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  1. Indeed. Westwood would be in the 'bloody awful' category.
  2. Can't believe I'm hearing cheers this loud for a ball going in the water, in a Golf match. If this doesn't fire the players up nothing will.
  3. Westwood looked really out of sorts. Tee to green was shocking by his standards, and putting was what we've come to expect I guess. Maybe I'd send him out with Garcia tomorrow morning. I liked what little of Pieters I saw after a nervy opening couple of holes.
  4. Can't see the wisdom in holding back Wood and Fitzpatrick. Can't do much worse than the guys this morning. Rose, Kaymer, and Garcia were all very poor. I'll be surprised if we see Westwood again before Sunday.
  5. Haha. This would surpass Medinah. Where's the postman when you need him?
  6. 4-0 coming up. For as good as USA have been there's been some pathetic golf played by Europe in the last half hour.
  7. There's clearly some unwanted comments out there too based on some of the reactions by European players.
  8. This is irresistible from the Americans. We'll be lucky to go into the Fourballs just 3-1 down at this rate.
  9. A tonne of poor golf being played, mostly by a few Europeans it must be said.
  10. This sums it up for me. Turning fortunes around in RC history has become bigger than a golf match. I start to wonder how much they're actually thinking about golf, their strategy for getting the ball in the hole in the fewest attempts. That's what will help Team USA win the RC, not a task force and endless ramblings about team spirit.
  11. I like it. Especially compared to nearly all past US Ryder Cup kits. Actually before I dish out too much praise, do they have a huge Stars and Stripes flag emblazoned on the back?
  12. So DL3 spends weeks banging on about the team ethic/ personality/chemistry etc, surely talking about Bubba, then picks him as a vice captain? Bizarre.
  13. 50/43 for a 93. I was ready to walk off after 9, but parred 8 & 9 so carried on. Glad I did because I played some really nice golf, including 6 pars (let's not talk about the other 3 holes). Then decided to play the front 9 again. It was going so well, walked onto the 230 yard par 4 9th after 39 strokes. I always par this hole, but got an 8. My game seems to be all or nothing lately. I wouldn't call myself a bogey golfer. I make a load of pars and probably average a birdie every 18-27 holes, but still struggle to break 90 consistently. All too regular doubles and triples are killing me.
  14. Shouldn't be allowed to take that long on any shot. Missed it anyway.
  15. Shot 91 yesterday in a round that fluctuated between the sublime (for me) and the ridiculous. I hit 6 pars and a birdie, with those numbers you should be looking at breaking 80 rather than 90!? Driving was somewhere near my best. I only had to play sideways the once. Irons, full swing wedges and putting were decent, but my chipping and pitching was just awful. If I didn't hit the green in regulation, I was going to double it. I'd love to play a round where every facet of my game was just 'average'.
  16. Shot a 48/41 today for a bizarre 89. I had an awful front 9 despite generally striking the ball pretty well. My chipping was poor by recent standards and a had a couple of duffed drives barely making it past the Ladies tees. I also really struggled with distance control on my wedges despite playing with my new Garmin GPS watch given to me for my birthday. A few times I thought I was all over the pin before seeing my ball carry way long. I guess when I was pacing my yardages before I've been consistently underestimating the distance. On the back 9 it improved a little, but I still found myself relying on lag putting. Thankfully I was deadly from within 6 feet today because I had a fair few testers from that kind of range for par/ bogey.
  17. I hope your experience is better than mine was. Day 1 at Celtic Manor, anyone remember how that went? I'm still wet from that day.
  18. Played a match-play round against a work colleague of mine, who is a scratch golfer. It was the first time I played the course, and the first time I'd played with this colleague. I had so much fun! Playing against someone else's score seemed to take the pressure off me shooting below 90. He clearly wasn't at the top of his game, and watching him thin a couple of pitch shots...I won't lie, it made me feel better about my game! I ended up shooting 92, but the match ended up A/S as I won the last 3 holes! This included a lovely birdie at a tricky par 4. I've not enjoyed a round as much as that in a long time.
  19. I'm obviously not speaking from experience, but if I'm earning as much as Rose/ Stenson/ Kuchar then I'm not overly fussed between finishing 2nd or 4th (200,000 difference as you just informed me) in a regular comp. I'm gunning for the win. If I'm playing in the Olympics, then im thrilled to finish in the medals. If I'm basically guaranteed a silver with a few holes left I'm relatively relaxed as far as Olympic competition goes. That's just me, Stenson might have thrown his Silver medal in the bin for all I know. If I add 'LOL' to the end of my post does that help my argument?
  20. Dont quite agree with this. Money surely doesn't mean anything to these guys, so there's no real difference between finishing 2nd or 4th in regular tournaments. Here Rose and Stenson know that barring a nightmare they're guaranteed an Olympic Medal.
  21. Shot a really encouraging 85 in the week while playing with a mate. Today in a Comp I scored 22, yes you heard me, that's 22 points. It was one of those rounds that makes you want to give the game up. I hooked/ sliced/ duffed 6/7 of the front 9 drives OOB or into long grass unplayable. Driving is normally my strength. Then my putting went too. And I mean really went. I'm talking leaving a 30/20 footers 10 feet short. My brain was completely scrambled. I somehow bogied both par 5s on the way in after being no more than 50 yards short of the green in 2. I know it's just a game n'all, but that experience verged on the unpleasant! I think I'll stick to playing for fun with mates until I get some confidence back.
  22. Did not see this coming from Day after that Double. Seriously impressive.
  23. Not that he was playing at all well prior to the 18th, but DJs gone to pieces here. Quite sad to see as I was hoping we'd get to watch him slug it out with some of the other 'big guns' over the weekend.
  24. Phil every day of the week. You can stick your 14 Majors if it means being that miserable on course.
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