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  1. Day 12: not sure if this really counts... but left my clubs at my partner's house, but watched some videos and tried to do visualisation of finish position, especially shoulders square to target, belt furthest ahead (arched back) and extended legs... which I'm currently struggling with. If it doesn't count, I'll reset to 1 tomorrow.
  2. Day 12: Small swings, with plane station and noodle, trying to get weight forward, and not swing out to in. Videod a few... I look so horribly uncoordinated!
  3. Day 11: Half swings at the range. Everything went wrong - couldn't make good contact even with a half swing. Glad I practiced, and wil again tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  4. Day 10: Working on half swings, and using noodles / plane station - again working on weight forward. Also did some putting drills - putting along a ruler, and through some gates.
  5. Mixed bag 112 today... I feel like I'm actually making more mistakes at present than a week or so ago. Maybe trying too hard. Also it's rained a bit recently, and the ball isn't running as much, and our greens have been treated, so are now much much slower, and it's taking a while to adjust.
  6. Day 8: Worked on Covid plan day 3; also on some weight forward drills with half swings.
  7. Day 7: Went out with my daughter, and played the first three holes, taking it in turns to play a shot - she with a children's 9I. Mostly concentrating on alignment and pre-shot routine. I don't feel qualified to teach her anything much, but I figured getting her to think about a pre-shot routine and alignment as a thing seemed like no bad thing, and helped me to think about it too.
  8. Day 6: Played 18 holes where I tried, on each shot, to consciously think about weight forward on my shots. Man, this is hard. My habit of leaning back and scooping up in the 2nd half of the downswing is really deeply ingrained. Scoring wasn't really the point, but I counted every shot. On about the 12th, where I sliced the first two balls into thick trees I was about ready to give up and go home, but I persevered - wow, counting every shot and aiming for a target (which I wasn't really trying to do!) is really tough, mentally.
  9. Having shot a bunch of 107s, I figured it'd be a good idea to submit a card, so I went out with two folk I've never played before (my normal playing partner is away for a week), and had them mark my card. Of course, I turned in my first performance ever... 116! Several blow-up holes, and some times where I got into trouble by being aggressive to try to make up for bad holes. But also some really good stuff into the mix.
  10. Day 5: 15 mins half swings with a 7I, trying to focus on weight forward, especially on downswing. I have an in-built habit of lurching onto my back foot... which I'm trying to reprogram. I found my low point control was difficult, and my brain worries about hitting the ground at all, which contributes to the weight forward problem.
  11. Day 4: Spent quite a lot of time on covid day 2. At first I had misunderstood it, but got better with time. On drill three, my shoulder isn't really going low enough, and to get it low I'm dipping my head... needs work. But did get the sense of getting my other shoulder up.
  12. Pretty sure I misunderstood this, when I compare: I'll try again.
  13. I tried the aeroplane wings drill: I found this incredibly hard... my coordination and balance are all over the place. Very revealing, and... humbling 😕
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