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  1. I have a set of Ram Laser Fx irons that I bought in 1991 and played them until I took a leave of playing in 2007. I have the 1-SW (yes you read that right I have the 1 iron and 2 iron) with the S-300 shafts that I extended 1 1/2". The real beauty of these being forged is the ability to adjust the loft and lie, even though I am on the short end of average height (5' 8') and I had extended the shaft 1 1/2" I also had them bent 1 degree upright (totally going against standard thinking) and 1 degree strong. Even though these are cavity back clubs they do allow for shaping your shots, the key is to hit the sweet spot which is larger on these clubs versus a forged blade. The reason I made these adjustments was that prior to purchasing this set (the Ram Laser FX was one of the first cavity backed forged clubs) I had lower back surgery, because of this surgery I had problems taking a normal stance. I was able to take a more upright stance and these adjustments allowed me to properly ground my club, also the added shaft length added a slight increase in club head speed without changing the kick point of the shaft. One thing that anyone who plays forged irons should be aware of is the need to check the loft and lie on a set schedule. As you play the impact of the ball and ground can cause slight changes in the loft and lie. When I was playing I would play 25+ rounds a month so I would always check the loft and lie once a month (sooner if I played more). Each player will have to figure out how often is best for them based on brand and also how hard you hit the ball. When I was able to play 6-7 days a week I reached a +2 handicap using these irons, depending on the course most of the time I would take the 1,3, and 4 irons out then i would round out my 14 clubs with my R-510, J head 3 and 5 metals, a 56 degree Cleveland wedge and any of several putters but usually a 32" bullseye. In all the years I have played golf I have never had a hole-in-one (have hit many flag sticks and the cup only to have them bounce out) but I have had 3 double eagles (two using my 2 iron 215 yards and 234 yards). On some shorter courses I would leave the 5 metal out and added a 62 degree fourth wedge, Anyone who is interested I am open to selling these but only as a complete 1-SW set unless someone wants to buy the 1 iron and 2 iron prior to selling the set. The 1 iron is very rare as few people ever ordered it to go with their set.
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