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  1. Played a really weird round at the weekend. I don't even know what I shot on the front 9, I didn't finish 2 holes after losing balls and not scoring Stableford points. The back 9 was just bizarre. Shot a 41 that included 3 double bogeys, 2 birdies, and my first ever eagle! The eagle came on the shortest of the par 5s on my course. I absolutely nailed my drive almost 300 yds, leaving me 170 uphill approach to the green. Wasn't hitting my irons particularly well so chose to try and run a 7 iron onto the green using the ridiculously hard fairways we have as a result of our recent 'heatwave', if I mishit it is at least I'd have a short approach for my 3rd. I couldn't have played it better and left myself 10 feet for eagle. On the par 5 18th all I needed was par for a 39. Again hit a good drive, was conservative with my second, duffed my 60 yard pitch shot, knifed a chip, took 3 more shots to complete an utterly depressing double bogey. I soon got over it. I got an eagle :)
  2. I'm going with Sergio. With DJ and Stenson finally getting over that Major hurdle he might believe he can too.
  3. I'm loving the in depth coverage too. But, like the Ashes, Wimbledon, the FA Cup, I think this competition is just too important not to be on free to air TV.
  4. Do they? The whole point of watching live sports is that it's live... Don't think I've ever recorded a day of golf/ cricket/ game of football and watched it back.
  5. Oi! Some of us have tickets! In all seriousness my only past experience of watching the Open live is Muirfield a few years back, and the weather was glorious so I guess I can't complain too much if it's nasty this week.
  6. Swing nice and easy. Not only does it go straighter, but I make better contact and have a longer, more consistent length. I still till have to tell myself this when I get wound up on the course.
  7. Even if they can do this it'll only be effective for the next Olympics. Gains made while doping during training in the years prior to the Games is just as criminal as doping during the event.
  8. This game!!! Was playing solid golf yesterday, arrived on the 8th +5 and that was after a couple of scrappy 3 putts so I felt like a good mid/ low 80s score was possible. Finished with a 92. The wheels came off approaching the turn. I went quadruple, triple, double, double. It wasn't just one part of my game that went, it was everything! Snap hooking drives, pushing irons, duffing pitch shots, and one of those horrendous missed putts from about 6 inches too. I eventually recovered to end up with a respectable 44 coming in, aided with a lovely birdie on the par 5 18th to help convince me to go back and waste more time on this cruel game.
  9. Butch Harmon on Sky TV screaming out for someone from the USGA to come and explain exactly what the situation/ dispute is. He has a point, it might settle everyone down.
  10. If DJ says the movement wasn't caused by addressing the ball or touching it while making a practice stroke, combined with the fact the TV replays are inconclusive at best, then that should be good enough for the USGA. Can't imagine what the hell are they going to discuss afterwards?
  11. Would be a massive anti climax to sink the final putt then debate with rules officials whether you've won the U.S Open!!! Make a decision now please
  12. No sympathy. Here in the UK and Europe generally we've had a poor start to the summer. Some nice spells but struggling to break 20C (Google tells me that's 68F) for the most part and lots of stormy weather- wind and rain has to be the worse combination for golf!
  13. I've been Playing Golf for 15 years. However, i've only played a few times a year for the past decade. I find myself with lots of free time this summer so I have decided to try and dedicate a lot of time to golf and reaching my potential. My current handicap index or average score is 12. My typical ball flight is a nice controlled draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is the hook. This only really happens very occasionally with my driver/ long irons late on in a round. I think I can get lazy and just swing at the ball with my arms. I've uploaded a video of my driving from a few months back, which may well be different to how I swing now. I'll make an effort to film more up to date videos soon. Videos:
  14. Yep. I certainly see where you're coming from. I wouldnt say my 'mechanics' are perfect for chipping/ pitching, but I've found a method through practice, and I've developed my touch so that I can see a shot from within 50 yards and execute it often enough to make half decent scores. Don't get me wrong, I don't knock 'em stone dead all day, but I see others with perfectly good techniques for pitching with absolutely no concept of how far they need to carry it or even any idea of how far they will carry it.
  15. I've completed numerous fairly achievable goals so far this year. I've come back to the game after a decade or so of playing once or twice a year (I've bought new clubs, joined a club, played at least once a week, often more, and of course joined TST). First I wanted to break 100, then 90, then get my HC. I've done all these, and having shot a 39 thru 9 holes for the first time this week my next goal is to break 80 and maintain or lower my HC. This is going to be seriously tough. Getting through 18 holes of golf without a blow-up hole is a huge challenge. The thing I probably need to work on most is long irons/ hybrids/ woods off the deck. I can't afford to top the ball no more than 100yds even once in a round.
  16. Shot a really pleasing 85 today, including my first ever 39 for a 9 on the front 9. My driving/ putting was awesome (no 3 putts)! I got carried away on the back 9 shooting 45 despite still playing some really good golf. Ran a few putts 6 feet past thinking I was Jordan Spieth and went for a few ridiculous shots thinking I was Rory.
  17. Nice, congrats! shot a really frustrating +9 45 over 9 holes tonight. The 3 doubles all came after perfect drives. Really poor with wedges/ short irons, which are usually a strength. Still, a birdie at the par 5 9th made all the frustration worth it.
  18. Shot 87 today off the Comp tees. I would normally be fairly happy with that but I was just 8 over on the 16th tee. The 9 on the par 5 18th was an absolute disaster. However, I did birdie the hardest hole on the course, a 390 yard dog-leg right par 4. The second shot is entirely over water, needing to carry at least 150, sometimes more. I hit my 160yd 8I to 15 ft and rolled the beauty in.
  19. Good evening all. I've been observing the forum and this thread in particular for a while, but decided to join today. I've just been awarded my first official handicap having decided to give this game a real go after years of playing once or twice a summer. I shot a really pleasing 87 today from the white comp tees, including a galling 9 on the 18th, and was given a HC of 12...which seems a bit low to me, as I still do consider breaking 90 as a barometer of success. A guy in the bar said the fact my qualifying rounds were off the Comp tees would have something to do with it. I'll keep you all updated on how I cope with this lofty HC!
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