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  1. I am looking from advice from someone who is a right handed person but swings left handed clubs like I do. The problem is I have started to do the underhand ball throwing drill but because I am right hand dominate and I throw a ball with my right hand it is difficult to get a strong throw of the golf ball in the drill wit the left hand or my trail hand. I am wondering are there better drills for me? Does the fact that I swing a golf club better one handed with my right hand in a left handers swing than I do with both hands mean that I will have a golf game that will always suffer or are there drills that can help with this.
  2. Not trying to hijack this thread but does anyone have a free handicapped calculator on pc or phone app that is accurate and free.
  3. When was the last time 5" really got to your golf day. Yesterday I was playing 18 on a par 72 and on the last par 3 there was no wind and I had 178 yards to the hole. I grabbed my 7 iron and hit a high fade and left it 5 inches from a hole in one. Don't get me wrong I am happy with the birdie but come on!! What are your frustrating 5 inch horror stories, the ones that just stay with you for a few days? (Keep it clean now )
  4. I don't know if this is serious or not, but that's hilarious . I hope to be in front of you and never behind you if this ever happens.
  5. I am sure that's what he meant but you even said that I am a "big man in stature" surely sounds better than implying that I have such a great mass that objects get caught in my gravitational pull. Maybe he meant what he meant but intonation and poor word choice do not translate well in written word. Anyways I think that what I am starting to pull from the help is that my focus should be on flexibility because it seems that bigger people can indeed play but what they all have that I don't is the ability to get into position whereas I move like a rock. I have watched this video but my problem is that my limited flexibility and injury I worry that I could not get so upright with my club in my back swing, but that is why I am looking into a more bent at address swing in hopes that my arms can clear the belly. I the video I noticed that he had an out to in swing and I wonder how his shot shaping abilities are. Or am I stuck with a fade shot forever. *** I would like to stop addressing what Piz may or may not have meant honestly it doesn't really matter and I hope that the great minds on here will continue to offer help so far it has been worthwhile for me. ****
  6. Really though, there is no way that you could not honestly have thought that by say "hey man your large" could be construed as an insult. And then there was no other word that you could have used than orbit. I have been big my whole life and orbit does not equal an appropriate term. You may have meant different but I took it as such. Your whole post could have worked the same by starting off with "because your large ....". If you didn't mean it as an insult than only you can know but I responded to your comment in a way that I was insulted. Anyways I have moved on thank you for trying to clarify.
  7. Well I never said everyone, nor did I imply everyone as can be seen by the use of the word kind of. And if would would have read the whole thread you would have agreed that I agreed with the actions of the OP. But I have been golfing for a year now and in my time I have had 2 near misses where the thunk or impact of the ball was 2 to 4 feet behind me. And once got hit in the head and yes everyone didn't say anything at all but each did have that stupid look on their face I mentioned. And I am sure that someone with 4200 post I am sure has seen much worse comments. I promise as soon as someone almost hits me with a golf ball and acts in a manner such as the original poster I will edit my comments and acknowledge that you were indeed correct. But just for your info I do have a grip it is a strong grip and it works for my swing really well. just a joke.
  8. You know, I kind of agree with this. These are the kind of people that have that fake ass stupid look on their face like they are surprised that the ball went that far because the "never hit that far normally." I have even had one person try to get me to agree with them that even though they almost hit our group it was okay because I had to agree it was a good shot.
