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  1. I had been going through and editing my round after and actually wasn't tapping the triangle during the round but changing it afterward as a way of removing the shots off the green from my putting total. I had seen the on/off green toggle but thought it didn't work correctly so I was ignoring it. See on my home course hole 5 is actually set up as two separate holes, a downhill par 3 and an uphill par 3, and only one is active on a particular day. Game Golf unfortunately has trouble with this and always tries to put the pin on the downhill so I would have to move to flag to the other hole when the uphill one is active. But while Game Golf lets you move the pin around on where it thinks the green is, it doesn't let you move it to another green. Actually you can but it won't count your putts on that green as putts and the minute you try changing the toggle to "On Green" it moves the shot all the way to the original green it thinks the flag should be on (If you check out hole 5 on the last round I uploaded on 6/14/16). So the whole thing messes with my stats a bit and I'm not sure how I can fix that. At any rate, I should have realized I could use the toggle on the other holes for fringe shots with the putter but it never clicked so thanks a lot for that tidbit. Yeah I had been doing the same thing with extra clubs. One trick I know some people use is to use an extra tag to mark where the pin is to make it easier to edit the hole afterward for actual pin position when it changes and then just delete the shot after.
  2. I'm a new member and wanted to say hello and that this is a really great community you have going here. I am a newer player and have been using Game Golf Live for tracking my play. I'm completely addicted to the game so I ordered a full set of new clubs and want to create a new baseline with the new set. So I'm setting up my Game Golf tags appropriately but before I get too far, I was curious what other users of Game Golf have come up with for using their extra tags. For example, I recently have been using the triangle tag for putter shots very close to but not on the green to indicate shots which are not truly considered a putt because whenever you tap your putter, Game Golf moves the position of your shot onto the green instead of where you actually hit the shot. Anyway, before I finish re-configuring my tags for the new set, I was hoping to get some ideas from other users on how you use your extra tags. Thanks and may all your shots be true.
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