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  1. Good question. Two things here. 1: I've been looking at a bunch of the "suggested" shaft stiffness by distance and, depending on manufacturer, I should be hitting a extra stiff shaft. 2: I can be a bit wild at times off the tee. When I hit a regular shaft club I can get REALLY squirrely, regardless of head. If I get more accurate moving from regular to stiff, then would I still get even more accurate moving from stiff to extra stiff? I don't know. Or, is the answer "Chill out and get consistent with the Ping. It's good enough?"
  2. Hey All, first time poster here. I recently replaced a decade old Burner (10.5 degree, stiff) with a Ping Anser (9.5 adjustable, stiff) and I'm considering an extra stuff shaft. I've never changed out a driver shaft and don't know where to start. What brands/features/elements should I look for? I don't know my swing speed but I can get 300+ yards of ball flight with either club depending on tee height. The Ping rolls better, though. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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