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  1. You should not drill the hosel bore deeper. You should check to see that the bore is free of residual epoxy. The OD, of a shaft, is typically .005 smaller than the bore. Some hosels are milled to accept a collared ferrule: a ferrule that centers the shaft in the top of the hosel. It is always a good idea to use centering beads. Lastly. Some heads feature a universal bore (a bore that will accept both tapered and parallel tipped shafts). They can seem "loose" when compared to non-universal bores. Really lastly. You can touch up scrapes, on graphite shafts, with clear nail polish.
  2. Philosophically speaking...If you forget why you asked a question, in the first place, you may ask a provisional question, or questions, until such time as you recall what it was you were on about. At that point you have to resume your previous inquiry...or declare the thread lost.
  3. Ah...the golf coast. Welcome to the forum and back to the game. Fleetwood fan by any chance?
  4. Cure that Slight Draw. Forever! (and on a related note) Pro tips for minimizing your Distance.
  5. This week, around these parts, the only way to manage the heat is to stay out of it. I played Monday and was soaked to the skin about half way thru. We saw two other golfers. I can see doing 9, very early, but that's it until the humidity drops.
  6. My current fave is a Daedric model. I stuck with ebony for a long time. That whole blood thing kind of creeps me out. Till I jar one. Then it doesn't matter as much.
  7. My first putter was an Acushnet Bullseye. My dad gave it to me in the basement of the house I was born in. I never did see what was so special about it...too light. When I was given my first set (3,5,7,9,putter) the putter captured my imagination. I used it until I could hardly bend over far enough.
  8. Some people play golf for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Simple answer: Yes...you're nuts. But no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public...so there is that. A market may exist for retro designs. I doubt, however, that anyone can reintroduce a bullseye and make it the next thing to have.
  10. There is no "standard" loft for iron sets: it depends on the manufacturer, the model, and the year. Older clubs tend to be loftier. I have a set of MacGreagor PCB irons circa 2000 or so. The 9 iron is 45 degrees and the pitching wedge is 49. In my current set: the pitching wedge is 46 and the gap wedge is 50. Meaning that my old 3-pw is nearly identical to my newer 4-gw. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what number, or letter, is carved into the sole of a club. What does matter is whether, or not, you like the club.
  11. Piz

    45 Putts

    I've had days like that. As frustrating as it is to "give away" shots on the green; letting it get into your head only makes it worse. After all...you can't have a bad day putting if you don't do better most of the time.
  12. While enjoying a post-round beverage...a friend of mine said "Man, those three 3-putts really cost me." To which I replied "Not nearly as much as the fifteen 2-putts."
  13. Have you ever played Royal Palm?
  14. What is wrong about using a crutch? It isn't like you will forget how to walk.
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