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  1. OoAaronoO

    Swing question

    Quick background .. I been playing about 2 yrs. Shot around 100 usually. I took a swing eval at golftec recently. When I swing I don't hinge my wrist. Anyways the guy had me hitting my 7 iron with the hinge method. It felt very weird. But I do know that's how something new feels.. my question was when swinging my woods and driver. Do you still hinge your wrist?sorry if this is a stupid question
  2. OoAaronoO

    Garmin S20 Golf Watch

    Yes. I just turn it on. Plug it in and a few hrs later take it off the computer. And turn the watch off till I go play
  3. OoAaronoO

    Garmin S20 Golf Watch

    I have a s20. About a yr and a half now. .I'm enjoy it. No Complaints. After a 4 hr round of golf I usually have 70% of battery left.never used another watch so I can't compare the battery
  4. I started playing 1.5 yrs ago when I started as you would assume I sliced my driver horrible. Bought a r11s used very cheap and learned you could close the face. Helped tremendousl. Now after reading this I still have it set closed. I wonder how I would do having it set normal. Guess I will have to try it out at the range
  5. Was wanting anyone's thoughts on the Nixon coolshot 40i rangefinder. Was at dicks and they had one discount brand new in box for 100. Figure was worth the purchase and if it didn't work well or not worth if whatever I could return it. So any insight wouldbe wonderful.
  6. OoAaronoO

    Ping g30 irons

    Now I already have a 60* wedge, is it worth getting a 56*.. use the 60 for sand and my 50yard club...as of now I usually pretty consistently hit my 50* 75 yrs and my 60* 50. My main issue is when I have to take some off/or put some extra power into it I usually mess up the shot.
  7. OoAaronoO

    Ping g30 irons

    Unfortunately I hit them the same exact yardage on a full swing
  8. OoAaronoO

    Ping g30 irons

    Well thanks for that info..I was misinformed. Wasted money buying that club then. Got a vokey sm5 that I love at the same loft. Guess I'll have to get a 56* wedge :)
  9. OoAaronoO

    Ping g30 irons

    Right. So I know some clubs say g for gap, a for approach. So would my gap wedge be my utility club?
  10. OoAaronoO

    Ping g30 irons

    Kinda new to golf.Not real familiar with wedges.Last week I bought a set of ping g30 irons I bought 5i-Pw with a gap wedge also. Is the gap wedge supposed to go further than a pitching wedge? Also would it say "g" on the club or "u". I'm looking at pings website and don't see anything on the loft chart saying gap wedge,. Any info or insight would be appreciated
  11. OoAaronoO

    Gps Watches.. Any recommendations?

    Garmin s20, am enjoying it, had it about 3months
  12. OoAaronoO

    New gps watch

    I love my Garmin s20
  13. OoAaronoO


    Alighty.thanks for the help. Now I gotta learn this 3 hybrid and driver. Lol. A never ending battle
  14. OoAaronoO


    44 is the loft on my pw. Wanna say I can get 100 yds on it
  15. OoAaronoO


    I had a few lessons. To work on my driver. Haven't made it back to another lesson in a month or 2.

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