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  1. You are giving NK a lot of credit, who is to say that the missile isn't armed, even if its only with HE. Also, they are still getting their missile program off the deck, they have launch failures, and a 100 foot long icbm crashing down on a foreign nation is to be interpreted as an act of war whether its armed or not unfortunately.
  2. Amazing how they can get away with just lobbing missiles right over the country.
  3. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    If he just started making a few cuts consistently like anyone else in his age group (which is not quite elderly even for the PGA), golf would pick up quite a bit. However playing a round or two of one tournament and then going on the injured list for another 6-12 months is not going to do anything anymore.
  4. 2017 Player Of The Year

    Jordan did finish solo 2nd for the past two weeks, that should not go overlooked. However he would need to win at least one more playoff event to be considered over Justin imo. At the same time, Justin would have to have a lackluster finish in the same event.
  5. 2017 Northern Trust Discussion Thread

    Easily the most exciting end to a non major tournament this year, and both of them were hitting heroic shots/putts leading into the playoff. I can't remember the last time I saw the top two guys sinking ~20 footers, do or die, back to back, to lead into a playoff.
  6. Sang-moon Bae Faces Military Duty in South Korea

    Perhaps in an fairy tale utopia, but many countries around the world require everyone to do military service, even if its for 6 months. Whatever sentimental "rights" you speak of, be glad you live in a country where you have those rights, but frankly 6 months of mandated military service would do this country A LOT of good.
  7. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Your analogy to Tiger is flawed in that Tiger had a life changing crisis take place that no one could have anticipated. Rory has mostly top 10s all year. I'd bet he takes another major before he hits 30. This is a spotty guess of a prediction at best.
  8. I can't even believe its up for debate if any 20+ capper can average around 300, only the top 42 or so guys on tour average over 300!!
  9. That is not even true. Hitting a drive something like 300 yards requires refined technique, not just swinging the club as hard as possible. Most of those guys probably never flirted with 275.
  10. An Example of Bad Instruction

    Is he insinuating that you actually swing like this, or just as a drill so that you start to feel how your left arm engages in the swing?
  11. Not if you are both a huge Jordan Spieth fan also a fan of Michaelangelo
  12. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    What a terrible tragedy. Addiction is everywhere, and you have to be pretty lucky not to come across such a tragedy in your circle of family or friends. I mean this guy probably had access to anything he might have wanted to do, and yet heroin addiction took him by the neck.
  13. 2017 RBC Canadian Open

    Nice to see Vegas defend. That is a fairly rare feat. The course is over 7200 yards, I guess short by PGA standards, but not every par 5 can be 600-700 yards, which would be needed to stave off the extreme length of drives these days, did I hear correctly that DJ poked one out to 390ish? Frankly, what percentage of par 5s are reachable by several on tour today, probably north of 80%.
  14. How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    Well its dominated by Koreans, not because they are genetically better golfers but rather golf is a nurtured sport there. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have seen young ladies playing golf in my area, and I don't think I need all fingers. For some reason, its just not a big thing for young women over here, at least in my woods. Sad too, because when I do see it its sexy!
  15. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    This creates a couple good story lines going into the PGA, will Jordan complete the career grand slam with the momentum he has going in now, will Koepka continue his great play and perhaps make it a double major year? Both are without a doubt favorites going into it.