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  1. Oh ok. Furyk thoughtbthe course was set up in our favour. I guess we’ll never know.
  2. I’d like to think that they’d be able to move to Florida without forgetting everything they learned while growing up here and developing in the European Tour.
  3. To clarify, I agree wholeheartedly with your original post. A friend and I are now determined to give it a go. We played the 2010 Celtic Manor course recently but this looks like even more fun. Surely they’ll hike the prices after this weekend though.
  4. Oh pipe down. They clearly don’t have a clue what they’re on about.
  5. Well to this casual and clearly uninformed observer it seemed as if those points, world ranking, and golfing reasons were kind of pointless from the thick rough on this course.
  6. The bloke is 192nd in driving accuracy . If the pick was made for golfing reasons it was dumb. If it was made for sentimental reasons as some people have suggested then yeh, id go along with it being indefensible.
  7. I for one would love to see these guys play at more courses like this. Really enjoyed watching them work hard to position the ball.
  8. Ok 👍 Enjoyed the RC. Hope we can mount a challenge in 2 years. Biggest problem for away teams of late seems to be making the singles with any realistic chance of victory.
  9. Bollocks. Mickelson in the foursomes was a ridiculous shout, Mickelson full stop was a terrible pick, TW too for that matter, but you go on burying your head in the sand. I’m sure TW’s terrible RC record is all down to his partners right? I for one hope he plays all 5 matches next time 👍
  10. That’s it then. Think Bjorn was pretty smart for putting Molinari and Stenson down there. Mickelson what a stinker! Furyk will cop a load of stick for him playing like an orange.
  11. Olessen beats Spieth 5&4 and I reckon we saw a handful of his putts, none of his approach play. Rahm way up there on 17, DJ in the water on 15. Starting to breathe a little easier now. oh my DJ another monster putt!
  12. Casey half against Koepka feels like a win. Losing the first 3 would have been damaging.
  13. Sad end to that match but JT put the pressure on with a great drive. and suddenly we’ve stopped hiking putts! This is gonna go down to the wire.
  14. Good 20 minutes for US. JT looks good to go 1 up down 18. Great up and down Rors

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