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  1. In all honesty...I've done nothing for the solar eclipse. If it happens...it happens.
  2. Yellow Jackets are some bad...(hush your mouth) Well, I'm talking about Yellow Jackets...(we can dig it).
  3. Anyone Use a Lightning Detector?

    If I get hit by lightning; I'd just as soon not know in advance.
  4. 2017 Wyndham Championship

    How does "Flying Nun" sound? Not avian, per se, but white and cross-like. For the sake of brevity...one could call it a "Sally".
  5. Favorite TV Show(s)

    I'm a big fan of "Lawn Order". It examines the relationship between lawn care professionals and the people who hire them.
  6. 2017 Wyndham Championship

    What about "beagle"? A birdie plus an eagle. Most people have seen one of those.
  7. weight shift trigger

    I don't suppose that any two people would think of, or describe it, in exactly the same way; but the top of the backswing is a good place to begin the search.
  8. Around here the Yellow Jackets are fairly benign. The Bulldogs are a bigger threat...especially when they've had a few. I advise wearing a neutral cap.
  9. Maltby Playability Factor

    The MPF uses things like blade length, sole width, vertical center of gravity, etc...to rank a clubs performance on less than perfect strikes. My old Orlimar irons, the longer of which have negative bounce, would rate very low. My current set, Maltby TE irons, are not quite so demanding. The gap wedge, for example, has 6 degrees of bounce. A poor pass is still a poor pass; but it is less shocking to the system. It's a bit like mats vs grass: a high MPF club isn't as punishing, generally, when you catch one a touch fat. If you strike perfect...it makes no difference.
  10. Fav sport/Team besides golf

    My favorite sport, to watch, is Premier League Football. The games are on in the morning, there are no commercials, and they take no more than two hours. I root for Bournemouth; not to win the title but to stay up. My favorite team, however, is the Detroit Red Wings. I grew up in Detroit and played hockey when I was younger.
  11. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I voted 6-8 due to having read Tommy Armour's book years ago. Armour said he could take a handful of shots off an average hacks score simply by discouraging them from attempting so many hero shots. It's a old book and the average distances listed are pretty comical in relation to todays standards; but the gist was "lets be realistic". I'm thinking Nicklaus would offer much the same advice...play the shot you've the most confidence in executing successfully.
  12. I have a hard time believing that Rory is done winning majors. Some have suggested that he's lost his fire. I'd say it is just as reasonable to suggest that he's had too much and needs to stop trying to win the tournament on Thursday. No offense, @Vinsk you posted while I was typing.
  13. Anybody use a Chipper?

    Both my Cleveland niblicks (RH and LH) are 42 degrees loft. The length and lie is close to a sand wedge according to an unscientific living room comparison. With a full swing I can carry the right-handed one about 120 and the left-handed one about 100. I'm getting better from the left side but it still feels a bit odd. That's off a mat, at the range. I don't usually use them from that far out on the course...unless it's really dry and I'm trying to bounce one on.
  14. Another simple thing to try: grip down about one thumbnail and see if you get the same impact location. That will give you a flatter "effective" lie angle and may (or may not) do the trick.