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  1. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    Of all the things rumbling around in my head; this was not one of them. He left a timeless body of work. His songs are all the more poignant now that he has passed. Damn it. Every once in a while someone, in the public sphere, dies and it affects you more than you would have thought. This is one of those times.
  2. Raises the value of the putter as well. The vampire Jefferson nickel is quite rare.
  3. Is golf more mental or physical?

    I think golf is a mental game that requires physical aptitude. It reminds me of music: a mental construct that is revealed via manual dexterity. A sound mentality demands less of physicality. People that make "it" look easy are not tying knots in their heads. Or maybe they are...just different knots.
  4. Water in bunker ruling

    You took relief from casual water and dropped the ball in the hazard and no closer to the hole. I don't see the problem.
  5. Hit impulse

    I've had some success, combating the hit impulse, by imagining the path thru the ball and then replicating said path. Instead of attacking the golf ball; I paint a stripe thru it.
  6. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I play right-handed; but I've been using my left-handed niblick more and more. Last time out; I used it five times and got up and down three times. The learning curve, for playing off-handed pitches and chips, is fairly flat. It doesn't take much practice to produce acceptable results when you are only trying to figure out one thing.
  7. Would we be having this conversation on a fishing forum? I have a blue-million fishing rods; and I don't wonder which "flex" is right for me. I use whatever I deem appropriate for whatever it is I intend to do. I can play with A-flex, or X-flex, once I get the balance of it. Familiarity is the key.
  8. High handicap clubs

    Hi Don, glad to have you aboard. As per your inquiry: I don't think that clubs make all that much difference when one is starting out. There is a lot to be said for being familiar with one's tools; but it takes an awfully long time to determine what is, and isn't, suitable to the style of play one develops. The X2's are fine clubs...maybe not perfect; but what is? Learning to better utilize what you have will go a long way in determining what it is, exactly, that you want.
  9. Anyone play a driving iron?

    I've bought more than a few "driving irons" from purveyors of thrift. Two three bucks...why not? They work fine if your primary consideration is dollars per yard.
  10. Hands through the ball

    The problem with advice, whether it makes any sense or not, is that we remember it. I have, recently, lost touch with my 3 wood. I'm going to schedule a lesson and see just what the heck is going on. Why not do the same? It has often happened that I had to see, not hear, what I was doing. Bon chance.
  11. Graphite similar to aerotech?

    Put right-handed grips on them and I doubt most people would notice any difference.
  12. Cupcake 5K - yea or nay?

    I'd be okay with that...provided one could deduct 1K for each cupcake consumed.
  13. It would be better, given the two options, to weaken a 7 rather than strengthen a 9. Weakening the loft of a club will increase the bounce. The effect would not be significant; but more bounce, however slight, is preferable to less bounce - particularly in the scoring clubs.
  14. Driving Issue

    It isn't the least bit unusual for swing faults to reveal themselves, progressively, as the clubs get longer. Invest a few clams in a lesson and explain, to the instructor, what you have explained to the forum. That will give you a different perspective and a thing or two to work on. Practice is a good thing; but we all need a nudge in the right direction from time to time.
  15. Every era has its Zach Johnsons and Dustin Johnsons. The game can accommodate both.