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  1. I am trying to see if this is common. We are not talking about a minor fluctuation in score. These are 2 complete disaster rounds. I am trying to put my mind at ease some and would like to blame the round on severe fatigue. The other thought that keeps running through my head is that my swing has fallen apart. I play with other low handicappers and some plus handicappers. When they have a bad round it may creep into the low 80's and when my round falls apart it hits the 90's.
  2. Lol... I should keep it at 15...if I keep playing like today. I felt jittery and " off" today. I had no energy. I am hoping I can get 1 more good round in before the snow hits. I do not want to go into the winter remembering snap hooks with my driver, a mild case of the chipping yips and fatting a ton of irons.
  3. Wanted to see if this was common. Been playing great over the summer. I have shot several rounds in the upper 60's and have been keeping my average rounds in the low- mid 70's. I played a round when I was at the beach in September and shot a 92!!! Today I shot a 90 on a course that I shot a 73 on 3 days ago! What i notice is these rounds Happen when I am fatigued. I was hung over and dehydrated when I shot that 92. Today I felt sluggish and exhausted. I was hunting most of the morning yesterday... Then spent 3 hours at the range and short game area and worked out for 2 hours last night. Is this a common occurrence to completely lose your game when your tired or exhausted? I chunked more shots today than in my last 15 rounds
  4. Been struggling with golfers elbow for about 2 weeks now. During my instruction on Saturday we were working on drivers and long-mid irons it got so bad I could not hit anymore. I had a hard time sleeping that night but during the day Sunday the pain faided. Is 1 week off enough time or does it require longer ?
  5. Working my butt off for two months and tweaking my elbow trying to reach a par 5 in two from the rough. I can barely hold a club without cringing with pain!!! I will take slow play or even getting hit by a stray shot over being injured
  6. If I was a major winner with multi million dollar contracts and a 8 figure bank account you would never find me in Brazil! The police head just issued a statement the other day about not cracking down on the violent criminals enough. They literally had a hit squad go through last year and take out some of the most violent. Bodies are washing up on their shores. I think the Olympics should be held at different venues but it's not fair for the athletes to deal with such a crime ridden and polluted place.
  7. The other day a friend of mine was in from California and he let me hit his taylor made tour preferred udi 16 degree 1 iron. I never fell in love with something so quickly! I was hitting a soaring high drAw that was rolling out to the end of the range. He was not parting with the club and I went online when I got home and it seems everywhere is sold out of the 16 degree. Does anyone know where I can find this ?
  8. I always apologize when I do it. Just happened last weekend... Group was hidden in some trees about 270 off the tee. I couldn't see them and pushed my 3 wood into the trees. Guy came out waving his arms and screaming. So I drove up to the green and apologized and they were good. There are times I would love to hit into some groups! Late afternoon rounds... When I'm a single and I just watched the 4 some in front of me get on the green on their 6th shots... Then waiting 10 minutes for them to line up... Plumb bob... Line up... Plumb bob once more... For 3 putts a piece!
  9. Hah... I should have clarified, the process of working with an instructor? I have never worked with one and was curious how it works and what results are possible? Randall, I have no doubt I don't know how to practice properly. I hit balls at various targets and sometimes work on a swing thought. I have never seen my swing on video... I'm very eager to get started.
  10. This has been my problem my entire life. I have always been a super fast player. I do not take practice swings, I do not eye shots up from behind, I do not calculate yardages, I have always played by eye. One of our regulars is a horrible golfer and not very athletic which is fine but he takes three practice swings and if one of them doesn't feel right he will take 3 more. He also loves to line every single put up from every angle on the green. I know I should not care but when I am sensing we are playing slow it feels like my insides are boiling. Some of my absolute worst rounds have been with him because It takes me right out of my game. I have gotten to the point where I will only play with him in scrambles. I do not know if this is a trend because as of late It seems like most people I play with take preshot routines to the next level..... even though they cant get the ball airborne on most shots.
  11. One of the guys I occasionaly play with is like this. We were playing in a better ball last month and the team we were playing with had an awesome player. Shot a 33 on the front 9 of a super hard course. Hole 10 my partner says " I noticed something about his head" I laughed and thought this guy may break the course record and my partner that shot a 47 is going to give him advice!!?? He stopped him after his approach shot and gave him his tip... The other player recieved it well and it didn't become awkward.
  12. I have been working at my game hard for the last two months. Been playing and at range 5 days a week. I have never had a lesson in my life been playing since 12 and been a 2-3 handicap to where I am now 15 and dropping. I figured if I'm going to give golf my all I might as well get a solid swing soI set up an assessment and series of lessons with one of my states top instructors. I am excited and also nervous about working with him. I was hoping to drop down to about a 5-6 handicap by the end of the year. I am already down from my 15 to an 11 or so.
  13. Exact opposite ot you! Tee shots are horrible but can usually find the green from 210 and in... Only problem is it is often with a OB penalty
  14. I am always super amped up before a round. There are times when I will have one or two drinks to calm me down. On Friday this back fired on me. Playing a pretty tough course to get on in my area so I was very excited. Had one beer before heading to first tee. On tee lighting struck and all hell broke loose. 2 hour delay until we could go out. I had about 4 beers and on the first tee realized I was drunk. Started triple, double, double and started to sober up. I can't golf drunk.
  15. 18th hole at local cc. 430 yard par 4 with a sharp dogleg right and OB thru the dog leg. Crushed a nice fade that put me Right behind a massive oak tree between myself and green. Had 120 to green and thought about punching out but said screw it and tried going over with my 52 degree wedge, I swung as hard as possible and thought I thinned it. The three guys I was playing with were up near the green and I watched their reactions. The ball landed just over a bunker and filtered to within 5 feet of the hole. In a million tries I couldn't hit that shot again. Made birdie for the first time ever on that hole!
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