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  1. Hello, i am wondering on if I should get x-100 shafts. My coach said I should 100% get them because I hit my 7 iron 190 carry on track man and like 182 on course and I hit it high. My club head with 6 iron was like 95 mph I think. Just let me know what u think.
  2. how do u post videos of swings because my file is larger then 2.5 mb and its like 3 seconds. hahah thanks i would love to post my swing but dont know how to is there any way you could tel me how to.
  3. yes the same course practically it plays at almost 7 thousand yards an has the longest par 5 in my province at 630 yards lol. And nope not any mulligans and maybe once in awhile like my course will have really bad lies around the outskirts of the course and i might move it out of there but i rarely ever do that so i play legit. hahah well it is and if your near i would love to play with you if u dont belive me.
  4. thank you, i now play off four, working hard is what got me here. I have a friend that coaches and he let me teach kids golf at a program for 2 weeks in the spring. I used to go to course at 7 practice till 12 then work to 4 then play a round of golf after that till 8and i did that for 2 weeks straight haha i think im crazy for this game (:. thank you (: wokring hard is money. i dont really try to force that distance it is just there. yesterday i hit 2 fairways but shot 76 with 29 putts hahahah lets say my irons are really good and so is my short game. i was behind a tree more then i liked to me but made up and down from any were haha ill post a video of my swing but i aint lying. i left the site because of those first couple guys saying im bad and that i should choose a different sport because it really hurt me but i went to check today and alot of good feedback which i love.
  5. i started golf at 13 about a year and half ago. I learned from my uncle in Australia well not really learned as he took me one time and i fell in love. He never taught me about the swing or anything. I come back to Canada and i told my dad how fun golf is. My other uncle had a old set of irons because he was a realtor and he found them in a house. I started playing in the field in my back yard a nd i learned from there. Flash forward a year and a half and i am now a 4 handicapper that shoots in the mid seventies. I would say the short game has really helped me progress my game and the mental part of the game could really determine wither your a 10 handicapper of plus 1 handicapper.
  6. Hi my names Dylan and I have been playing for a year and a half. I was 13 when I started but am currently 14. I play everyday 7 days a week and 3 hours on schooldays and all day on weekends. During the winter I hit the range a lot but right now during the summer I play everyday and rarely go to the range. I have got my handicap to a 6 and shoot high 70's is that natural talent or the amount I practice. How long did it take you guys to become single digit. I think my success also comes with my strength. I am 5:11 and hit the ball 280 carry.