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  1. We usually do not have winter in these parts but this year has been different. Not that it has been exceptionally cold...just wet all the time. I haven't played this year.
  2. Ben Hogan's secret was believing he knew what he was doing. It didn't matter whether he was exactly correct...he was close enough for jazz...so to speak.
  3. The last time the Open was held there the winner was Darren Clarke. His initials, in roman numerals, represent 600. That may, or may not, be important.
  4. I tried an Alien wedge, years ago, just for the hell of it. I gave it a couple rounds then went back to my Wilson. At present I have a left-handed club in the bag...although I do not think of it as a "gimmick".
  5. I put them in my back right pocket. My snot rag occupies the left back pocket.
  6. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the big man is seriously considering cancelling Christmas this year. Sources have informed this reporter that severe weather conditions have raised questions over the viability of distributing gifts in what has been the traditional manner. I've only made it as far as the Norelco commercial and there may be further developments. That being said...tension remains high. It's a shame...really...the children have been (on average) so good this year. Stay tuned to this channel for the latest information. And consider subscribing...after all...if the world is g
  7. Welcome. In my opinion it is better to be familiar, and comfortable, with one's irons than it is to achieve greater distance with a particular club. I do not need, or desire, a 9 iron that goes as far as my current 8 iron. My oldest set has a 51 degree pigeon wedge in it. That is 1 degree weaker than the gap wedge in my current (10 year old) set. Having made the adjustment once...I am not interested in doing it again. Enough is enough. That being said...there are reasons for buying newer clubs. Chief among them is the desire to do so. If you want a new set...go for it. At the end
  8. I'm garaging my two favorite vehicles: a Volkswagon Thing and a 1971 Ford F-100...Two tone, red and white, with 5 yellow lights on the top of the cab. Pull up to a keg party in the latter and someone is going to say..."Hey ya'll...there's a tow truck here".
  9. I voted No. That some golfers, amateur and pro alike, can out-drive the competition is a fact of life. Long-hitters would still have an advantage if we went back to featheries.
  10. If you have never played before; it is best that you get someone to show you the basics of the golf swing. Equipment is less important, to a novice, than it is to an experienced player. You won't need a full set when starting out. A lot of us here began with 4 or 5 clubs. Unless someone gives you a range finder I'd skip that for now. It isn't like you have to use a particular club from a particular yardage...quite the opposite in fact. On the other hand...if you want to purchase one...go right ahead. Above all...enjoy yourself. Golf is a great game but it can be frustrati
  11. Welcome. My fabulous beer can collection includes. in oil can size, Reschs, Tooheys, Big Barrel, Tooths KB, and two Fosters...a lager and a premium ale.
  12. Good idea, @iacas. I've nothing of interest to say at the moment; but I"m looking forward to the series.
  13. I don't like any score that starts with a 9. When that happens it is always due to lost balls.and losing golf balls is awfully disappointing. To maintain mental equilibrium...I will often think of a 90 as an 84+6. It is still a 90, for scoring purposes, but somewhat easier for me to accept.
  14. Assigning motive to what other people say is not helpful...unless you know that person. Adopt the principle of charity and assume they mean nothing by it. Most of the time they don't...they are just making conversation or expressing their own thoughts.
  15. I've got a Cobra Long Tom you can have. It might give you some insight and/or ideas.
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