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  1. Yes, I`m playing tomorrow. I will try to get my friend to film me both down the line and face on during warmup before the round. I'm a bit apprehensive since i think my swing sucks lol, but I guess you never really get better unless you are corrected or critiqued 🙂
  2. Back again to write an update. I have played 4 rounds of 18 hole courses over the past two weeks and it is progressively getting worse... I have been working a lot on my swing, to the point that I now push all my irons to the right, quite severely, And the driver, and hybrid are now my most reliable clubs. Im now scoring in the 120`s and 130`s :( Its not down to the shortgame, as it takes me 6.7 and 8 shots to get in the vicinity of the green sometimes. Would you recommend keep playing, or use the money on lessons instead? Maybe just work on one specific thing? Thanks
  3. Will do. My lowest score last year was 99, hoping to beat that and eventually breaking 100 on a regular basis 🙂
  4. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. We do have one indoor arena which it would be possible to practice a bit during winter, but I was recovering from biceps tendonitis in both my arms, so had to take the winter months completely off. I have spent quite a few sessions on the range since i last posted, and my swing is more or less back. I have recorded my swing quite a bit too, and managed to remove my reverse pivot but discovered I over rotate, my left arm collapses in the back swing and my head moves 2-3 inches vertically during my backswing as well lol. The good news is that you guys cheered me on, but now I have other things to work on :) It was a big relief to see the ball airborne again lol.
  5. Hi. I live in Norway, so golfing season here is from may to September. Last year I got my handicap down to 28 (from 33), shooting lower than 100 regularly (down from 115-125). The strongest part of my game became my iron shots, while putting and chipping were horrible, often 3 or 4 putting and struggling chipping. I did struggle with my 6 and 5 iron, but my 7 iron was solid and high averaging 150-180 yards. I went back to the range for the first time since September 2017 and I could not even get the ball airborne with irons. Of the 70 range balls, I hit one nice PW and 3 OK SW. I did not bother hitting anything less lofted than PW. So, less than 6% of the shots got airborne. Its like I never played golf, and starting all over again. Is a 6 month layoff so much that improving would be too difficult?
  6. Hi. Im getting the new Marxman 2018 model. I really like the alignment aid. However, I am really confused when it comes to the face balanced option vs the toe hang option. The more I read, the more I get confused. There are few, if any putter fittings in Norway, so Im basically buying blindly. There is a lot of talk about arc = toe hang, sbst = face balanced, but then again others say that nearly every putting stroke has some arc. I know my putting technique is most likely poor, but it is alignment I have struggled with the most, specially on shorter puts. Resulting in 3 puts almost every time, some 4 puts and the occasional 5 put :( Im playing of 28 handicap after two seasons (that's 6 months each year), where Ive been playing 10-15 times a year. I have somewhat of an arc in my putting stroke, but I have a shorter backstroke, and longer follow through. I also like to stand closer to the ball when I putt, and think the lie angle of the "toe hang" models I`ve tried in the store makes me stand a bit longer away from the ball. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. No worries :) I guess I thought I could get away with just a standard set, but If I want to take my game to the next lvl, a club fitting would`t be the worst place to start. I will definitely look into it. Any brand recommendations? Just so I don`t get pushed to purchase whatever they make the most money on :)
  8. Yeah, I live in Norway, and we do have places that offer club fitting here. I guess I never thought about it because I associated it with being expensive, but it definitely makes a lot of sense what you are saying.
  9. Hi. This season I have played more golf than the last 2 years combined and my game has improved quite a bit. Sometimes I play like a 20 hcp and other times I play like 37 hcp. I guess everyone has these days. I have been playing the same old Wilson entry level golf set since 2008 and I feel its time for something better. I have no problem with being in the game improvement or super/max game improvement category, but I don`t know what to choose. Since I have only played with my clubs, I don`t know what to look for. I know I want a higher launching and easy hitting for those who don`t hit the center of the club each time. I looked at a review of the Cobra Baffler XL with Mark Crossfield, and they seem like something I would like, but they are a bit harder to come by since they are from 2014 (I believe). Any tips on easy to hit, high launching irons? Thanks!
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