel, and Nike One Tours. Scores were pretty much the same with all of them.

  5. Yes you. Would you say you improved your putting by 1-2 strokes per round?  More? Less? I couldn't care less about you pushing either of them or trying to sell them. I am interested in real world results.  As far as I am concerned this thread was about you showing off a new club you got.  Just like anyother TST member that got some sweet new sticks.

    Originally Posted by iacas


    I was a really good putter before. With AimPoint and my Edel I'm now an awesome putter. I play, too (not as often as I'd like) and haven't done a lot of pushing of AimPoint or Edel here on the site (that may change), and so I came to these not because it's something I can sell, but because the systems (for fitting and for green reading) made sense to me and are best-in-the-world quality, bar none.

  6. I would think that the pro you are working with would better be able to answer these questions that us at TST.  If he can't answer these questions, it is time to find a new pro.

    Originally Posted by Sharky816

    Have been working with my golf pro, hitting my 8 iron like 160 or so, but the tragectory is way too high. I am looking to have a lower ball flight. I have a decent swing, good set up and I hit crisp, but way too high. Tried putting the ball back, still too high.

    He tells me I may need a stiffer shaft. Right now using S300 dynamics.

    Can anyone give me some advice. I am a 22 Handicap who wants to improve. Is it really the equipment or is it me?

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  7. Originally Posted by jshots

    What do you think of this theory... Tiger is currently better than he has ever been and is just playing up some drama of him sucking in order to mount the ultimate come back of all time and to restore glory to his name and to get more people to watch golf again.

    I think that you are bonkers!

  8. Originally Posted by ThominOH

    . Lets move on, and lets promote golf, not Tiger..  Tiger is NOT golf,,  The golf industry is suffering from some serious issues, Tiger isn't the answer..

    This is where you go wrong.  As far as the PGA Tour goes, Tiger IS golf. People watch golf when Tiger is in contention. They don't watch when Tiger isn't around. The final round of the PGA got the same ratings as the 1st round of the NFL draft.  The same rating as names getting called! If it weren't for Tiger, Bradley wouldn't have taken home a check for $1.4 million yesterday.  Without Tiger, Jason Dufner doesn't have $7.1 million in tour winnings without ever stepping foot in the winners circle.

  9. I played Master Grip woods for most of High School(on the golf team). Nothing wrong with them if they work for you. My wife is now using those master grip woods.

    Originally Posted by jshots

    Well I did finally get a stiffer shaft. I had mentioned to my Grandpa that I needed a stiffer shaft in my driver. He went out and ordered me a brand new Master Grip driver

    It was a nice gesture even if its not probably the greatest club. He was amazed at how cheap their stuff is and doesn't think that you get what you pay for applies here. Anyways after using it for a few rounds I have been absolutely hammering my drives and they are straight! I just hope the club lasts. Let me tell you how awesome this club is. It has adjustable weights in the head, but those weights are permanent! hahahaha.

    Whatever kind of club it is, its nice to finally be able to trust my drives will be in play...  I'm really amazed at the difference a stiff shaft made.

  10. Originally Posted by glock35ipsc

    Specs say square on the regular 9° and 10° and 1° closed on the 11° and 13°.  Tour specs say 1° open on the 8.5°, 9.5°, and 10.5°.

    But I know you know that what is actual can be different from what is measured....

    I've seen those.  I was wondering if anybody had any real world experience. I think I am leaning toward the tour version to be safe.

  11. That's the rub.  We AREN'T talking about total dollars per round. That isn't what the article(i.e. the discussion) was about. The article was specifically about his ON COURSE earnings.

    Originally Posted by Gioguy21

    i think if we were looking at his total dollars made per round you have to look at the overall picture of his wealth and not JUST his earnings through tournaments.

  12. I like the format while at work because it is easier to watch and work at the same time.  I would hate it on TV though.

