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  1. First off..welcome. This is a good place. Second...go on line and look up "Best new clubs of 2006, 07, 08, etc... " You can buy the absolute top of the line gear, from a decade or so ago, for a song. There are lots of great clubs out there that have fallen off the radar. That does not mean that they are not great clubs...still. Newer does not mean better. Most of the time it only means more expensive.
  2. Moving up usually makes the challenge in front of you easier. There are times, however, when moving up makes some holes more problematic.
  3. I am not a psychologist but I have encountered enough, on television and in print, to offer an opinion on the subject. Wearing a white belt can indicate several things...or not. It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the individual. 1) It could be a part of a uniform. The guy cops on television shows based in the tropics often wear white belts and might, without really thinking about it, wear the same belts when they hit the links. 2) The white belt could be a gift. As such...one might feel obligated to wear it once in a while. 3) One may have grown up when wearing white belts was normal (along with white shoes) and thus think nothing of it. 4) It may be one of the few belts one owns. I own two...one tan and one red. If I owned a white belt I would probably wear it from time to time. 5) Or it could be a twisted cry for help. Although it would be more efficient to simply ask for help...we do not always think clearly when distressed. 6) Lastly...it is possible that some people like white belts. There is, after all, no accounting for taste.
  4. Go out and find your 60+ game. It will not be the one that you remember...but that is the cool part. Letting go of the past is how we get to the present. And it is good practice for the future.
  5. I am as serious about golf as I am about literature. I love reading...I love golf...and both are in my DNA. I was raised by people who enjoyed both. P.S. Shouldn't that be "boath"?
  6. I switch for variety. It is fun to play from the front tees once in a while. It is fun to play from the tips. It is fun to play from the middle. Some holes are easier from farther back (I can't reach the hazard from the tee) and some are more difficult from closer (Yikes...a 67 yard par 3). It is all golf...no matter where you play from.
  7. I like how open the course looks without spectators.
  8. My most common error is missing high. I put some pace on the putt and aim outside the cup; as if there is no such thing as a relatively straight putt.
  9. When it is muddy I usually use a less-lofted club...rather than carry a different wedge: a 42 instead of a 46, a 46 instead of a 50, etc...
  10. It is not a question of time. It takes just as long to get "good" with a chipper than it does with any other club. It is a question of weight, loft, and stroke length. If you decide to put a chipper in your bag...be prepared to suffer the learning curve. The trajectory will be lower and you have to get accustom to the visual.
  11. Yes...of course. Thank you. You may select again.
  12. I hope the show carries on. It wouldn't be exactly the same but watching it would remind us of Alex. By the way...was it Art Kennedy who hosted the show originally?
  13. What does it ask you to do? I went to the site but I did not want to "Order Now".
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