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  1. Sorry to take part in exhuming a thread, but that has got to be the worst. I think I'd rather have my car stolen than my clubs. Personal relationship, putting the bag together over the course of a few years, its like a family! And I have inexpensive clubs.
  2. The past month shows that he has got something working. He missed many cuts in a row!! But in the past month he has finished better each week than the last, top 20 3 out of those 4 weeks.
  3. Hard not to root for him after that finish.
  4. It would not surprise me at all if Tiger had a very bad opiate habit with all his pain and problems. He has probably been dependent on them longer than we can even speculate, trying to grind out tournaments while needing pain medication to even get up and around... The problem with opiate pain medication is you inevitably need more and more the longer you are on, making you more and more dependent. Even if his back was suddenly healed 100%, he would have immense physical and mental drives to continue using the medication. This arrest was probably a blessing for him because it forced him to look at how he is using his medication.
  5. I shot 35, +1 on a 9 hole course today. I went birdie, birdie, bogey, bogey, par, par, par, par, bogey. I was literally one dimple from having the last putt sink for par. A great round by my standards.
  6. I had a relatively virtuous shot this afternoon. I chunked a GW to about 10 yard short of the green, and the hole was cut just at the front edge, making getting close near impossible. I pitched a sand wedge, it took one bounce on the fringe and dribbled on the green to about three feet, which I sank.
  7. I'll be watching any coverage, and I don't even follow basketball that much. If he is a .6 or whatever, that is still a lot worse than any web.com player, but it will draw a lot of watching. He could end up being a very good celebrity liaison for the game.
  8. I broke par for the first time ever on a local 9 hole course, par 34. Ended up -1. The best score I managed any other time was +1 here. Its a short easy course, but the consistency was on point today and I only hit one very bad shot, a drive, that I manage to scrape up a bogie on. 3 birdies, 2 bogies, and 4 pars.
  9. You know if Tiger holds it together, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nike backpedal on that decision to leave the industry.
  10. Thanks for all the congrats everyone. I hit the shot and my buddy was watching, I had time to walk up to see the green while it was up, and we saw it land, start towards the hole, slow, and I'm thinking "ok great birdie opportunity if not a gimme", then it just goes in. Aces are strange, some guys have multiple, half a dozen or more, and they cannot break 90 on a good day. Then other top notch golfers never see one. It's certainly luck. The guy I play with who was also the witness has one himself a number of years back. Shortly after the round I thought, "now just the albatross and I'll have em all". That might take a few more years, if ever... The third guy who joined us kept saying, well that's an eagle as well. Technically I suppose he is correct but I don't think I'll count it as part of my eagles. Haven't had an eagle yet this year...
  11. So I got my first ever hole in one the other day. A PW on a short par 3, about 115. Never thought it would happen, ended up 2 over for the 9 holes. Not another feeling quite like it. It's been a picture perfect week for golf in the northeast. Any other aces recently?
  12. Miss Vickies, I love kettle chips. Even Lays kettle chips are very good.
  13. Initial costs for clubs can be a burden, but other costs can be managed. 1. Don't drive, walk, usually cuts the cost of a muni round by 20-40%. 2. Find balls and play em, a mint ball is going to be no better than a somewhat old one from the woods unless you are at the highest level of play. 3. No matter where you are, there should be a couple affordable courses. I walk 9 for 10-12 and walk 18 for 22. That's affordable considering I can spend 22 on a meal any given moment. Actually this makes me kind of root for Tiger to come back and play well, I want to see him win a major or two and then see if Nike comes back into the equip game as a result.
  14. Walker earned this win in the same fashion Stenson earned it. Playing top notch against another world class player playing very well. When he hit the green out of those trees I figured he had earned it at that point.
  15. I believe Jack has more pro wins when considering his entire career, not just PGA Tour wins. And I believe there is an "other" option on the poll.