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  1. I've read many posts, in this thread, and fast forwarded through the middle. A lot say to slow down your swing. This is fundamentally, very, incorrect. "If you slow down a bad fast swing, you'll have a bad slow swing." Swing speed is what gives us the most import aspect of the tee shot, distance. Rather than slowing your swing down, try not to swing too hard. Find a rhythm or tempo, but don't impede the club head from accelerating through impact. Stay in balance, let the club do its job and finish. Remember, fast is good and too hard, not so much.
  2. Steroid injections are temporary too. There's nothing wrong with NSAID's taken wisely of course. What else you gonna take, liver killing Tylenol? On topic, my worst fear is a career ending injury, too.
  3. Or a group of slow young punks, that have no clue about the game!!!!
  4. I'm soon to be 60, and my golf games the same as it was 40 plus years ago. Just got some hybrids, to replace 3-5 irons, so this may be the year.
  5. And I shot a 43 one Tuesday night, and a 53 the next...just saying.
  6. I was given a Warrior 4 Hybrid, from a pal. He paid 2 bucks at a garage sale. I hit it pretty well.
  7. Preciously...that's one reason I don't like playing with my brother. Anyone that lazy should not be allowed on a golf course.
  8. One or two league nights and no more than 3 when shooting 18. Usually stop for one afterwards.
  9. Can't help finding a new one, but what's wrong with the old one?
  10. I suppose, but ya gotta admit, her costume was out of place. What a skank.
  11. Paulina Gretzky's attire yesterday, was over the top. Hey young lady, the tournament wasn't about you. Dress accordingly, or move your tight ass elsewhere! Honestly, you looked like a skank! Wayne should be embarrassed, and I hope someone straightens her out!
  12. League night was tonight, and we played against two old dudes, about 5 or 10 years older than me. Anywho, they were ball mark fixing machines, on every hole except, maybe, number 9. Nice to see, and what a coincidence.
  13. Like a cell phone, there's no room on a golf course for music. P.S. Not trying to make an enemy, and I hope you don't take it that way!
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