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  1. It is a perfectly understandable rule for a normal pga event when there is another tournament starting on Thursday. However, this is a playoff event with an off week coming up. Rules or no rules, it is kind of ridiculous.
  2. With them being off next week, it seems a bit ridiculous they'd consider making it a 54 hole event
  3. Is it the skill of the player or the skill of the player + caddie? Does anyone think that in 30-40 years that the caddy may get phased out of the game?
  4. Today Craig Perks keeps saying that putts are rolling uphill because of the effect of the mountains in Utah.
  5. Tough spot these cheaters put us in. I give the OP credit for at least doing something. I'm personally not good at calling people on cheating. I'm trying to get better at it. Sometimes I call someone on it, but sometimes I just don't care enough to confront them. I know it is my job as marker to protect the field, but it happens way too often for me to want to feel like a police officer. One time the guy even came from way back to win a 40-50 player invitational tournament, and I didn't say anything when it happened early in the second of three rounds. I do feel bad about that one. Something illegal seems to happen in my group every 6 to 10 tournament rounds. It just happens way too often.
  6. Shinnecock pretty much clear cut any tree that was on their property. Oakmont came pretty close to doing the same. I'm all for providing options and sight-lines for players, and making a course playable without a bunch of inside knowledge, but it is very unlikely that more than 20% of the trees that these courses took down had a real affect on limiting options and sight lines. The elimination of these trees may have actually made the courses tougher in that they were more affected by wind and less likely to have wayward balls stopped before they landed in the 2 feet high rough.
  7. Oakmont, Shinnecock Hills, etc. It seems like clubs are deciding it is a good idea to remove trees in an attempt to gets back closer to the original design intent of the architect. I'm not sure I am a fan. These courses were not 7400 yards in the original design. Design intents change with time. I'd think the original designers would not have trouble with the use of high value trees to add to the challenge of playing their course. Thoughts?
  8. My 60 doesn't has a real low bounce where my SW has quite a bit of bounce. The only time I feel comfortable using the 60 is in rough where I don't have a tight lie.
  9. SG11118

    NHL 2017-2018

    Yeah - the protections on the expansion draft were very favorable to Vegas compared to past expansion teams
  10. Question for the original poster - Is there a certain part of your game that is holding you back and consistently costing you strokes? I could possibly see the argument of "if only I could fix _____, I could knock 3-4 strokes a round off my scores" that it would be worth working on fixing that aspect of your game and then trying to make a run at playing professionally. If there really isn't a weakness to your game and you are solid everywhere, I agree with others that you are probably going to have a tough time making a go at playing professionally. Most hockey players I know can hit the ball a long ways. I'd assume you are similar? If so, that is one big thing you'd have going for you. Probably 15 years ago, I played a round with a guy who was taking a year off everything to focus on golf and try to make a run at playing professionally. He was attempting to qualify for the Canadian Tour. He had just gotten married, and he had made an agreement with his wife that he could have one run at attempting to be a pro golfer before he gave up and went back to life. That way he would have no regrets, and he wouldn't always have in the back of his mind that he might be good enough if only he had a chance.
  11. Brutal winter. We've had snow on the ground since October 20. Probably still close to a foot of snow on the ground on average. Things are looking up though. Predicted highs above freezing every day in the forecast. Just need to get those lows above freezing now and we can start thinking about golf.
  12. Pill A +100 yards. I don't have a problem paying for my own beer
  13. Balls - I generally ask for a dozen for my birthday or Christmas. The last couple years, I've been using old models, so have maybe picked up 3-4 dozen mint used ones off e-bay during the year. Gloves, bags, shirts, occasionally a club - turn in course winnings for events over the season to purchase from my local golf pro shop. Shoes - buy online - my local pro doesn't currently stock big enough shoes for my feet Clubs - generally new or used off e-bay. I bought a new hybrid from my local golf pro last year. Used wedges off e-bay the year before. Used putter off e-bay the year before that. Used iron set off e-bay the year before that. New driver off e-bay the year before that. I keep telling myself at the end of the year (when my swing is somewhat grooved) that I should make a several hour drive to the city and go through a significant fitting and get new stuff, but tough to fit it in, and then my swing goes to pot over the winter, so don't want to get fit then. Over the years I've gained a pretty good feel for what kind of equipment works and doesn't for me, but don't think some of my spin characteristics are quite maximized at present, so would like to capture a little more yardage and consistency if I can from get clubs that can do it.
  14. The tenets of the new system focus on three main objectives: to encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a handicap; to enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to transport their handicap to any course globally and compete on a fair and equitable basis; and to indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions. This was the only statement that talked about gender. Hoping they eliminate having separate handicapping systems for males and females, but unclear.
  15. We are about the same situation. No wonder so many people of Finish decent live around here. I've got 4 March rounds scheduled in Southern Nevada / Western Arizona to get me warmed up for a late April start to the season.
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