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  1. I chose other. Here in the UK, or at least all the courses I've played, those riding a cart are in a minority. Usually it's just the older guys who do. Younger guys who ride look stupid because they've spent 15 quid to spend most of it sat there waiting on the guys in front to clear. We don't even have 'cart paths', so they're banned for a lot of the year.
  2. I've gone through phases of buying a random selection of cheap balls, used Pro V1s, and new Pro V1s. I then played 2 of my best rounds with a Callaway Warbird I'd found in the trees, and now it's my only ball. I take out a new one every time I tee up on the 1st. They're what you'd describe as a 'cheap two-piece' ball I reckon. I seem to hit the ball straighter off the tee, while I've not noticed a difference approaching the green from distance, chipping/ pitching around the green, or even putting on the green. So to answer your question; I'd probably say it doesn't matter. My only advice would be finding a ball you trust, and sticking with it.
  3. Seems pretty bang on to me. 26 years old with a HC of 12, I invariably find my ball anywhere between 215 and 240 yards down the hole. Before I got my GPS Watch I'd tell people 250 was my average.
  4. 18. I played as a junior at a club for probably 5-6 years without even really knowing what a handicap was. I would just go out and have a laugh with my mates. I gradually became interested in playing in comps, representing the club in fixtures etc. I'd echo a few of the others on here and basically forget about a handicap for now. Just go out on the course and enjoy it, hit more than one ball (if it's quiet), start hitting a few fairways and GIR's before monitoring your score that closely.
  5. Nope, but im sure it's only a matter of time. My ability rarely matches my ambition when hitting out of trees.
  6. Do you mean while they install for the first time or load every time? Tbh when I buy a new game I just do something else while it installs. If you're into online multiplayer go for Battlefield 1- it's incredible! The single player campaign is pretty good as well. COD has been going downhill since MW2 for me. If you're into RPG's it's difficult to look past Fallout 4, despite being a year old now.
  7. Thanks for the response @iacas and @Valleygolfer I'm aware I have quite a strange grip. It's been years since I've had any lessons so I guess its gradually become the norm. Playing more this year I've managed to improve from a high 90s player to mid 80s. I've tried a more 'conventional' grip on the range, but can barely hit the ball! I may try a lesson or two over the winter and see what they say. Thanks for the analysis of my setup too. I saw straight away what you meant, but had no idea I was swinging flat! When I'm having a bad day ball-striking wise, I tend to duck hook a few or even struggle to get any kind of decent contact. I'm thinking this might be due to coming around my body. I'll get down the range this week and see what I can do, i'll even drag the mrs along and try to get some front-on footage.
  8. Just the one on my last round, and it came entirely as a result of the approach shot. On a par 5 I was within 50 yards of the pin in 2. I was in perfect position on the fairway to attack the pin. I bailed somewhat on the pitch shot. It pitched way short left, hit a huge downslope, jumped forward beyond the pin, ended up 25 feet from the pin. I was pissed off, so instead of concentrating and giving myself the best shot at birdie and ensuring a par, I paid it no respect and raced it by. Sometimes if I've played a hole particularly poorly I just give up mentally when I get to the green. It's really something I need to cut out.
  9. Hazsa

    Breaking 80 Thread

    Glad to have you all along with me! Lots of things to think about already, one of the most common seems to be 'stay in the moment'. Thing is, that's really damn hard! In the only round I've played since starting this thread, I shot a 42 on the front 9, parred the really difficult 10th, then started thinking way too far ahead of myself. I forgot how to hit off the tee after that and ended up with an 87. Autumn/winter weather actually seems to have arrived here now, so I think i'll have to work towards accomplishing this next year. I might come up with some sort of focused practice plan over the Winter, concentrating on ball striking.
  10. This is something I'm desperate to achieve. There must be others on this forum looking to do this for the first time or aiming do it on a more regular basis. Here's a thread to discuss your progress/ struggles/ and hopefully achievements (I'm pretty sure there isn't an existing Breaking 80 Thread). I've been playing some of my best golf recently, and I've played numerous rounds where I was denied by a moment of stupidity or a lapse of concentration. The one that sticks in my mind; a few weeks back I had played 17 really pleasing holes of golf. I walked onto the Par 5 18th needing just a par to card my first 79. I nailed my drive 240 up the middle, but then I caught my 4H a touch heavy leaving myself 130 from some wet rough. I again hit a heavy shot, and when I finally made the green I 3 putted for an 81. I was angry with myself at the time, and probably rather insufferable company given I'd just played a great round of golf. To ensure I finally get there I want to really limit the number of DB's. I'm probably averaging at least 3 or 4 per round atm, and they're usually a result of a brain fart; a really stupid or lazy shot with almost any club.
  11. This has been a real frustration for me over the last 2 months. I'm striking the ball better than ever, hitting high numbers of GIR (for me), and also hitting a fair few to within 15 feet. I don't have GG or monitor my stats enough to be exact, but I would guess conversion rate would be 5% max. I'm not particularly unhappy with my putting either, but when I stand over a makeable birdie putt I tense up, and in my head I'm thinking 'don't race it past and make bogey'. Rather predictably, I end up hitting them short or with no conviction to hold the line. With par putts I'm much more relaxed and actually make more than my fair share of up & downs.
