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  1. I have been playing around with Vokey SM5's in 54, 56, 58 and 60 degree wedges. I have a PW (46 degree) & U (50 degree) wedge as part of my Ping i-25 irons. I find myself thinking the black club heads are a little softer but that may just be that I don't hit my chrome 56 degree SM5 as well as my black 54 SM5. I live in Austin, TX so we are usually hitting off harder grounds and softer sands, so these two wedges are going to be hard to intermingle one will be my go to chip and the other will be my go-to rough/sand shots. Here is what I'm looking to accomplish and I'm thinking a 54 and 58 degree may be the solution but I'm curious on everyones input. I've been looking at the Harry Taylor wedges and thinking about taking the plunge site unseen because it appears the face of the club gives me more to work with. I like that they are basic without 400+ various options to choose from. I need a wedge for the rough & sand and I need a wedge that I can chip from fairways and short roughs - I want to be able to be consistent and navigate the ball, spin and feel like I'm back in control. Does anyone have any suggestions on which two wedges I should keep in my bag and any particular wedge you like to play with based on what I've provided (I don't like the SM5 or SM6 Vokey's)? Thank you all in advance! Sam
  2. My name is Sam and I've been playing golf on & off most of my life but began taking it more serious about 3-4 years ago. It is a fascinating game that even the best in the world can't beat, which is what I love about it...there is always a challenge and always something to improve on. I am very happy to be a part of the forum and look forward to learning tips & drills for practice and of course, how to improve my game, especially on the greens.
  3. My brother and I acquire and hold commercial real estate in Austin, TX where we're 6th generation Austinites. I also work for a commercial bank which keeps me plugged in the market. Most importantly I've got a beautiful wife and two children (3 and 1 year old) and the 3 year old already has some clubs and loves to come to the course with me.
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