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  1. Hey @kpaulhus I tried sending you a pm, but it said you couldnt receive them? Yeah, I've looked at Pinnacle. Looks like a really nice course, but I dont think I'll be able to become a member anywhere in the near future. I will have to check out the two course's you mentioned, thank you. And I would definitely be down to play a round sometime, as long as you don't mind playing with a hack. I usually shoot around 100, but I'm definitely not out there slowing anybody down or anything. Let me know sometime if you wanna play.
  2. Hey man, I just moved to NW Arkansas. I see nobody really responded to this thread, but I would love to find out your thoughts on some good places to play around here. I am aching to get out and golf, but don't know any golfers around here so don't really have anyone to ask where I should go play. I've noticed a lot of the courses around here are either private, or don't really have good websites that give you a good feel for the course.