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  1. And Dj sticks one at 18. Controversy averted.
  2. Par for johnson and who cares about the ruling then. Even though that ruling would be bogus for sure.
  3. Lowry has been terrible at it today.
  4. Man Down Sergio. I'm sorry I just cannot ever root for him.
  5. If they take this from Johnson that is ridiculous to me. The Bunker incident was on him not asking if that was a bunker or not. Also he said he did not read the rules about bunkers at Whistling straits and where they were located on the course.
  6. Sergio needs to do that because he cannot putt for anything at majors.
  7. Westwood at Majors is tough to watch he cannot hit a good shot or putt when needed.
  8. Would rather have a 4 shot lead then a one shot lead for sure.