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  1. I shoot crosshanded (I am 60 years old and can't change) and the ball goes on a specific side of the green depending on what club I use. I play mostly on a 9 hole par three golf course and below is how I play the course: Hole 1 111 yards 9 hybrid club shoot to the left Hole 2 80 yards An "a" wedge shoot left Hole 3 140 yards 6 hybrid shoot right Hole 4 190 yards pretty much in the middle a few yards from the green Hole 5 155 yards 5 hybrid shoot left Hole 6 95 yards Piching wedge iron shoot left Hole 7 125 yards 7 hybrid shoot right Hole 8 135 yards 6 hybrid shoot right Hole 9 125 yards 7 hybrid shoot right I usually wind up pin high on the holes, 5 to 10 yards off of the green. I have been told since I shoot crosshanded, I will lose accuracy, but I hit the ball the same way on each hole. Is there a way to modify my clubs so they hit more cosistantly in the middle, perhaps by changing weights? Thanks