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  1. I call the clubhouse to send a ranger to light a fire up the behinds of the group in front of us.... (I didn't actually do that but I have seen someone who did)
  2. I will never see my self purchasing more than $50 per stick.... My driver is a 10.5 Taylormade Burner that I picked up in the trash bin (Thank God I was there before the trash man) and that driver is serving me very well... I would like to have the satisfaction of having great skills than great gears.... And NO even if you spend $300 per stick, it doesn't mean it will automatically make you a great Golfer....
  3. I started in my late 20's and Did not take the sport too seriously until this season... I am now 35 and obsessively trying to lower my handicap... so...NO it's not and it's never too late
  4. "DRESS CODES" exist in all sports... They are sometimes called "uniforms"...
  5. My Home Course (Overpeck Teaneck, NJ) has a supposedly "Strict" dress code policy... As I was walking from my car to the clubhouse to check in yesterday, I saw a guy in the four some on the 11th green putting wearing a tanktop... Don't know what that was about... or how he got away with it...
  6. Sorry forgot to mention that I was fitted and was recommended the Speedblades... Hence the reason why I tried them on the course but the result was a disaster.... Yes... Definitely extremes that's why I am so perplexed and bothered by it... Will need to definitely look into other irons that you suggested thank you
  7. Yesterday I shot 50 in Rockleigh Blue course NJ white TEE Today I shot 49 in Overpeck Black Tee... Can I honestly tell people I have broken 100?
  8. Im a GHIN 20ish handicapper... I used Diablo edge irons for 5 seasons and couldnt hit them properly scoring in the 120's... This season I am using MB 714's and my scores are at 100... Everytime I mishit during play some dude tells me "Those irons (MB 714's) are for advanced players"... Tried using Speedblades today... And can't hit them properly either.... I play my best and lowest scores are with my blades but according to many those are for single handicappers and "advanced" players... What am I doing wrong? Enlighten me PLEEEAAASSE...
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