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  1. The secret to hitting farther, with less effort, is to use less effort. The toughest thing in golf, for me, is getting my head around that concept.
  2. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    27.5 cents per shot last time out; but that was with the Tuesday/Thursday senior discount. It would have been .33 otherwise.
  3. What's your cheapest club per yard?

    Regarding free clubs, and slow play, yes. The winter doldrums, brief though they are around here, do tax the mind. For that matter; my cheapest per yard club is a putter I made with a broomstick, a chunk of 2x4, and a horse shoe.
  4. Mine is a 22 degree Cleveland hybrid I picked up for 20 bucks. It is good for 200 so my cost per yard is 10 cents. My "driver" (a 3 wood) costs me 33.33 cents per yard.
  5. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    One could argue that slow play contributes to the use of range finders; as they give one something to do while waiting.
  6. How do you cut your toast?

    There are just two ways to cut loaf bread: f-style (1) and c-style (2). Number 3 looks like c-style with different bread. A grilled cheese sandwich should be cut f-style; particularly when served along side tomato soup. In most other cases; the prey item (if any) and plating should be considered.
  7. I'm moving backwards

    You aren't going backward; you just aren't going forward as quickly as you did when you began. That is the way of the game. It stands to reason that a skill cannot be improved, indefinitely, at the same rate. Give yourself credit for the progress you've made thus far; and accept that "experience" has no fast-forward option. You have done well, grasshopper, but you have much to learn. That will take time.
  8. Hello, from Augusta, Georgia

    Welcome...nice weather we are having, eh?
  9. When Do You Lay Up?

    In that case...I lay up when I don't care to contemplate what may occur. If I am one down with one to go I'll steel my nerves and give it a rip. Otherwise I play a shot that will, at worst, give me an opportunity to make good on the next one. If that doesn't work...so be it. What I try to avoid is needless risk. A four is a four and a five is a five. If I am not confident in a particular shot...I play something else. And a lot of that depends, not on the shot or distance, but on how I am feeling at the time. It's a manic/depressive approach to the game that, depending on what day it is, works very well or not at all.
  10. When Do You Lay Up?

    The only problem with "smart golf" is that you have to be fairly intelligent. It took me a long time to figure that out.
  11. Yes. Lay the putter on a flat surface. Rest the face on anything greater than the offset. Use a credit card to align the grip. If the flat part of the grip is 90 degrees to the surface; the face is 90 degrees to the flat part.
  12. Last 5 rounds with no driver or woods.

    I stopped carrying a driver a couple years ago. The course I play, most often, has dog legs on 7 of the 18 holes and clocks in around 6039. Playing to the corner, instead of trying to work the bend, is the safer route. Why risk blowing through the corner to gain 30 yards?
  13. Is There Anything Hank Haney Won't Sell?

    The Haney's haven't changed much since Green Acres: always hawking the next greatest thing.
  14. On line lesson - still can't get it

    Try turning back no farther than you can comfortably come to rest. Overs-swinging can be understood as exceeding the limits of your flexibility. If you, me, or anyone else, takes the club too far back...the downswing begins with a rebound at the top. That can initiate a cascade of muscle reactions that are next to impossible to sequence properly. We might get away with it once in a while; but it isn't a reliable way to go about things. The same holds true for not taking the club back far enough...either way the pass forward gets off on the wrong foot.

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