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  1. 9 holes tomorrow. Finally, it begins. :)
  2. Masters week. My favorite tournament of the year. Love it. Let's go Tiger. :D
  3. Wow, Winter really kills my golf focus. Thank you, sir. :)
  4. Certainly fair points, especially about a lesser player feigning severity to cost another player/team time. I did qualify with "at least", if only to be sure that the most egregious violators receive just punishment. There are any number of better and more effective systems of discipline that could be put in place and improve the current NHL concept of "oops". But hits to the head should be punished severely. I see no reason for leniency or pretending to buy some guys excuse. Sorry, no, you're out.
  5. I voted top 20, but my heart wanted to vote for a win. I hope he really comes back for awhile, has more moments of greatness. He's so fun to watch when he's on. There's nothing like it.
  6. At minimum, a player causing injury by blatant infraction should have to sit at LEAST as long as the player he injured. That should be the bare minimum. And repeat offenders should be punished much more severely, if not outright expunged from the league.
  7. Deep Purple - House of Blue Light.
  8. Managed to get out for the second week in a row, so awesome in January, last Friday. All kinds of personal bests for me. 5 pars in a row, 8 of them total, and a birdie. 43-38=81 which beat my previous best of 87 by a mile. I have no idea where this came from but I had a great day. I've never hit the ball so well (other than the range). :D
  9. A surprising 60+ degree yesterday allowed my son and me to play 18. Incredibly soggy out there but golf in Maryland in January? Yes please. :)
  10. My plan for the winter is a simple one. Just get to the range on an approximately weekly basis. Last year I didn't go all winter and when the weather finally came around it felt like it took a couple months to just refamiliarize myself with where I was when the previous golf season ended. So, my hope this year is to simply not regress.
  11. The AP3's are absolutely stunning. Had I not purchased a new set last year that's likely what I'd have gotten.
  12. Yes, that's what I meant, sorry. This particular Golf Galaxy has their software set where the smash factor reads at 1.4 regardless of what happens. So, I've not seen what mine is.
  13. Smash factor is static on their machines, so I'm really not tuned i to what mine is. But I completely agree the best way to add yardage is improving your contact quality.
  14. This is a very interesting thread. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the grip. Seems I was wrong. :) The heelpad of the left thumb, does that just rest atop the grip more as support or is there active pressure being applied? Also, it appears you grip a bit down the club, maybe an inch or more. Is that just preference, or is there more to it than that?
  15. Oh no question. The vast majority of my time is spent on the full swing, and that's what I see others doing as well.
  16. Very true. I most certainly posed that question from within the confines of my own specific situation, rather than from the perspective of the universe outside my head. :)
  17. If you're working on grip, stance, setup to improve quality of ballstriking, is that not effective practicing.
  18. Thanks for the link. I totally didn't do that. :) Just stepped up to the ball and expected these changes to automatically implement themselves, because I'm smart like that. But I will start doing so at home in the living room.
  19. This is just about exactly where I'm at these days. I was on a monitor at Golf Galaxy a couple weeks ago and came in at 93 mph. My "bad" or off-center hits are about 220, while a solid strike gives me 235-240. If I really square one up it's 245-255.
  20. While I certainly understand the concept of the long view mentally, it's never been my forte. I know I'm not alone in wanting instantaneous results, but I do struggle with it. I figure i'll take video once a week or so, and post it here, see how it looks. I'd love to be able to make significant swing progress over the winter months. I'll try mirror work as well. Thanks for the advice.
  21. I worked on both these changes today. The grip adjustments felt alot different than I thought they would. But I managed to hit some really quality shots working with it, particularly with driver. The club felt lighter/freer, and there was considerably less tension in my hands, less grip pressure maybe? The shoulder turn is tougher sledding. I wasn't able to achieve the "downward longer" feeling nearly as often as I wanted. It works, andd I'll keep after it, it's just more complicated to get a handle on it than I initially imagined.
  22. I'll work on both those things at the range today. I had no idea my grip was out of whack. I've struggled making a full turn for quite some time, whether it's the shoulders or hips not rotating enough. Thank you for taking the time.
  23. I just read through this thread this morning. Very cool stuff, and the most amazing thing is all of it seems to have a reasonably attainable fix. :) I read earlier about straightening the right arm on the downswing through impact. That's definitely an issue I fight with. How does someone work to solve that problem?
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