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  1. Piz

    Poll: Who is #3?

    Who was the GOAT before Jack? Was there a GOAT before Jack? Perhaps there isn't a GOAT...just a succession of GATT's. (Greatest At The Time)
  2. I don't think luck has much to do with golf. If you catch a bad lie, or bounce an approach shot off a sprinkler head, or roll up against a tree root...that's simply what happened. The course I play, most often, has exposed rock in 3 of the fairways. It isn't bad luck to land your drive, or second, on a slab of granite...just bad golf.
  3. Piz

    Poll: Who is #3?

    That's why I said "among". Sam Snead is certainly worthy of consideration.
  4. Piz

    Know How vs Execution

    I've never met a golf instructor/teacher who wasn't better than I am. That's good enough for me.
  5. Piz

    Poll: Who is #3?

    Assuming that Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are vying for the best ever title...who is number three? Among the candidates are Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, and Harry Vardon.
  6. I could use a PGA LCG sand wedge...yellow letters. I'd go 40 bucks.
  7. A friend of mine, who has never played golf, asked me to put a set together for him. I got him a bag, a set of irons, a driver, two fairways, a sand wedge, and a putter, for 35 dollars. Golf doesn't have to be expensive. Not the equipment anyways. Most people don't invest the time it takes to get their head around what the game requires...and chase after the magic clubs. That is a fool's errand.
  8. Stop thinking about it.
  9. Short answer: no. Finding a club, or clubs, that reliably cover the middle distances is a life-long pursuit. Who, in their right mind, is going to trade an old fave for a new shiny object? I don't want a hybrid that goes farther than the one I use now. I don't need irons that require me to reassess how I should approach the next shot. The game is difficult enough without having to make more calculations.
  10. Should any of us take anything seriously? I mean...seriously. What's the difference between being President of the stamp club and growing prize winning tomatoes? Who cares, besides ourselves, how we did in the dart league last Wednesday? Does scoring a ton 80 make you a better person than a 4-putt double bogey indicates? We all have a limited supply of self worth...and it erodes over time. None of us get better with age. We can hang on to youth and golf offers the best opportunity to do so. Does that make it important? You tell me.
  11. The wind works in all directions. It can make a hole play longer or shorter than advertised. It can magnify, or reduce, the effect spin has on the trajectory of the ball. When its really whipping it can be quite a challenge. As for the second question...the ball doesn't compress...it deforms. Compression is the name given to the relative "deformability" of the ball. Wet conditions reduce, or eliminate roll, and make it easier to chunk the shot. While one can get away with a slightly "fat" pass, off firm turf, it doesn't work at all in the muck.
  12. Tiger inked his spot. He might have added an exclamation point, with a birdie on 18, but he didn't. He might have closed with a par, and made Koepka's putt irrelevant, but he didn't. All he did was win his 15th major. That should be enough.
  13. It's all over now. Tiger notching his 15th...after all the personal, and physical, trauma...makes him the damnedest golfer that's ever come down the pike. We can argue era vs. era till the cows die of old age but no one moves the needle like a half Thai half American who wears a red shirt on Sunday. Is he "better" than Bobby Jones, or Walter Hagen, or Sam Snead, or Ben Hogan, or Jack Nicklaus? We won't ever know. Is he the best golfer we have ever seen? Yeah...he is.
  14. Piz

    iron shafts

    The shaft code, apparently, refers to a private university in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Other than that...the XP95 is available in both tapered and parallel expressions. You would have to pull a head to see exactly what's what. A parallel shaft will have a tip diameter of .370 and a tapered shaft will have a tip diameter of .355. STR may mean stepless regular...or stepped regular. Does the shaft, in question, have steps?
  15. That gum might be worth some serious coin...if you could prove it was genuine.
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