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  1. I would talk to the GM (or alternate person in charge of overall operations) and express your concerns. There really isn't a reason for 2 week close-down after aerating other than just not wanting golfers to play on greens that aren't in optimal condition. Do they aerify the tees, fairways and rough over this 2 week window as well? I could see this possibly adding 4 days to a week to the process if they use a walk behind aerator, as there would be a lot of acreage to cover - but most courses would let you play through aerating tees / fairways / rough. I could see a reason for 3x a yea
  2. To add to my comments: The PGA Tour does already award the "big name" golfers with invitations to the no cut CJ Cup, no cut Zozo and 5 minimal cut invitational tournaments. Doing well in these events helps the player get a leg up for qualifying for no cut WGC events and the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs. Even with this, many of the "big name" guys choose to opt out of some of these events. I guess I am ok with this bonus if the tour feels they need to do it to keep their "big names" happy. Tough to feel sorry for these guys though when the tour gives them other opportunities for free mone
  3. Seems a little silly to be paying the "self-promoters" even more. But I guess they have decided it is in their best interest to do so. Hopefully, it will also mean that the big name stars play in more tournaments. Perhaps they are just trying to get all the PGA tour members to be more promoting of the game of golf? I do kind of like that the old "big name" golfers can no longer keep their card in perpetuity based on decades old achievements and there is more room for up and coming golfers to play on tour.
  4. Snow last night. Maybe my course will finally open towards the end of the week. Haven't played since the end of September when snow cover started for the winter.
  5. The PGA of America probably isn't going to be very happy if this changes. Could cost club pros a lot of money in merchandising. 🤣
  6. It definitely makes it tougher for the Superintendent and his/her crew to get their jobs done when there are golfers on both the front and back nines early morning. In my opinion, the crew should be skillful enough to be able to hop around and manage their work from a few groups once they see where people are, but from experience when the course books times starting at dawn off both nines, and the tee sheet is full, it makes it very slow going and imposing on the golfers for the crew to get the necessary work completed.
  7. Gary Player is a complete quack, but I do appreciate trees on most golf courses, and I feel they definitely have their place in much of the golf world. Probably put me in the in-between category. Watching the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park, I considered the course very ordinary with the exception of large Cypress trees lining each hole. As president of my golf club, I just spearheaded an effort to add 20 trees between a couple of holes where golfers tend to hit the ball onto the wrong hole and not have any penalty for it. I viewed it as a dangerous situation that these trees
  8. There was obviously uncertainty and reasonable doubt with the rules official before he hemmed and hawed and said it was plugged. If you had a beyond unreasonable doubt clause, the official could have quickly denied the claim. If you don't have a rules official, if golfer and a playing partner agree ball is plugged beyond reasonable doubt, then it is plugged. I honestly don't care that much. I wouldn't have ever tried to claim that ball was plugged though. I would have been thankful it didn't roll all the way down the hill and counted my blessings, and played the shot as it layed.
  9. Just change it similar to the rule for whether or not a ball went in a hazard or not. It needs to be plugged in its own pitch mark "beyond reasonable doubt" or something similar. It is pretty tough to put a measurement to it. In this case, I don't think that CM gained an advantage by getting a drop. It just seemed like a waste of time for him to ask for relief and the RO to give him relief.
  10. To me an embedded ball should be much more obvious than that to give relief. On tightly mowed ground to need to mark and pull your ball to possibly see the smallest of indentations in the ground is a little ridiculous.
  11. I've watched and did a couple of the lessons in the past month. Seems like a great off-season / back to the basics refresher that I will hopefully utilize all 30 days of this winter.
  12. How many reachable par 5s and driveable par 4s? How many holes does the smart play take driver out of Member #1 and #2 hands? Without knowing that, I'd guess Tour #1, Member #1, Tour #2, Member #2, Member #3, just because 6300 is manageable for all, and there are likely some holes where Member #1 and Member #2 will need to hit irons off the tee
  13. We've still got 3-4 weeks of snow melt and drying out before we can even think of opening. As president of my semi-private club, I'm going to do everything I can to let us open to members (at least) once we dry out enough to open.
  14. Even without Covid-19 happening, it is still going to be a while here.
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