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  1. Guys! Thank you for contributing to my topic. I have good news! I found a club open 7 days a week! Fiddlers Elbow is a 54 hole course that's on some 'best golf course' lists and some friends of mine have praised it. The membership director got back to me today with the happy news and I'm going to call tomorrow to schedule a tour. I'm so happy!
  2. Hi! I'm desperately looking to join a private golf club in Northern/Central New Jersey, but one of my requirements is that it's open on Mondays as I work Tues-Sat. Does anyone know of any private clubs that are closed a day of the week other than Monday? I know Hudson National up in Croton is closed Tuesdays, but it's too far from my home. Anyone have any info about a club in Jersey they could help me with? Preferably a club that's within an hour's drive of the city... Thank You!
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