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  1. I try not to have the tee markers clash with my shoes and bag. That can be difficult if the club uses eccentric color schemes...mauve, gold, aquamarine, but one makes do. As the old saying goes...when life gives you lemons...you don't have to buy lemons for a while.
  2. I carry a 50 and a 54. The pitching wedge has the same loft and bounce as my old 9 iron so, like @billchao said, it doesn't count. I was lugging a 58 around but hardly ever used it.
  3. I try to get close. I think about how the ball will roll out (or not) and pick a spot. That's it.
  4. Pluck a rusty 5 iron out of the bargain bin and learn how to use it. If that interests you...good. If it gets really old really fast...find something else to do. The development of any skill is independent of having the best toys.
  5. Making the same mistake, on the same hole, time after time. It isn't a lack of imagination; but rather an overabundance of it. No attempt to think differently seems to work. The approach shot, on #8, hooks left into the creek no matter what.
  6. Big deal. I've putted out of bounds numerous times. At least this guy still had a shot.
  7. When you haven't finished your coffee.
  8. I play the ball as it lies. Why forego an opportunity to be creative? Besides...there is something uniquely satisfying about extricating oneself from a difficult situation.
  9. Piz

    Pace Problem

    But you aren't going to hit that smothered shot. You are going to rope one pin high. That is why you are waiting. The people behind you do not know that. They could infer, from the situation, that you have the ability to endanger the group in front of you. Maybe they do...maybe they don't. It is none of your concern.
  10. Piz

    Pace Problem

    You are under no obligation to modify your game based on the suspected incompetence ( of said game) by the group behind you. If playing your intended shot has even a remote possibility of seriously injuring someone in the group in front of you...screw those jerks behind. If they knew you...they would know why you were waiting. And give the people behind you some credit. Why assume that they do not understand what the hold-up is?
  11. Absolutely. If you start the round with 12 balls, and finish with 15, you were 3 over for the day. Conversely, if you start with 12 and finish with 9...you are 3 under. In other words: the more time you spend looking for (and finding) golf balls...the worse you played. Hope this helps.
  12. If you have ever split wood, or swung a sledgehammer, you have experienced the forces involved. They do not translate, directly, because the end result is decidedly different. We do not attack the object, in golf, so much as propel it on its way. If you did have a 45 inch hammer you would not swing it like a 16 inch framer. The longer the swing is the longer it takes to unfold.
  13. Thanks @Bonvivant. I thought of a word today...qwertylogical. It means that the keys, in our heads, are there for a reason. Namely...it is to keep them from interfering with one another. We cannot be exactly the same despite our common language. That should not prevent us from communicating...but it does explain why we explain things differently. Far as driving a nail...I still have an image (from Bobby Jones via Walter Travis) of driving a tiny tack, flush, when putting.
  14. Any image that works is worth holding on to. I was a carpenter, and a very good one, but the image of driving a nail never made any sense to me. That is due to my experience. For someone who has not (I assume) spent 40 years driving nails...it may be helpful. For guys who make a living swinging a hammer it isn't a thing. Were it so...the best ball strikers would not be framing houses.
  15. Yeah. The thread about "How many pure shots do you hit per round?" needs an addendum: How many of those pure shots do you find?
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