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  1. Piz

    NCAA Football 2019

    Hey...OSU got their QB from Georgia; Oklahoma got theirs from Alabama; and LSU got theirs from Ohio State. Don't look like anybody knew what they were doing...except Clemson.
  2. Piz

    NCAA Football 2019

    Guys...it's simple. We have inedible nuts versus Tigers and Tigers versus impatient settlers. I'm liking the Tigers in both scenarios.
  3. The penalty for not raking a bunker is being the sort of person who doesn't rake bunkers.
  4. Piz

    NCAA Football 2019

    Putting up 37 on a defense as stingy as Georgia's is no mean feat. I guess defense only wins championships when you manage to out-score the other team.
  5. Piz

    NCAA Football 2019

    So much for the Utes...Joe Pesci would have a hard time making a case at this point.
  6. Piz

    NFL 2019-2020

    No Lions game on Thanksgiving? That does not compute. Win or lose (and they do win occasionally) the Lions game is an integral part of the Turkey Day routine...for natives like myself.
  7. For the last year, or so, I've been leaving the driver at home in favor of a left-handed club (a 42 degree Cleveland niblick). This is part of my single length fairway experiment that, so far, has worked out well.
  8. Doing something wrong, or stupid, has always made an indelible impression on me when it mattered the most. I am not suggesting that a general familiarity, with the parameters established by the governing authorities, is not efficacious...only that direct pain serves to reinforce said restrictions.
  9. Another tactic, which I found useful in hockey and baseball, is to learn the rules as you encounter them. Whenever a question arises...make a mental note of it and resolve the issue when you get home. That way the rule is tied to a specific, and actual, circumstance. Real life examples are easier to remember than hypothetical ones.
  10. The Duo-Softs have a propensity for going sideways...if you give them a good old whack. Maybe they mash too much...don't know but it seems likely.
  11. When you miss your tee time...while waiting in line at the first hole.
  12. Piz

    Leaf Pile

    Yes. Henry Beard if memory serves.
  13. Piz

    Leaf Pile

    According to the Official Exceptions to the Rules of Golf; a ball hiding in the leaves may be declared "furtive" and the player may drop, without penalty, in a location deemed to be reasonably appropriate.
  14. For the same reason there is chicken or beef and ranch or bleu cheese.
  15. Piz

    2019 Presidents Cup

    I like Na as well; but Fowler gives the team 3 more consonants plus an extra vowel.
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