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  1. I Googled 2017 Mizuno JPX Forged irons. You can pick up a set for 220 to 300 dollars. That is two year old clubs. A barrel of scotch, or bourbon, would still have a year to go.
  2. It depends on how popular, or unpopular, a particular make and model is. The Mizuno JPX Forged are going to hold their value better than some...but you never know. When TaylorMade was marketing a new set of irons every six months...the "old" models were available, at a substantial discount, about a year or so down the road. There is a set of MP-30's, at a club I frequent, that they want 85 bucks for.
  3. Waiting as little as a year can cut your cost by as much as 50%. It's like buying a new car versus buying a used model with 10,000 miles on the clock. The difference is that last years got-to-haves are still brand new.
  4. What @Patch said. You have no way of knowing what you will like, or dislike, down the road. Pick out something, stick with it a while, rinse, and repeat.
  5. Clubs don't get "better" all the time...they just change. My irons are old...but I know them and hitting them farther would screw up my game. I like knowing what they are up to and what is asking a bit much. A club needs to produce a reliable result...not exceed expectations.
  6. The cart went out in 33, and came back in 33, for a team score of 66. This was on a par 61 executive course and beat our previous best score by two shots.
  7. Golf Pride Tour Velvet in mid-size. They are inexpensive, clean up well, and last for years.
  8. Piz

    Help with clubs

    Hey @Snazzy93. I've had three surgeries on my left knee (two cartilage, one ACL) and I play from the right. Forget about the weight transfer and focus on a centered pivot. It has all the components of a proper golf swing and, once you get the hang of it, really helps to take one's mind off the repaired appendage. P.S. A narrower stance also reduces stress on the knee...especially on uneven lies.
  9. It only works when they are asleep and it isn't a nice thing to do in any case.
  10. Try teeing the ball higher. It could be that your club head path, thru the ball, is a bit steeper than optimal and that is producing too much backspin. You can use the scoring lines, on the face of your driver, to set the tee a specific height.
  11. This question brings to mind a word problem from a Tom Robbins novel. "If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half...how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?"
  12. Bear in mind, @YoungTad, that practice and playing are two different things. Most people (I think) spend their range time trying to maximize distance with each club. Out on the course, however, you don't get extra credit for using a shorter club. As the old saying goes: It ain't how...it's how many. It is rare to get a flat lie on the course. One minute out of level is 6 degrees...a club and a half worth of loft. Then there is the wind, and the pin placement, and how you are feeling on a given day. In other words...the last thing to be concerned about, on the course, is hitting the ball as far as you can.
  13. I used to retire golf balls that had taken part in a memorable event. After a while though...the trophy ball collection begins to pale and the heroes of yesteryear wind up in a box, somewhere, that you happen across while looking for something else. More to the topic...I play them until circumstances dictate that we part ways. If a golf ball is that determined to stay in the game; I can accept that it isn't going to look like it just showed up.
  14. I'm glad the U.S. team got a proper goal. I would not have liked the women's World Cup to have been decided on a penalty kick.
  15. Your ball was holed. Why would you think you were due a penalty?
  16. I wear a long sleeve shirt when Summer rolls around. White cotton isn't as slimy as sun block...and is more effective. My next "golf" purchase is going to be a bone-fishing outfit.
  17. My left-handed chipper. I use it, on average, about once every other round. Other than that I'd say the putter.
  18. I have played two power line courses: Royal Palm, near Mesa, Arizona...and Steel Canyon near to my current home. I've bounced a couple off the wires in both places. Royal Palm allows a replay with no penalty. Far as I know it's hard cheese at Steel Canyon. Never thought to ask though.
  19. That's a great idea. It would not bother me in the least. More power to you.
  20. Dr. Piz here. It sucks and there ought to be a law...but there isn't. My advice: take your medicine and play an orange ball next time by.
  21. You cease being a beginner when you meet one.
  22. Piz

    Lost Swings?

    A bad day is just a bad day. Like @Patch says...just walk away. I'll give you free passage in the wasteland. The game freezes once in a while. Shut it off...reboot...and carry on. The golf swing never truly goes away...it doesn't have anywhere else to go. Set out some food and leave the back door open. Oh...and try not to be angry...it can sense that and will stay away until you calm down.
  23. For me it boils down to thinking about the putt going in. Too often I will think about the right, or left, edge and roll the ball over one or the other. My new mantra is "hit the stick".
  24. There is hitting it long and hitting it too long. Blowing through the corner, on a dog-leg, or flying the green isn't long...it's wrong. I think that's why Superman doesn't play golf. He can hit it a mile...with a chipper.
  25. 10 yards is 30 feet. I wouldn't trade an old, reliable, friend for an extra 300 toenails; but that's just me. It sounds like you want to make the move and, as @Patch said, it is doable. Go for it...see how you like it. It's not like you are going to lose your Tour card if things don't go according to plan. I would, however, compare the weight of the new head to the weight of the old. That and significant differences in the distance from the bottom of the bore to the "sole line" can affect the feel of the shaft. Good luck in any case.
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