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  1. I wouldn't worry about it until you have put in enough time, with the new shaft, to make an honest assessment. The exact specifications of any club, while interesting to know, are not as important as the clubs performance. Remember, also, that you didn't switch shafts with the intention of producing the same result...you switched shafts to see what would happen. Give it some time.
  2. I don't wear a glove. Mid-sized Tour Velvets are my faves. They are light, for mid-sized grips, and stand up well to repeated, and frequent, washings. One exception would be my throwing iron...which has a grip made of duct tape and barbed wire. Not a lot of barbed wire, mind you, but enough to make you think twice. And it looks cool with the re-bar shaft.
  3. Piz

    Pulling short putts

    Chances are you are looking to see where the putt goes before you have sent it on its way. That is very easy to do inside four feet. From farther away you look at the line...not the hole. Closer in shifts the focus...of course it does...because it seems worse to miss from 4 than to miss from 8. That is why it is difficult not to have a peek.
  4. Try drinking tea instead of coffee. Wear a starchy-collared shirt and breathe thru your nose. Imagine your nostrils detect an offensive odor. Be more class conscious. Avoid used golf balls. Affect an air of superiority regardless of how you play. And always remember to enjoy yourself...despite what anyone else thinks. A stiff upper lip is more indicative of breeding than resolve.
  5. Piz

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Koepka is getting better, post game, at winning majors. He exhibits the same humility; but it sounds more sincere. I'm starting to like this guy...
  6. Piz

    Identify putter

    As far as I can tell...it's a GC-1.
  7. Piz

    Wedges too soft?

    Use 1/2 inch per 7 grams as your guide and tip trim accordingly. A heavier club head, like a sand or lob wedge, requires that you break from the progression established in the iron set...if the idea is to create the same feel.
  8. Piz

    Premier League 2018-19

    I'll be pulling for Bournemouth, again, as I have since they were first promoted. Hope they fare better against lower half sides than they did last season. Up...to 17th...the Cherries!
  9. Piz

    How important are "micro grooves" to wedges?

    Micro-grooves are so twenty minutes ago. I'm holding out for nano-grooves. They are so cool nobody knows what they are...yet.
  10. Piz

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    As unfair as it seems you have to accept that, sometimes, you are going to stripe one down the middle and never see it again. Also, when searching for your ball in the tall stuff, you might find a dozen golf balls...none of which are yours. Yeah it's a nuisance; but that is, literally, how the ball bounces.
  11. The most improvement I've experienced took place over the course of a year. I was caring for an elderly relative at the time and began going to the range, once a day, to maintain my sanity. The most important factor, I think, was that I went there to relax and clear my head. For all I'd heard, read, and been told, about "practicing with a purpose" I was a bit surprised to discover that simply enjoying swinging a club was very productive.
  12. I have fewer problems with the young vs. old divide now that I find myself on the older side of the line. I remember being younger; but I don't recall being stupid. Chances are I was...that isn't for me to decide.
  13. Piz

    Question on Equity and Mud on Ball

    I agree. Thing is...I don't recall that ever happening.
  14. Piz

    Question on Equity and Mud on Ball

    I lift, clean, and place, once I'm on the green. In all other situations I play the ball as it lies. That seems, to me, the way the game is intended to be played. Rub of the green don't you know...

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