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  1. Thanks for the reply. Since posting the request for a used set, I've purchased a 5-sw set of new "Pin Hawk" heads, bent to 9 iron lie. I then had my local Dicks S.G. install shafts and oversize (1/6) grips. They ended up about 7 iron length, which didn't accomplish what I was after due to the lie angle (and the fact that I suck with 7 iron length and up), so had then cut them down to 9 *no charge*. Much better, but now those shafts are too stiff (original cut being for the 7 length), and can't get in the air good with the longer ones, so one more trip for softer shafts and I should be good. For those saying "if it worked, all the pros would do it".... I'm new to golf but now have a summer of playing under my belt, and I can tell you for sure these single length irons have made my first year "very tolerable". Had I been stuck hitting longer irons there wouldn't have been any point in going. *** I *** can't hit a good long iron (at least not yet), but my drives are decent and my short game is quite good for a newby, so this is an excellent option for me. The pros don't NEED them. PS, I should add that the "Dicks SG" guy (Mike Gallaway) was awesome, and the length thing was my fault not his.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a complete newby, and looking at single length myself. Main reason....my 9 iron is like a magic wand, but 7 on down is one nasty shot after another. I've researched all of them; One Iron, Sterling, etc, but can't quite "swing" $900 right now. I've searched eBay for used and come close, but no luck yet. All I really need (for now) is a 9 through 5 iron, or complete used set at a "used price". Any help is GREATLY appreciated. ***I'm new to this forum, so if looking for used equipment (here) is inappropriate, I apologize.
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