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  1. Hazsa

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Shot 82 on a tough 6,400 yard par 73 course local to me that I very rarely play. Hit 2 birdies, 9 pars, but 2 doubles and a ghastly triple. I started so well, walked onto the 5th tee on -1, and was invited to play through by the guys in front (that's never a good thing for me). I duly hooked my tee shot OOB, and blocked my re-tee into the trees. I somehow recovered to make a 6, and then finished the front 9 on +2. I started the back 9 ok, scrambling really well but starting to struggle with my long game. This culminated on the 14th and 16th where I hit terrible drives, which blew any chance I had of breaking 80. Im really pleased with how I finished though. Hit a monster drive on the par 5 18th, leaving myself just 170 in, hit a perfect 6 iron to 20 feet and 2 putted for birdie. If I can just cut out horror drives, or even just cut it down to one per round rather than two, three or four, it would make a huge difference. My short game is probably the best it's ever been right now, and tbh a lot of it is down to simplifying things. Most of the time I'm simply aiming to get within 10/20 feet.
  2. Hazsa

    How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    Just the one 3 putt today, but it came on the 9th, was from just 10 feet and seemed to spark a complete meltdown in my game. i was just 4 over at that stage, playing reasonably well. I had 10 feet for par after playing a nice shot out of the green side bunker, got a bit carried away and raced it 6 feet past, missed the return. I was really annoyed, and let it affect my game immediately. I hit my next drive into the trees and just struggled to keep my head up for the rest of the round.
  3. Hazsa

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Shot 84 today. Been playing ok recently, but today was probably the most realistic chance of getting towards 80 I've had in a while. I feel like I played really solid consistent golf, but just didn't quite capitalise on the opportunities I had. I had four good looks at birdie and didn't make any of the putts, and missed three 3/4 footers for par after really nice chips/ bunker shots. I've worked hard on my short game and it's nice to get it that close to the hole, but I need to sink those putts! I'm not saying I should be making all of those, but let's say I left 2 shots out there in putts. the other disappointing aspect of the day was approach shots from within 100 yds. I missed the green entirely on three occasions with a SW in my hands. Enfuriating, especially after big straight drives. I'm normally ok from this range, so I'm gonna call that another two shots gone.
  4. Hazsa

    2017 Masters Tournament

    What makes/ made you think that about him? im not being argumentative, I'm genuinely intrigued. In Britain I can probably safely say that he's universally loved, certainly at the Opens and Euro Tour events I've been to. That's in no small part down to his RC exploits- maybe we simply don't see what you guys do. Im with other posters from the UK on the Rose vs Garcia conundrum as it played out. It seemed incredible that an Englishman was in contention for the Masters, but it was Sergio I was rooting for. I'm so happy for him. I hope I can get to Birkdale this year and cheer on the Masters Champion

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