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  1. What's wrong with making a difficult game a little easier (especially for the average player), as long as it's within the rules?

    Because it is going to make it harder to find clubs that I like!!!

    Maybe it is just an asthetic thing. Maybe I am a retro grouch. Who knows, I am just happy to be playing again. I did see a bunch of Burner Bubbles on ebay for like $10. Maybe I should stock up for the future. Titleist 975d's too!
  2. No, I am not saying that new drivers aren't more forgiving and easier to hit. But if you can't square the club face, you CANT square the club face. I don't care how forgiving the driver is, it is still a big skill in hitting it straight and long.

    I am not discounting good drivers of the ball. They can use any club and do it good. I am talking about the less skilled players(which is most of us). Instead of trying to better our swing and improve we just buy a driver with a bigger sweet spot. I like to know I am getting better because of skill growth rather than driver growth. It is hard to judge that when you have a driver that has the sweet spot the size of a baseball.

  3. That is rediculous to think that the skill is getting taken out of golf. Despite the amazing advances in equipment people's handicaps are not going down. I play with different people all the time and they have the last and greatest but still hit it sideways.

    Are you implying that it isn't easier to hit the sweet spot on these giant clubs, than an old Calloway warbird or original Burner Bubble?

  4. I use a Titleist 983K which has a 365cc head. It's a few years old, but it's awesome. My brother still uses his Titleist 975 hahahahahaha.

    Easy is a relative term. Sure, they don't make the game easy. But they do make the game easier than with older equipment. How am I going to know if my swing is better and more consistent if I am using clubs with a sweet spot the size of Texas?

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