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  1. Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    Pill A +100 yards. I don't have a problem paying for my own beer
  2. Balls - I generally ask for a dozen for my birthday or Christmas. The last couple years, I've been using old models, so have maybe picked up 3-4 dozen mint used ones off e-bay during the year. Gloves, bags, shirts, occasionally a club - turn in course winnings for events over the season to purchase from my local golf pro shop. Shoes - buy online - my local pro doesn't currently stock big enough shoes for my feet Clubs - generally new or used off e-bay. I bought a new hybrid from my local golf pro last year. Used wedges off e-bay the year before. Used putter off e-bay the year before that. Used iron set off e-bay the year before that. New driver off e-bay the year before that. I keep telling myself at the end of the year (when my swing is somewhat grooved) that I should make a several hour drive to the city and go through a significant fitting and get new stuff, but tough to fit it in, and then my swing goes to pot over the winter, so don't want to get fit then. Over the years I've gained a pretty good feel for what kind of equipment works and doesn't for me, but don't think some of my spin characteristics are quite maximized at present, so would like to capture a little more yardage and consistency if I can from get clubs that can do it.
  3. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    The tenets of the new system focus on three main objectives: to encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a handicap; to enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to transport their handicap to any course globally and compete on a fair and equitable basis; and to indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions. This was the only statement that talked about gender. Hoping they eliminate having separate handicapping systems for males and females, but unclear.
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    We are about the same situation. No wonder so many people of Finish decent live around here. I've got 4 March rounds scheduled in Southern Nevada / Western Arizona to get me warmed up for a late April start to the season.
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    This is going to be one of those 6 month off-seasons for us. Didn't get a huge amount of snow, but what we did get came early and for the most part stuck around. Unfortunately had some melting and rain in early December, so likely will be dealing with winter-kill once the season does start.
  6. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    I'm almost always my 56 wedge around the green. I suppose I'm picking a spot 1/2 on the green or so and rolling the ball the rest of the way to the hole. If I'm in tricky rough or need to lob it, I go to my 60, but probably only averages 1-2 times per round. It would have to be a very unique situation for me to use a club other than my 56 or 60.
  7. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    OK - I can see the ROG don't really ban touching of clothing currently. A couple of the 2017 putting strokes I've seen BL make, his upper hand acted somewhat like an anchor, but not 100%. It moved around maybe an inch or so during the stroke. Not understanding the term, I was thinking that maybe a "soft anchor" could be considered anchoring your forearm to your body for a portion of the swing as long as it doesn't stay anchored throughout the entire swing and as long as it doesn't make a completely fixed anchor point that doesn't move at all during the swing. This would kind of be a grey area of Note 2 as well, but it would be tough to argue this as legal. You definitely shouldn't be able to pinch your shirt with your fingers to make a "soft anchor" point. That shouldn't be too big of a rule modification.
  8. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    What is meant by "soft anchor"?
  9. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    Golf relies on the integrity of the golfer to follow the rules. In this case, the problem is that only the golfer knows if they are following the rules, and people don't like that it isn't transparent. It seems wrong to try and create or modify rules because you can't trust the integrity of golfers. It seems like Bernhard needs to be continuously goaded by everyone around him on tour until he changes his putting swing enough to assure everyone that he is following the rules - same for McCarron or whoever else.
  10. Re-Write the Anchored Putter Rule

    The current USGA/R&A pictorial document allows the "forearms held against the body without anchoring". Is your intent to eliminate being able to do this?
  11. Poll on Range Finders

    My old Bushnell works fine if there is a reflector of some sort on the pin. If not, have a lot of trouble getting a reading at more than 180 out. My brother's Leupold is much better at finding pins from further out without reflectors.
  12. I learned the game and grew a love for the game playing on an 18 hole par 63 course, a 9 hole par 30 course, and a 9 hole par 27 course. Only the 9 hole par 27 course remains of those three. The other two have been plowed under for development. These courses got too much play to make them stress-free for beginners. However, they were a more reasonable challenge for those of us who hadn't refined consistency in the game yet, allowing to play at a decent pace. I'd enjoy playing that par 63 course again, and the challenge of scoring on it - if only it was still in existence. The one guy who made the PGA tour from my area grew up playing on the 9 hole par 27 course.
  13. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    OK - from 19-1b, if a large insect flies into my putted ball and knocks it off course, the ROG say tough luck - play it as it lies? How is that equitable to this leaf situation? Also, what is meant by "the like" exception in 19-1b? It could be inferred to mean a small animal similar to an insect, but it could also be inferred to mean anything small including a small leaf or dust.
  14. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    I think it was very harsh to give this guy penalty strokes for something that was a stretch to call an outside agency. What if this guy would have told the rules officials "The wind was the only thing pushing this leaf, and the leaf ran into my ball deflecting it off it's course. I would have liked to have called the leaf an outside agency and replayed my shot, but the leaf was very small and only weighs a fraction of a gram, and it wouldn't have done anything to my ball without the wind. To myself and my playing partners the wind was the force that deflected my ball and it did not seem right to allow me to replay my shot, so I played the ball as it lied"? If he had said something like this, would he still have received any penalty strokes? If not, why should he have received penalty strokes for not saying this?
  15. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    The ruling brings up a few questions in my mind: 1. What happens if a leaf hits the ball and it acts a little funny, but it is uncertain whether the leaf had caused the ball to move off course? My guess would be that unless it was somewhat certain the ball was moved off course by the leaf, the rules would say that the leaf did not move the ball. Agree? 2. What happens if only one person in the group sees the ball change course due to being hit by a leaf? My guess is play would need to continue by 3-3 (playing two balls in stroke play) and brought to the rules committee at earliest convenience. Agree? 3. Do the rules state or imply anywhere that the object needs to be big enough to be visual to the naked eye? Lets say the putted ball gets knocked off course by a gust of "dusty" wind. We can see that the air is full of dust because there is an open dirt field upwind and the air has a significant visual brown tint to it. Did the wind cause the ball to move, did the dust cause the ball to move, or a combination of the two? Can a bunch of dust in the air be considered an outside agency when individual dust particles cannot be seen, but the millions of dust particles together can be seen?

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