  12. Played 2 rounds over the weekend. One was a pretty solid 84 on a par 69. The other was the best/ most frustrating 85 (par 72) i've ever shot. I was +7 after 3 holes, but +6 for the remaining 15! My ball-striking has improved so much in the last 4-6 weeks thanks to one or two little tweaks I've made. Every time I head to the course or range I pray that they'll still work. Anyway, I've not failed to shoot below 90 in quite a while now, and I genuinely feel like I'm close to breaking 80 on a regular(ish) basis. I just need to reduce the number of doubles from 4+ per round to 1 or 2. I should probably stop positing my scores on this thread, at least until my game inevitably nose-dives. I'll also look at starting a 'Breaking 80' thread (i've not found an existing one). I hope to see you guys on there soon as there have been some brilliant scores posted on here lately!
  13. From my limited understanding of your HC system (which is based on what I've read on this forum) it does seem to make more sense than here in the UK. I must have played 50 times this year, but only the 3 competitions I played in counted towards my HC, which doesn't seem quite right to me.
  14. Id prefer to be hitting little wedges or pitch shots into a few of those short par 4s. I'd also be hoping to get on or around the green in 2 on a couple of those par 5s.
  15. The course where I'm a member has some fantastic multi-tiered greens, which can really change the dynamic of a hole. That being said, I can't ever remember leaving the course thinking they had been unfair or OTT. I did play at another course with a mate back in July during a prolonged period of hot and dry weather. It was situated in a steep valley; the front 9 basically descended to the bottom while the back 9 worked back uphill. Almost every hole going out had a severe down hill approach shot to the green, a lot of which had pins cut at the front. I just couldn't hold the green, let alone stop it anywhere near the hole. Pitching it 20/30 yards short of the green wasn't enough.
  16. Managed to play 9 after work today, finished in almost complete darkness. Midweek rounds will barely be possible from next week when the clocks change Anyway, I shot a 40 on Par 36. I'd say the stats summed up my game pretty well. Hit 2 fairways, 2 GIR, 3 up&downs for par, 14 putts. My ball striking was good without being great. I didn't go near OOB, or trees, or thick rough, but I did find a lot of those pesky bunkers. Shame I'm playing some of my more consistent golf of the year so late in the season.
  17. Could it be as simple as teeing the ball too high? I think the ranges with the automatic tees can lure people into teeing the ball way too high. I hit my 4H 195/200max, and my Driver 230/250 so a solid drive would surely be beneficial to your game!
  18. Wow! Sounds awesome. I might have to give this a go! Anyway, great to hear of your progress.
  19. Don't lump us all in with you northerners and your weather!
  20. @Kalnoky how did you get on with this? I watched the following video last week because I was sick of leaking my wedges out to the right. I think I was sliding the club face under the ball, and like you I was sweeping the ball. Its really transformed my approach play, especially wedges, albeit in only a few rounds. Probably from 9I through wedges I'm taking large divots, with a fantastic straight ball flight.
  21. Back down to earth today. Shot an 89 on a course new to me (par 73). I should probably be pleased, unfamiliarity with the course probably cost me a couple of strokes, but I fell apart after the turn having shot an enjoyable 42 on the front. I felt another low 80s score coming. Maybe that's what cost me. My driving, which had been awesome again, deserted me 2 holes running. One I somehow got away with a par, the other cost me a triple. Then I went 5 over on the last 4 holes. On the bright side, it only took us 2 hrs 45 mins to play a full 18!
  22. Giving the game up for 10 years. I was a junior member at a fantastic local course, id taken pretty regular lessons with the Club Pro, played for the club in junior fixtures so got to play at lots of other courses in the south of England too. Aged 16 my HCP was 15. Then I went all teenager; more interested in any girl who so much as looked in my general direction than golf. After losing my membership there I played probably 2-3 times a year at the local shithole municipal. I took the game up again this year. I've made decent progress, but I'll always wonder what caliber of golfer I'd be now if I'd kept at it.
  23. Well, that was fun! Having not gone lower than 89 over the last 4-6 weeks, today I went and shot a 39/42 for an 81!!! And I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm actually gutted. I only needed a 5 at the par 5 18th to break 80, but bottled it for a double bogey. It was actually rather unspectacular with 1 birdie, 9 pars, 6 bogeys, and 2 doubles. I hit 8 fairways, with the rest well in play. I managed to largely cure an ugly slice that's plagued my game recently. The one I did slice went so far that I found the adjacent fairway. I really concentrated on finishing my entire swing; even holding the pose on the follow through so that the swing path was as straight as possible. I hit 9 GIR, which isn't actually that much better than my average round, but I also got up and down for par 3 times, which is unheard of for me. I've really struggled around the greens lately but I've been working hard with a new approach and today it worked. Only once did I skull it across the green. Hopefully this'll give me a bit of confidence, because I've been dreading those fiddly chip shots from just off the green. Putting was ok. 34 putts, I still 3-putted 3 times though. Overall it was fantastic. I can't complain, but I think no matter how well we play we still always think of the shots we leave out there. Hope there were some other low scores out there today!
  24. Interesting read. I actually have a space in my bag as I carry a Driver, 3W, then 3/4H, 5 Iron etc. I'm pretty confident hitting my 3W off the tee and off the deck, but i'll hit the Hybrid if it's tight. I might give the 5W a try next season, but not to replace the 3W.
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