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  1. The most embarrassing thing I do on the course is pretend I actually know how to play golf. Once, while playing a course for the first time, alone, I holed out on the wrong green. A quick glance at the course map (or even the sign next to the ball wash) and I would have known it was a 90°to the right par 4 (like a 200x150). Instead I saw a green about 400 out and just went right for it. After I holed out and picked up my ball I'm heading for my cart thinking "where's the cart path?", then I look up and see I'm on a par 5... at this point I'm confused as all heck and then it hits me... "DUH!" Too bad I only had myself to laugh at myself as I was playing alone and the course was dead cause I teed off at like 630am. The starter and I had a laugh about it on the turn though. I didn't feel so bad once he told me how many others have made that same mistake on that hole.
  2. Ya that's crazy! I would probably get myself arrested if someone were to do that to me. I doubt I would be able to exhibit the same amount of restraint you did.
  3. Depends in pin location. If the pin is near the front then a 58 wedge so I can land on the green and stop. If it is near the back I'll pitch it up with an 8i or 9i.
  4. I don't take my gun out of the house so I wouldn't have it with me. But even if I did for some reason have it with me I wouldn't draw it on him. I wouldn't try to detain him. My goal is to get my clubs back. Once I got my stuff back I'd just chase dude off. Well that dude at least (the thief's) cause I'm like twice his size. Then I'd go play golf cause I got my favorite clubs back. Maybe when I'm an old man I'll react differently although I doubt it. The way I feel is just give me my stuff back and stay away from me forever or I'll take it back and hurt you. If I need to use a weapon then that's on the thief. I'm gonna get my stuff. If the thief has a deadly weapon then I'd just call the cops and follow him until they arrive. It's not my duty or job to see that he gets punished. I just want my stuff back and I'll let that person's poor choices catch up to him down the road. Call the police, file the report and move on with your life and be glad you recovered your clubs in that kind of situation. Maybe that's not necessarily the right way to react or feel about it, it's just how I would deal with something like that if it happened to me. The guy in the video however was a LEO, albeit a firemarshall. So in his case he felt it was his duty (and it kind of is) to see to it that the thief was detained and answered for his crime. He definitely got way carried away though and that's messed up. You can't kick and threaten someone who is compliant.
  5. Depends on the hole for me. A 1/2-3/4 driver for me is 200-220. So if its 250 to a hazard I may opt for such a swing. If there is no hazard but the fairway is simply narrow I'll just take a full swing with my driver and opt for a closer second shot likely out of the rough. If its a narrow fairway and a hazard I'll opt for an 4i or a 5i generally.
  6. CyboNinja

    300 Yard Drive

    Congrats! Its exhilarating the first few times you do it. Then it gets frustrating when you can't just do it all the time. But hey at least you know you got it in you!
  7. That is not true. If a 4' tall golfer and a 7' tall golf each swing their club at 100mph then both will hit it approximately the same distance. Having longer limbs simply makes a higher clubspeed more achievable. That's it. And for why PGA golfers are a meager 2" above average I feel the reason for that is simply because short people typically don't play sports. I played a lot of sports growing up. And nearly every player on every team I was on was above average height. Some were very tall and some closer to average but only a handful out of hundreds of teammates, accross several sports, could be considered short. Short people generally don't play sports as much as average height or tall people. This is likely why for every major sport the average height is taller than the mean. Aside from the jockeys of course.
  8. Wait, so putting is less important than driving? Ummm what?
  9. Here's what actual pros have to say on the matter. After everything that's been stated I'm inclined to take their word for it.
  10. This! So much this. Rules say you get 5 minutes to look for a ball. If someone is waiting I'll take maybe a minute. If I don't find it, I drop near where I last seen it and play on. Also a simple suggestion is hardly confrontational. "Hey man, you oughta keep a couple extras in your pocket". Or even toss him an one when he is walking up to the tee. "Just in case you need it" as you throw it his way. If they still don't get the hint then they're just an oblivious jerk and nothing you can do or say will help.
  11. For me it seems to happen when I focus too much on my score instead of the next shot I have to take. What I've foind works well for me is to think about something totally unrelated to golf for a few moments. Usually I'll think about my daughter. What shes up to or how funny she was the other day or whatever. It helps me to clear my head so I can focus on what I need to do on my next shot. Then I just try to do it. Thinking too much is what causes me to start "blowing up" on the course. I think this is true for most of us.
  12. If my ball is close enough to someone's line I'll simply ask them "would you like me to mark that?" Or if someone's ball is in my line I'll simply ask them to please finish out. Personally I'd prefer to putt over a footprint than a ball marker.
  13. http://www.golfchannel.com/media/tall-order-trouble-bigger-golfers-face-course/
  14. That's not what anyone said either. There is an advantage in golf in being slightly taller than average. When you are taller it is easier to generate SS and you can achieve a higher maximum SS. But only to a point is this an advantage. If someone is too tall the advantage of their higher SS is offset by physics and consistent ball striking becomes less achievable. I believe I get what Tdiii is trying to explain. Imagine you're using your 9i but the shaft is the length of your 3i. If your arms were longer it would have a similar effect of an increased difficulty achieving good contact. Just like it's a little harder to hit your 3i vs 9i (nevermind the loft, just talking about the shaft length) it is probably a bit harder for someone with longer arms.
  15. You guys can argue with science all you want. I'm simply pointing out the fact that the numbers line up with what one would predict using the laws of physics.
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