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  1. A couple times out my buddy was all over me about etiquette. I love fixing ball marks. Bought a cool new jags ball maker and mark repairer. Only thing I can do well on the course some days. Found the remains of a cigar still about 2 inches long on the tee box the other day. Don't know what that was about. Biggest pet peeve to date: Guy lined up straight toward the woods and duffed into the woods. Repeated this 3 times while we were waiting on his group. My philosophy is if I'm bad I keep it moving.
  2. I missed this year. Had to fly back home to Indiana for a friends wedding. Really made me question how good of a friend he was.
  3. I wish.... Though I have partied on 17 during the players so that counts right?
  4. New to the board. Took up golf out of college then took last year off. Picked it up again this spring played about 10-12 times this year. Roommate is a former golf pro and 4 or 5 handicap trying to help me not duff my way across the courses of Northeast Florida. Best score so far was in the 120's, but I have fun and it gives me something to do.
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