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  1. Piz

    When does it make sense to quit?

    If I can still shoot the temperature...all is not lost.
  2. Piz

    The Golf Gods Suck

    The golf gods are the same drunken wastrels as the rest of the lot. Why would you expect them to behave any differently?
  3. Piz

    When does it make sense to quit?

    I'll never quit. Golfers, unlike wine and whisky, do not get better with age. My glory days may be behind me but I can still play better from one day to the next. It isn't a contest between my 20 year old self and my 62 year old self. I want to be the best golfer I can be today. That may be far removed from yesterday but what other choice is there? Check out Bernard Darwin on hanging up the sticks. He decided to retire from playing...but not from the game. He, like you, was much better than I have ever been.
  4. Welcome. My advice is this: stop thinking about what you are doing and pay attention, instead, to what you are doing to the ball. You cannot slice without creating side spin. No matter where your elbow is, or how your wrists are aligned, the only way to slice is to spin the ball sideways. If you want to cure your slice you will have to pay more attention to what you are doing to the ball. It is both that simple...and that complicated. But...(and it is a big Kardasian butt) the only way to stop doing what you are doing is to do something else. You have the ability to behave differently.
  5. I carry one of two sand wedges, a 54 and a 58, depending on what I expect to encounter. I'm thinking about building a 56 and using it year-round. As I get older I wax nostalgically about days gone by...when (true or not) there didn't seem to be so many choices to make.
  6. Watching people swing a club is more informative than listening to what they have to say about it. I've often wondered if caddying was a better introduction to the game than formal instruction. Humping bags around the course gives you a clear picture of what a good swing, as well as temperment, looks like. Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan, to name two, started out that way and I have to believe that the swings of the better members influenced their development. It is easier, for me, to have an image of what I'm trying to do rather than someone else's explanation.
  7. I keep them around lest the shine, on the new ones, wears off faster than expected. Some I have been able to find homes for but most wind up in my "club room".
  8. Piz

    Provisional ball strategy

    I usually play the same shot. An exception, as others have noted, would be after an unexpected result on an unfamiliar course. Most of the time I am already aware of the perils and have clubbed accordingly.
  9. Piz

    Help Fitting a Shaft!

    A friend of mine has a 6 iron like that. There is an adaptor, epoxied to the tip of the shaft, that looks like a typical iron ferrule except that it is threaded internally. I'd try contacting the company that made the club heads, if they are still around, or talk to a club fitter who has been in the business a few years. At any rate...good luck.
  10. The best place to look for new golf balls is in the right rough. Brier patches are also good...the closer to the tee the better. Anywhere on the golf course, after Senior day, is also a good bet.
  11. Piz

    Paul Azinger to Replace Johnny Miller on NBC

    I always liked Johnny Miller...but I like Azinger too so no problem.
  12. Piz

    Shot Dispersion

    I think you have to differentiate between good and bad misses. I can miss on the low side and feel good about it; whereas parking it 20 feet above the pin doesn't make me happy at all. The near-green concept, from LSW, is a great help in this regard. Sure...we would all like to stick it every time; but that does not, and is not, going to happen. Too much focus on proximity to the pin, and too little on what kind of challenge you've left yourself, can foment a lot of needless anxiety.
  13. Piz

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    My driver gets the same pass that all my other clubs do. I chalk it up to operator error and play on. My clubs are not responsible for when I use them or how the shot turns out. The only known cure for a poorly struck drive is a well struck drive.
  14. Piz

    Strong 3 Wood

    I used to use a strong 3 as my driver. The idea was that I would be more familiar with it the more often I used it. I eventually went back to a driver/5 wood pairing as I rarely needed the 3 wood for a second. It isn't a bad idea...but driver/5 wood suits me better. The strong 3 was too long for the dog-leg holes and not as reliable as the 5. If I played from farther back I might have a different opinion...but I don't.
  15. Piz

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Hard to improve, or add on, the the responses thus far. To me it's just a great game that people of all shapes,sizes, and backgrounds, can enjoy playing together. Someone who breaks 100 for the first time is just as elated, perhaps more so, than someone breaking 80, or par, for the first time. And you can play right up to the end.

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