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  1. From what I read, much of Bahamas was fine. Damage was severe on Abaco Island and to a lesser extend Grand Bahama Island. The first tournament is not on either of these islands and I'd guess will go on fine. The second may be in question. Bahamas needs tourism, so anything they can do to show they are open for business would help their recovery.
  2. My Samsung Galaxy J7 does not. Was able to download an app for it that does.
  3. Apologies to Dave if OT. I figured it might help him understand his swing a bit more while maybe giving me a little assistance. I definitely didn't want to distract him off what he is working on or make him start thinking about something else. I really like that aspect of his swing. I'll stop posting on this thread after this post. I've been thinking about starting my own swing thread. I was recording myself in my backyard net a couple weeks ago, but at the time had no way to put it into slo-mo. I think I have a way to do it now, so a swing thread will eventually happen. The clubs are getting put away for winter soon, so I may wait until spring so I can actually work on it - or maybe I'll post something just as a placeholder so I can compare my spring swing to where it was this fall. I'm also trying to lose weight right now, so it might be good for me to see how that is coming along next spring. Generally getting my weight to the front foot is not an issue for me, but rather a flaw that occasionally rears it's ugly head. Thanks all.
  4. I'm more looking for a swing thought or image in my head to try and ensure I transfer my weight to my front foot during the swing. I don't necessarily care what the back foot actually does as long as I get the weight to the front foot every time I take a full swing.
  5. I did a very small amount of internet research on this type of move this morning. You can see this move in swings of Byron Nelson, Greg Norman, Camilo Villegas, and probably others. It sounds like Norman tried to train himself away from doing this as he felt it led to the front shoulder coming up leading to some blocked shots. However, Norman and Nelson were both excellent ball strikers, so not sure if they would have been as good of ball strikers without that move? I didn't see anything yet to scare me away from at least trying to incorporate this move into at least my driver and fairway wood swings to see how it goes.
  6. Thanks for the response Dave. I figured it was just naturally part of your swing, but wanted to check. I probably looked at this thread about a year ago, and thought that was a somewhat unique move. As long as balance is maintained, I would think it is not a bad thing.
  7. @DaveP043 Have you always allowed your back foot to slide or lift up during the contact through follow-through portion of the swing? Does doing this cause you any problems? I personally have a problem where I keep reverting to a swing problem where I don't get enough weight transferred to the front foot during the swing. It comes back every spring. I fix it for a while during the golf season and play solid golf, but then all of a sudden it comes back and I have to train it away again. I played nine last night and focused on making sure my back foot slid forward on the follow through like this to ensure weight transfer was happening and liked the results. I'm tempted to try and make this part of my swing, so wanted to see if you purposely do this, and if it causes you any other problems. Thank you.
  8. The video you sent isn't great quality, but the swing you provided looks way better than what I'd expect to see from a 35 handicap. That swing you provided looks better than mine, and I'm a 6...
  9. I'm sure they have some bias. 12 of the 14 clubs in my bag are Callaway. I also play Callaway balls. I'm not particularly happy about deciding to play Phil Mickelson's brand, and I'm not happy about how off-center this Callaway ball was, but it is what it is. I listened to this podcast a couple weeks ago and from what I remember, the guy they were interviewing who had done the research was pretty careful not to bash Callaway. He considered the off-center more of a general problem with all golf ball manufacturers (the worst example of which they found was the one Callaway chrome soft ball). They found examples of an off-center core in a wide variety of balls. They urged manufacturers to spend more time with quality control and less time coming up with marketing gimics.
  10. These guys discuss it in this podcast Callaway CEO didn't necessarily claim the counterfeit card. These guys tend to think Callaway possibly doesn't have the same levels of quality control that other brands do
  11. This is the last hole of a tournament he won by four strokes. It doesn't make sense that he was intentionally cheating. It doesn't seem like it even registered to him that this may have been illegal.
  12. I made myself a legal greens reading book for my home course a couple of weeks ago using free lidar data off the internet and dumping it into AutoCAD Civil 3D to create contours. It probably took 20-24 hours for me to do all 18 greens. I know my home course fairly well, but there are some spots with very subtle breaks where I am not sure what direction a putt will go. I intend to just use it for the rare occasions that I am unsure of the direction and magnitude of the break. I maybe pull it out 5-6 times a round and look at it for 20 seconds while my playing partners are putting. Using it for this purpose does not seem to slow my pace of play any. On the other hand, I could see someone like Bryson trying to use the books for much more than this purpose. I'm sure if you know the slope of the green, the length of the putt and the stimp of the greens a person could calculate how much the ball will break on any given putt. The game of golf needs to not allow enough time for someone to be able to calculate this stuff and take all the guesswork and skill out of the game.
  13. I've been trying to work on this over the past week or two. I used to be able to go by feel and get within 8-10 yards. However, not really the case any more. I've gained a little yardage with my driver recently giving me more wedges into greens where previously I was hitting full irons in, and now it is driving me nuts that I can't take advantage of scoring opportunities. Not quite there yet on getting a repeatable feel for my 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 swings, but working on it.
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