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  1. Pick the clubs you like the best. They are going to be your clubs...not someone else's.
  2. Trees and grass are incompatible. Augusta National (the cathedral in the pines) is a prime example. Without a mind-boggling maintenance budget the course could not exist as is. I get that trees can be strategically situated...but they can also be a pain in the neck.
  3. My goal for this winter is to come up with a better mud kit than I currently have. Winter golf, around here, means playing in the slop. The problem is staying reasonably dry without over-heating. I'm thinking knickers and gaiters (with apologies to those in the U.K.) as an option.
  4. Welcome. Search the following...MacGregor Jack Burke Celebrity Colokrom Wedge - copper face. Note that the shaft band is the same. Also...it is the only MacGregor iron I could find with 112 stamped on the head...and it says "wedge". If memory serves...Jack Burke won the Masters in 1956.
  5. Back in the day..."What was he thinking?" was a rhetorical question. And no one wondered if Doug Sanders' shirt was a manifestation of his diet. We have come a long way. Whether we've gotten anywhere is debatable.
  6. I have been using Maltby components since the late 90's. Mostly I built wedges, putters, and fairway woods...plus an occasional driver. The irons in my bag, at present, are Maltby TU's circa 2010 or so. I always liked the TE forged heads and so, a couple years ago, I ordered a set. They've got DG R300's in them and are about a quarter inch longer than the TU's. I kept them in the bag for a little over a year. Then I went back to the TU's. The main reason was the total weight. The head weights are close but the shaft weights are not. After years of swinging the TU's the TE's feel heavy. My plan is to reshaft the TE's with something (in steel) a bit lighter but still in the same R-flex. Anyway...I do like the heads. I tweaked the recipe a bit and it didn't work out like I'd hoped. Live and learn. P.S. I am going to pull the grips and knock a quarter inch off the butt end. That might do it. At any rate it would be less expensive than ordering another set of shafts. Good luck with your project.
  7. As the old Japanese saying goes: the sticking up nail gets hammered in.
  8. It must have been compelling television...because I dozed off while watching it.
  9. My club is so diverse...they let ME play there.
  10. Every once in a while the passing of a public figure disturbs me more than usual. This is one of those times.
  11. I do not like the way the very low compression balls feel when I chip or putt. They seem to jump off the face of the club. I am sure I could get accustom to it...but I would rather not. It works better, for me, if I have to put something behind it in order for the ball to behave.
  12. Whenever we, as golfers, have an "Aha!" moment; the tendency is to think we have found another piece of the puzzle. This ignores what we know about puzzles...that each connection we make reduces the number of pieces left. The goal is to have fewer and fewer "pieces" left...not to have more and more. So...a swing change will work if it leaves one with fewer, rather than more, things to think about. And the way to do that is by repetition. We were none of us born with the innate ability to tie our shoes; but we learned how to do so and moved on. The golf swing is like that; we have to put some things behind us in order to move on. Many of those things seem mundane, or inconsequential, or awkward...but they are not. They are steps along the way that each of us must incorporate in our own particular way. And that means that despite our common goal...the order of assembly is going to vary. Good luck. Do not despair. If it was easy everybody could do it.
  13. I am okay with any score that starts with an 8. Obviously an 80 is very different from an 89; but I'll take it. 70-something is a rare treat. 90-something...well...let's avoid that sort of outcome in the future.
  14. Yes I do. Each round, however, is erased by the next one. I can tell you every shot I played, and what I was thinking at the time...until I play another round. I overwrite the save.
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