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  1. Piz

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Memory. I remember everything. Some bad shots are so ingrained that I can hit them in my sleep...or while trying to do the exact opposite. A steel-trap memory is both a blessing and a curse...not a double-edged sword...more like a double-edged 7 iron.
  2. Piz

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Reminiscent of Chamber's Bay.
  3. Piz

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Brooks Koepka proves, once again, that he just doesn't have what it takes. If a skinny, hippy dude, from Lancashire, drops a couple more putts...over four days...we aren't having this conversation. Golf doesn't have heroes anymore...only the guys who lived to tell about it. If I were not so busy drinking, and watching television, I could show these young whelps a thing or two.
  4. I'd rather play than practice. That being said; I enjoy practice more when I've been playing. I need a reason to practice...and playing provides plenty. If it was a choice between the two I would play...but it isn't.
  5. There is no such thing as "ladies clubs". This traces way back to the idea that women are, somehow, less athletic than men. That is not true. Yes, thank goodness, there are differences between women and men; but that distinction does not extend to, nor include, golf clubs. Whatever works is preferable.
  6. There is a thing called proprioception: an awareness of where your body is in space and time. It is a valuable commodity when sorting out a movement; but obviates other factors. Fortunately, it is better, in the long run, to be aware of these things...whether you are aware of them or not.
  7. Piz

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first set was a 3,5,7, and 9 iron, in a white canvas bag. I only liked the 5 iron and used it, and a short, ambidextrous, putter until I outgrew them. To this day I prefer fewer clubs to a full set.
  8. Piz

    Shot Clock on the PGA Tour

    There is a limit on how much time a player may spend looking for a golf ball. There ought to be a limit on the time a player may spend looking at a golf ball.
  9. Piz

    Your First Car

    A 1968 VW Beetle. Improvements over the 1967 model included high-backed seats, a 12 volt ignition system, and greater horsepower. It remains the toughest, most reliable, and iconic vehicle I've ever owned and I took it places that, in later years, a Rabbit wouldn't go. The purchase price was $600.
  10. Piz

    Poll: Who is #3?

    Hagen deserves consideration. He took a big hit between wars which, conscious or not, affected his stature.
  11. Piz

    Old used putters...

    I'm down to 22. My latest acquisition is an STX Sync Tour; quite possibly the worst putter ever designed. For some reason I cannot resist an inexpensive, odd-looking, golf club.
  12. Piz

    Driving Range Only

    I could see doing that as a kind of physical and mental therapy; but I'd want to get out on a course once in a while. I used to play music for a semi-living and still keep a bass around, and a guitar, and a baritone uke...but it isn't the same.
  13. Piz

    first set of irons..28 hc

    I am going to second @RussUK. You needn't spend anything close to 600 pounds for a decent set of irons. Clubs that were top of the line, 10-15 years ago, can be had for a song.
  14. Speaking as an average amateur who just steps up and whacks the ball; I will say, without reservation, that the time spent over a shot is not a reliable indication of the thought, or care, that goes into it.

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