  9. Yeah I was fitted for my driver and my irons, at the time it was all I could afford while I was replacing 40 dollar Kijiji clubs. Since then I have added 3 and 5 wood's and gap, sand and lob wedges but they were bought from the shelf because of price. But the most used clubs that I have have been fitted. What I was trying to say was that Martin Hall took an upright white board and drew two lines vertically parallel to each other like --> I I. Then he stood in between the lines. His right hip touched on line and the second line was about 6 inches away. when he replicated his down swing with his back to the white board he emphasised a horizontal shift so his left hip slip over to meet the line leaving a new space from the line on hot right hip that was previously touching. I can see it in my head and I apologise I can not explain it better. In the end he was discussing a shift of the hips in the down swing but I have heard other talk about swinging in a barrel and I don't understand how that works. If I swing in a barrel I could not achieve compression on the ball with forward shaft lean nor could I bottom out my swing arch past the ball. Id there was no shift I would bottom out at impact. I was just hoping for a little clarity on that shift or whether you swing in a barrel without hip movement. The problem with this is that Adam Scott in thin and can flatten out his swing plane while I have a big belly and flat swings cause me to hit the belly but an upright swing can't happen because of shoulder injury and limits raising my arms that high. So I thought about experimenting with more of a forward lean in order to clear my belly with my arms in the down swing.
  10. Just wanted to say sorry I have not responded. I was doing all my communication on my phone and it is hard to respond to so much information that came in on a phone, so I waited until I was on my computer. For the first part I believe you are right and I have been trying to learn to turn my body, I find that with super limited flexibility and back stiffness it is a bit of a struggle. I find that as I practice on a range went I turn my body I can't hit a good shot to save my life so I revert back to what kind of works and ultimately don't learn what I wanted to. It is hard to see proper technique not work right off the bat but that is why golf is a lifelong sport. As for the bringing my belly with me I feel like what you say is key but I am not sure I understand it correctly ... do you have a bit more info on that concept. WOW ... Just wow. It is amazing what people will say hidden behind an avatar. I am sure you meant well but I have ignored worse than you and you are no exception. My injuries are broke ankles and knees as well as multiple sprains and muscle damage in my back. I have had surgery but mixed with laziness and not exercising or stretching has compounded the problem. One problem is that I am not an top athlete anymore and have to stop believing that I could play like Jordan Spieth. I will into the research that has been suggested by everybody and in the meantime I will work on getting that swing video.
  11. So this morning I was watching some videos and went out to the back yard to work on swing and a question popped into my head. How does on really know if they are bent over at address properly? Keep in mind I am 6'7" and I am worried that I am to up right. Is there a feel that is experienced? I can be upright and end up in a strong balanced finish but I can also bend way over and have the same balanced finish. I swear a swing video is coming just haven't had time to hit the range yet I was just looking for thoughts. On a side note. I hear in the down swing there is a slide of the buttons. Martin Hall on the Golf Channel had a great white board drill but then I watch other address down swing and don't offer the same advice or don't address this shift towards the target at all. So I am also wondering is there a shift and at what point does it happen?
  12. No this was a straight shot to the top of my head. I did say some mean things but I felt pretty justified.
  13. I have to agree you did the right thing, if this had happened to me I would have given you a great shot more so if you came with an apology. But last Sunday I was playing a round and a person nailed me with a ball from 100 yards away and offered me a hey did you see my ball. I am assuming proper etiquette is not to punch him in the face but man I really wanted to. Even after I told him he hit hit me his answer was to accuse me of lying. So what should I have done?
  14. For me this week I would have to say was my first eagle. On a par 5. It was a straight fairway and the wind was on my back and slightly downhill. Tee off was a bullet baby draw with the wing gave me an extra 20 yards plus a more than normal drive that also gave me an extra 50 yards. Used my 3 wood a la McIlroy at the Irish open and ran it up into the green leaving me with 3 foot for eagle. Never been more scared in my life to miss a 3 footer.
  15. You know, I am not worried about what other people are thinking, it's more that when I started out I paid my dues and tried real hard to learn the unwritten rules because the person who started me on golf showed me how important they were. It would be crappy of me to say that we could have done what we wanted because we paid money at the expense of others that paid the same. It's like the saying goes "do unto other as you would have them do to you," and I get irked when others break eidquette. It was less of a problem and more of an irritation that there was a refusal to at least try to accept to follow a faster pace of play, because when I am stuck behind slower players that take so long to finish one hole it really does drive me. That is why I developed my swing at the range before I went back to play a second round of golf when I started. I think less problem for what others are thinking and more about respect, I guess is what I am trying to say.
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