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  1. I purchased these plastic tees. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UI6R4W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought them because I thought maybe they would last longer than wooden tees and I won't have to reach in the bag for a new one as often. And so far they've been really great. I gave one away and I've used one for the last 6 rounds. So those 30 tees are on pace to last me a few years.
  2. I thought of another time. And this one I only take half credit. Par five, second shot, 280 out. I decide to hit a 5 iron which should leave me 100 - 115 out. The two carts of the group in front are at the green so I take a couple practice swings, line up, and hit. It starts a little right and is fading right, but I'm sure it'll be ok, only into the rough. That's when I see a cart pretty much in line with my ball. It lands maybe 15 yards from them and the 'FORE' was yelled about the same time it landed. One of the guys, for some reason had driven backward was playing a ball, I don't recall if all four had hit and then drove to the green, I had just looked and they were all parked greenside. He waved his arms at me, he was upset. I dropped my partner at his ball and drove to them to say sorry but they didn't wait. They saw me coming but took off towards the green. This was on 18 and they were already gone to the lot when we wrapped up. I felt bad, but I still think it wasn't totally my fault.
  3. I did this on Saturday actually. Playing a 332 yard par 4 with a good wind at my back. I've caught a few good ones that were 275, 280. My drives that are hit well go about 260 or a little less. Well I managed to hit the farthest drive of my life and had it roll into the sand trap next to green while the group was putting. Went to apologize and I almost couldn't get the apology out because they were all saying what a great shot it was. Very nice guys. I once hit into the group BEHIND ME. There's a par 3 where the tee box is maybe 40 yards to the left of the green of the previous hole. It's not a difficult hole but there is a large rocky ditch that sometimes has water in it. The ditch starts at the end of the tee box and is 30 yards or so to the other side. I bladed my 6 iron and the ball went shooting at a downward angle into the ditch. Hit a rock absolutely perfect and came screaming straight back at me. Flew over my head, landed behind us, and rolled across the previous green. I said sorry but these guys were not so nice.
  4. Starting out I was still to break 100. You see tips everywhere about hitting down with irons, hit up with driver, wrists movement, club path, and everything you can do to work on that stuff. I explained a drill and swing thought I was trying out and my buddy told me to forget all that junk. The clubs make the ball go up. Just hit the ball forward like a hammer on a nail. If hit a nail you need to hit it on a straight path and don't worry about "up", the loft will do that. Hammer it straight and keep it straight after contact for as long as you can. Immediately stopped slicing (made a usuable baby fade), stopped hitting fat shots, even stopped over swinging. Now, when I start doing poorly I still go back to thinking about hitting the ball straight where I want and it helps straighten things out.
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