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  1. So recently with the new golf season here I've been working on keeping my hands and elbows close to my body during the swing which has helped me maintain a straight ball flight with some occasional draw. But since ive been focusing so much on my swing path I've also started to sway on the backswing a little which is causing some fat shots now and I've also started really hooking the ball and quite a few snap hooks in there. I was just curious if the two problems I'm having might be related or am I having two separate issues in my swing.?
  2. When I said that earlier I didn't mean I was trying to flight my wedges I meant it just gave me an idea to try something different because nothing else was working too well.
  3. I like how you worded that because that's exactly how it feels. Basically a shorter swing and I try not to hinge my wrists at all. Just straight back and through to the target. I have to work to get my distances down but 90% of the time it went pretty much straight to the target. It took a lot of guess work out of my swing
  4. This thread is actually what gave me the idea to try these shots. I'm sure I need to practice more but with the shots I was taking the other day it was more of a take the arms back in the backswing and then swing the with the body and let the weight of the club do the work. I didn't really try to swing hard at all. Now I understand if I have to fly a bunker or water that's totally different. I by no means have a good short game yet but I can tell I've come along way since I started golfing last year. Everytime I was inside 50 yards last year I would always try a super high flop shot that
  5. So the other day I was at the course and I have always hard a hard time from 100 yards and in with my sand and lob wedge. So I thought I would try a different approach and it worked out quite well and was curious if this is something I should continue to do and try to improve on it. From about 100 to 40 yards in I've always tried to take a 1/2 to full swing with my wedges to get it on the green and it normally doesn't work out very well. So yesterday I took my basic chip shot from around the greens where I open my stance and have 75% of my weight on my front foot to pitch it on the greens fro
  6. I went back out last night and hit about 50 in a row of perfect shots so I don't get it lol. I swear its a mental thing with me, once it happens i cant stop it from happening again and everything normally goes downhill from there. And I haven't filmed it but when it happens it feels and looks like I'm blading it straight off the edge of the toe. Could that be why it goes right or do all shanks normally go that way?
  7. I've been practising my pitching off of a practice mat and gotten fairly decent at it with the technique mvmac is describing but lately I've been having a problem with blading it about 45 degrees to the right and I can't figure it out. It's almost like a case of the yips. I'll hit 40 or 50 nice shots then out of nowhere it happens and once it starts it's impossible to stop. Very frustrating!!! I've spent countless hours getting this technique down packed and then this started happening about 2 weeks ago and I have no idea how to fix it.
  8. So I was wondering if there is any way to tell just from the ball flight if your hitting the traditional out to in swing plane slice because of and over the top move or maybe I've got an in to out plane and just too much? A lot of my iron shots seem to start way right of target as soon as I hit them and have a fade to them and then my driver does the same thing but it does slice pretty severe. I know an over the top move creates a glancing blow to the ball and normally doesn't have much power to it but my shots feel like I'm hitting them very solid there just going way right. So any advice wou
  9. Ok so Im a little confused on the instruction. is this drill to help me swing in to out because I thought my problem was swinging too much from the inside. if I hit the bottle that would mean that I'm swinging out to in which isn't my problem. also just curious if there's a way to tell if my path is the problem or maybe I'm not releasing the club still because I played a round yesterday and continued to push everything to the right now matter what I tried
  10. So just for starters I wanna say that golf is by far the hardest sport to play lol no matter how hard I practice when I fix one problem it seems to create 2 more problems in the process. I've been golfing for almost a year now and have really been working on a inside out swing path and everyone always says to act like your hitting a ball to right field to get the feel of swinging on that path. but since I've been focusing on that so much lately other parts of my game are falling apart now. I'm starting to hit the occasional fat shot now and pushing everything to the right now with a good amo
  11. I also have a couple more questions. Should game improvement irons still give you the same ability to apply backspin when your going for the green. My home course has very soft greens and the ball sinks way in when it hits so it doesn't go very far but if I don't get the loft I need they will skid right across the green and not stop at all. Is that operator error on my part or do these type of clubs not have the same abiltity?
  12. The only thing I can guess at is that I am normally someone who tends to pick the ball up cleanly off the ground without a divot with my irons but last night definitely felt like I was hitting more down on them. And maybe some of it was off centered hits but I'm not positive. With changing recently to swinging in to out it really helps to swing with my body and try and keep my arms just along for the ride I guess you could say. Would this swing change possibly have given me anymore clubhead speed?
  13. As in I'm swinging too far from in to out?
  14. You said earlier you figured my irons were on a lower trajectory now which was how I gained the extra yardage but the ball seemed to go even higher and just seemed to have alot more behind it. Last month my 7 iron might go 165 yards but today it was going 190-200 and that's just carry And I will post a video hopefully shortly but I just wanted some more ideas thrown around because I am going to the range to try and figure out what's going wrong
  15. It's actually on the same trajectory with my irons. But when my old iron shots would start coming down these kick into 2nd gear is what it looks like
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