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  1. Every once in a while the passing of a public figure disturbs me more than usual. This is one of those times.
  2. I do not like the way the very low compression balls feel when I chip or putt. They seem to jump off the face of the club. I am sure I could get accustom to it...but I would rather not. It works better, for me, if I have to put something behind it in order for the ball to behave.
  3. Whenever we, as golfers, have an "Aha!" moment; the tendency is to think we have found another piece of the puzzle. This ignores what we know about puzzles...that each connection we make reduces the number of pieces left. The goal is to have fewer and fewer "pieces" left...not to have more and more. So...a swing change will work if it leaves one with fewer, rather than more, things to think about. And the way to do that is by repetition. We were none of us born with the innate ability to tie our shoes; but we learned how to do so and moved on. The golf swing is like that; we have to put some things behind us in order to move on. Many of those things seem mundane, or inconsequential, or awkward...but they are not. They are steps along the way that each of us must incorporate in our own particular way. And that means that despite our common goal...the order of assembly is going to vary. Good luck. Do not despair. If it was easy everybody could do it.
  4. I am okay with any score that starts with an 8. Obviously an 80 is very different from an 89; but I'll take it. 70-something is a rare treat. 90-something...well...let's avoid that sort of outcome in the future.
  5. Yes I do. Each round, however, is erased by the next one. I can tell you every shot I played, and what I was thinking at the time...until I play another round. I overwrite the save.
  6. To help prevent the occasional "what the hell was that?" I think about my feet. I take the club back by standing on my back foot...and move the club forward by standing on my front foot. When I do that I swing better. I don't always chose the right swing, or right club, but my sequencing is less erratic. Kind of like bowling.
  7. You cannot make a poor choice. Your wife gave you a gift...that's plenty good right there. Pick something and feel good about it. We should all be so lucky.
  8. About two years ago I holed out, from a bunker, for eagle. Then I hit my drive into the lake next hole.
  9. Hit lots and lots and lots of sand shots. It is the shot we play the least often. Once you play a few thouSAND...you will discover what you like, and what you do not like in a sand wedge. And the one you like will be the "easiest" one to hit.
  10. The simplest thought to have is this: take the club back by standing on your post foot...and initiate the down swing by standing on your other.
  11. I got the number pretty close but misplaced the decimal point.
  12. I think you might have something there. I Goggled Byron Butler and found out he is a long time club designer with a number of patent applications. There wasn't any information about the materials his company uses but casting (i.e. lost wax) is mentioned often. The white patina may be a clue. Does a magnet stick to it?
  13. There are not many candidates. Putters have been made of steel (usually chromed or painted) of brass and of aluminum. The aluminum heads usually have brass or tungsten billets. Can you post a picture?
  14. A nine or eighteen hole golf course is no different than a nine or eighteen turn road racing course: there are places to pass and places not to pass. If you set up your car, or bag, to maximize your effectiveness on certain sections of the course; you accept that you are not going to be set up for every situation...only those that count.
  15. Whew!...that was a lot to get thru. Interesting though. Am I wrong in thinking that "disconnected" means allowing any particular part of the body to get so out of sequence with the other parts that the necessary corrections destroy the procedure?
  16. It is interesting to watch these guys play short shots out of the green side Bermuda...something those of us who play in this area are all too familiar with.
  17. If the tools in your kit can cover the shots you can reasonably expect to encounter...there is no reason to carry 14 just because you are allowed to do so. I carry 13...whooo...good luck with that! One of the 13 is a left-handed club and another is a lofted putter/chipper. Guess that makes (traditionally) 11. Who cares?
  18. I believe that is a ball retriever. It saves one from some of the unpleasant bending that physical activity often entails. The previous owner would have used it to get the ball out of the cup.
  19. Maltby Golfworks offers refinishing services; but they are shut down at the moment .
  20. I am looking forward to a different looking Masters. We have had an unusually cool summer in these parts and, should this trend continue into fall, we may be treated to a fall-like tournament. I certainly hope so.
  21. Here is an egg sample you might find illuminating. Imagine you are driving a race car. The more speed you carry into the corner...the more speed you will scrub off getting thru the corner. Or you could pile into the wall. That's what hitting it fat is: you failed to negotiate the arc efficiently...or effectively. Less speed going in can mean more speed coming out. Bottom line: You are over-driving the corner.
  22. I'm afraid so @Patch. The decision to do so was announced on April 6th.
  23. I am using a set of Maltby TU irons that I assembled several years prior to building a newer set of Maltby TE irons. After giving the TE's a year in the bag...I went back to the TU's. While the difference is not dramatic...the older irons are more familiar and I prefer playing with them.
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