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  1. I don't believe, for a second, that Lois Lane wasn't on to the whole Clark/Superman thing from the get-go.
  2. Don't buy something you don't want. The rationalizations will fade quicker than a 40 year old 1 iron.
  3. Try starting your backswing with your eyes closed and don't open them until you reach the top...no peeking.
  4. Grip solvent is not suitable for grill use.
  5. I think the weight has something to do with it. My 54 (head) weighed 308 grams prior to assembly while my PW (head) weighed 291. Even after tip-trimming (1/2 per 7 grams) the clubs feel distinct. Both are carbon steel, although the PW is 1035 and the SW is 1025c.
  6. Is that you, Horace?
  7. I've been using mid-sized grips since the late 20th century. When Avon stopped making the X-Air, I switched over to Golf Pride Tour Velvet. They are durable, inexpensive, and can stand a good scrub. They are also fairly light. I did put a CP-2 on my hybrid and I like it a lot...just not enough to swap out the others.
  8. Much the same...except for the Pilates.
  9. You are going to have to love it...no matter what it is. Dads don't get thrown many bones. Take the opportunity to "request" what you actually want. It will cost you regardless.
  10. I think match play is easier for a "newbie" because you are not basing your opinion of yourself on the expertise of others. The same could be said of stroke play...breaking 100, breaking 90, breaking 80, etc. The handicap system applies to either form and the basic idea is to reward the player who plays best relative to their own skill level. To me...match play is a more "friendly" style of competition...and more vicious at the same time. It is the dichotomy that appeals to me...much like a fire in a lake.
  11. I agree. Useful information is subjective. If it isn't interesting to everyone...well...that's par for the course.
  12. (Chow am) Steven. I'm a proponent of match play. I did not grow up that way; but came to the realization that the less I knew about "the score" the better. When I play a match I pay more attention to what I am doing and less about what I have done. It works for me and, as you will doubtless discover, every round has an effect on you...regardless of the format.
  13. I held the hope that Tiger would return to some semblance of his former self until this latest setback. If an entire year of rehab is insufficient...it's over. Thanks for the memories.
  14. If that trend continues; I'll have to move back one set of tee markers 80 years from now...to preserve the integrity of the game.
  15. The golf ball appears to make more difference than the golf clubs. I watched a guy, on Youtube, hitting 260+ drives with a modern ball and an 1880's era, wooden, play club. With a modern driver he gained about 30 yards. Not much improvement over a chunk of wood on the end of a stick. The two most famous 1 irons, Nicklaus and Hogan, were struck using golf balls we would now label "restricted flight."