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  1. I'd tell anyone, that asks, that it isn't a dent but rather a "Vortex Cavity". It helps to reduce drag and maximize club head speed. The technology is proprietary and no further information, regrettably, may be disclosed.
  2. Just one more skirmish in the age-old battle between empirical data and folk lore.
  3. Golf Scores

    I'd like to recommend Match play as an alternative format...so I will. Whether one is playing cards, shooting hoops in the driveway, or knocking the pill around a golf course; any one particular game can pale at times. Few golfers, in my limited experience, embrace different (and legitimate) forms of competition outside the odd charity scramble. That needn't be so. Playing a Match shifts one's focus from the shot total to the challenge at hand...and that is a good thing.
  4. Favorite Book (or Books) of all time

    The Old Man and the Boy - Robert Ruark. John Mortimer's Rumpole stories. The Growth of the Soil - Knut Hamsun. And anything by P.G. Wodehouse; the Jeeves stories in particular.
  5. Visual proprioception

    Hear Hear! It is akin to the realization that one needn't heat the sauce pan prior to slivering the garlic. What's the rush? Why not have patience and allow events to unfold? A poor pass is a realization...not an indictment.
  6. Visual proprioception

    I coached pitchers for 10 years; LL thru HS. During that time I learned how to observe. There was no "aha" moment; just an incremental evolution in my perception. It began when it occurred to me that a mistake is a compensation for something earlier, or further back in the motion, and I needed to understand why a thing was happening and not simply point out that it was happening. In other words: what most people notice is the result rather than the cause. To analyze a motion properly; it is necessary to develop the ability to observe properly. Otherwise...you reduce your role to that of a traveling Band-Aid salesman. Whatever you call that it amounts to the same thing...learning how to observe.
  7. And to complicate matters, he had to begin his rehab with Glen Ford's golf swing.
  8. Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    I understand that rules are rules but this particular situation is common at one course I play. It seems unduly harsh. I'm not griping...just saying. Fortunately, I've played the course enough times to know which traps have likely morphed into water hazards, overnight, and can plan shots accordingly.
  9. It is difficult to get too shallow. Most poor passes are a direct result of the opposite. A topped ball is a mid-swing correction that didn't work. So is a duff, stuff, schook,....whatever you want to call it. Every time you strike the ball...it goes exactly where it has to go. There is no alternative.
  10. There is no normal position. There is only the position appropriate for each shot.
  11. You can trace that back to Mark McCormick and IMG. There was Arnold Palmer everything at one point. And there may be a Travelers connection in there somewhere. But I'm thinking more umbrella organization than specific corporate entity. Of course, Mr. Palmer was a specific corporate entity...thanks to Mark McCormick.
  12. Does Bay Hill reward the slightly off center bomber more so than Copperhead? In other words: does it favor a Palmer-type player? I ask because I don't know.
  13. Perhaps so; but "Skirt-chaser Invitational" is problematic from a marketing standpoint.
  14. The dollar shave club would have to rank right up there. Look what it has done to replacement blade prices.
  15. A is for Apple, B is for Bark, C is for Cat, and D is for Dark. E is for Elephant, and F is for...well..."Emphasis".

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