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  1. ok so i've been doing a lot of single sided/one armed putting a chipping drills but I just cant figure out the best spot to put my arm thats not in use. I've been experimenting with it in my pocket, behind my back, across my chest resting on opposing shoulder and across my body resting on opposing hip. I was just wanting to get some input from others on where they feel the optimum spot is for the arm/hand not in use during the single sided drills. Thanks
  2. i seem to remember hearing them comment on his background in hockey. I could be thinking of the wrong player but as a prior hockey player myself we tend to have a bit of a different footwork and handwork to our swings.
  3. yes it is a GREAT way to get your swing back in rhythm. I spend a lot of time on the range barefoot. However when I play I make sure to have a pair of flip flops or some sort of shoe i can slip on while i walk. The last thing i want to do is step on a tee in the grass or a piece of a beer can that was hit by a mower and ripped apart or even a critter just going along with their life that i step too close too and threaten them and end up with a sting or bite. I feel it's really a great way to practice bunker play as well
  4. I feel I'm as unbiased as I can be in the golf world. I build clubs for a living and dont get payed to walk to course yet so I meerely play what works for me. My current set up is Titleist 910 w/RIP Alpha Callaway Razr Fit 15 w/Axivcore Mizzy MP650 19 hybrid w/RIP alpha Adams Idea MB2 w/KBS x 4-P SCOR 52 and 58 with KBS x Scratch 53 ds bent to 55 with KBS x Low Tide Custom Fin/Odyssey 2ball Backstryke/TaylorMade Monza Corza 3up 3F12 I literally spent months hitting different head and shaft combos and building clubs for people. The biggest thing to any
  5. i had the same thoughts TRD, i was instructed by a friend who is a teaching pro to go to the course with my gear and a pair of flip flops to wear between shots. in other words PLAY BAREFOOT if you're loosing your footing a lot of times it's due to a balance point being off that will get addressed by playing barefoot. I didn't believe it so I wanted to prove him wrong and boy did it go the other way from what I expected. after a few shots I was striking the ball MUCH better and my balance was spot on and I personally couldn't even tell you that I was barefoot while swinging
  6. as a vegan and and a golfer myself I understand the struggles. As far as vegans are concerend it's not just using things made from animal skin you would be shocked at how many materials have an animal derivitive. We have to look into it all, it goes as far as the types of materials used to give certain foods their texture (i.e. we dont eat starburst as they use a product similar to gelatin to give it the gummy texture that uses animal in one form or another in the process). Veganisim is a PERSONAL lifestyle choice so please dont tell this FATHER to feed his SON chicken and fries as he's
  7. why do you feel this is a waste of time? it's winter, i'm bored and so i made a project. If i dont get use out of it then i'm out 12 sheets of paper
  8. I'm going to be runnig a 2 page system. The first page or cover if you will I am going to have the name of the course. I'll flip it open and there will be a green with a grid and slope points and notes on "page 1" then the hole overview (like the one pictured) on the page below it. Flip that one up and it will be Green #2 on top and hole 2 over view on bottom etc...
  9. CC I made this with Google Earth and Inkscape. I just put the basic info on it for now but am planning on going into more detail just didn't want to be setting it up wrong from the get go lol
  10. well boys and girls, here it is. This is my first attempt at my overview for Hole #1 of my 2013 tournament season. Please let me know what you think. Good bad or indifferent, like I said this is my first shot at it and I think it worked out ok
  11. Hey guys/gals I've got a few clubs that I'm not using that I'm looking to give good homes 1. Is a Vokey 256.10 SM wedge (non usga conforming grooves but is pretty much new) this club has a Grey/White paintfill on the back of the club and a BRAND NEW Black/Orange GP New Decade grip on it. I'm asking $45 shipped for it. 2. Is a Cleveland CG15 60* wedge with 8* bounce on the soul in the oil soaked finish with grey paintfill and the stock cleveland grip (still in great shape with lots of tack). I'm asking $35 shipped for this one. Thanks for looking and feel free to email
  12. here's the feedback I got from one of my good friends who is a certified teaching pro in FL about my swing after the posture adjustment " Swing looks good. I don’t really know what you are struggling with and what you are wanting to change? What your miss is? Or What irons you are struggling with. On your takeaway I see a minor flaw with you breaking your hands back pointing your thumbs away from you which is an unnecessary move but you recover from it nicely. Coming down on the ball you look like you are in a great position with the butt of the club pointing at the bal
  13. got the video up and was able to watch it for the first time when I got home as my camera battery died at the range. I must say while hitting balls I felt like my head was WAY down but with the lack of computer skills I have it looks as if I were to put laser pointers on the frame of my glasses that I would still be about 5 or 6 inches away from the ball and it REALLY felt like I was looking straight down. I also checked my lower back as I have been taking some swings at home trying to get the feeling of tucking my tail bone and I am kind of thinking I just have a big but that is making it loo
  14. It's very possible his gps is giving him misleading info. I'm not sure I know he plays pure distance balls and maybe he's mid quoting his swing speed. There are too many factors that can be off one way or another. I spend more time concentrating on my game to be real concerned about his. It's also bossiness that I'm confusing his carry with another one of the guys I play with. My apologies for causing a riff. LT59
  15. Got some new footage tonight that will be uploaded soon
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