    Originally Posted by senorchipotle

    man i love this "marquee group" thing. you really get to experience the ebb and flow of a professional round of golf without having to walk 5 miles and push through crowds.

  13. Originally Posted by senorchipotle

    For all the slackers, retirees, and unemployed the PGA website will be streaming Paddy, Tiger, and DL 3 starting at 8:35 EST. Get your game face on!

    Thank goodness for dual screens at work!

  14. If the higher handicapper truly realizes that putting is the first step to lowering one's HC, his money would not be spent on a Cameron. He would be buying putting lessons and a putter that fits him from any brand.  A Cameron will not make someone a better putter. An Odyssey will make putts just the same as a Cameron at a fraction of the price, thus leaving more money for more lessons.

    Originally Posted by meenman

    possibly the most ridiculous statement in this thread. should only an 8.4 handicap be allowed to play them? If anything you should be proud of a higher handicapper that realizes putting is the first step to lowering one's HC

  15. I don't have a facebook page, so you aren't the only one.

    Post your items for sale in the for sale forum if you want to sell them. As a buyer, I would recommend buying a camera and taking high quality pictures of your items for sale. It is quite simple to get a picture on this forum.

    Originally Posted by jmcmb

    Anyone who has been reading my threads has probably come to realize that I buy a ton of golf clubs. I've recently designed and devoted a room in the home I recently purchased(my first)to all of my golf clubs and accessories(it even has a re gripping " station"), at this point, it's pretty much full, I'm getting quite short on room, and I refuse to devote another room to the storage of my clubs and other golf stuff( thinking about doing another room with a trackman launch monitor, but that's a different story for a different time). So my question to anyone who cares, would anyone be interested in basically new clubs and other products from the major manufacturers at a very reduced price? I'm thinking of doing this to help out a lot of players on this site who seem to have a lot of game, but might not have the funds to really out fit themselves as well as they might like to. Every item I sell would be standard specs, there are a lot of times when I'm not really quite sure if I will like an item, so I will scoop it up from a large market store(golf galaxy, golfsmith, etc) in standard specs and play it a little to get a feel for it, my custom specs are close enough to stock specs from most companies that I can get a good feel off of the stock specs, the only real variation is the lie angle which I play 1 degree flat in my irons, and I play hard stepped stiff shafts in my irons(for the most part), i have everything adjusted if I fall in love with the club. Getting back on topic, as I mentioned above, everything I would sell would have standard specs, any club I have built to my specs is engraved with a logo I had designed based on my initials, anything I would sell here would be devoid of custom markings of any kind. If people are interested, I would think of doing it kind of by manufacturer, for example, if I start off listing Nike clubs, I would them list anything else I would sell from Nike before moving to another manufacturer, such as titleist or whichever. The only drawback to this for me personally is the need to take pictures of the items I would list, I hate taking pictures period, especially then having to post them on the web, it's like a huge pet peeve for me, the only cameras I've ever owned have been on cell phones, I've mentioned before that I'm the only person I know without a Facebook, but I realize it would be nessescary if I'm going to do this because it would be crazy for someone to buy something over the Internet without seeing it first. Everything I would sell would be from the last year or two, and would not have been played more than a few times, things that I don't love enough to game often, aren't old enough to have developed some sentimental value, and aren't special enough visually for me to hang on to them for aesthetic purposes alone, I would include a mini review for every item as well as the reasons why I will sell it. Let me know what you think, and if anyone is interested. Thank you.

    P.S Here is an example of an item I would list: Nike VR pro combo, 3-PW, purchased this April, played 2 rounds and about an hour on the range, everything is standard, shaft is TT Dynamic gold S300, no marks on them $400.00


  16. The point was that you said nobody cares. I said you did because you put a label on it, that is all.

    I would be checking out the chick while hanging with JD. He is bound to help you pull tail.

    Originally Posted by makaveli

    I don't get the point of your answer but I agree about the chix over JD! Cheers! :D

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