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  1. I currently play a Taylormade '09 Burner, Stock Stiff flex shaft driver. Now my driver swing is constantly under maintenance and under going changes and in the past 2 years I've went from a severe slice to moderate slice that can be somewhat controlled. I'm still working on the swing to eliminate it altogether which leads me to my question regarding a shaft fitting and replacement. I've read that if you are using too shift of a shaft this will lead to trouble getting the club through the zone quickly, thus a slice, which is what has piqued my interest in this whole thing. Now I know full w
  2. Taylormade Burner 5 wood and 2 dozen Callaway HX Hot Plus. Love my 3 wood so I can't wait to get out and use the 5 wood.
  3. Actually it was posted on July 3rd :P. Thanks for the links, I'll take a look at them to see if there is anything I can try out. I'm going to post a video of my swing once I figure out how to edit the video to make it shorter. :)
  4. 95 views and no help!? Anyone recommend the medicus 7 iron to help this problem?
  5. I am having a horrible time with my swing plane. It's way too vertical, which as you can imagine is causing a ton of havoc in my swing. With the driver I have no chance, which creates an over the top slice and with my irons I'm having to yank my hands in every time which creates inconsistent ball striking. I've come a long way with my swing but this part is killing me. I tell myself during every shot to keep the shaft level but then the habits take over. Anyone have any tips or drills to help this? I have a video of my swing on my phone that I'm going to try and get posted, which I'm su
  6. I have a couple thoughts I figure I would contribute since I recently was in the same boat as the OP before taking lessons this summer. The first is the whole "Hit down on the ball!!!" advice and thought process. It's actually something that was, before lessons, very harmful to my game. The hitting down on the ball idea, while correct, is harmful without explaining what goes into it. The mind thinks that to hit down on the ball, you have to come down at a vertical angle, which of course kills your swing plane. So yes hitting down on the ball is the idea, it has to be explained fully to u
  7. I hit my PW 120 and SW 100 so I just need to fill that gap. Maybe I'll see what's around for a vokey.
  8. Where did you get the x20 gw? Was it steel? I'm trying to find one and so far i haven't had much luck.
  9. I have the Callaway X20s and it came with a SW (55 degree) that I don't use (I have a Vokey 56 SW and 60 LW). My question is has anyone had any luck, or is it even possible, bending the SW to say 50-52 to be more of a Gap Wedge? I would just buy a X20 GW/AW but the only ones I see online are graphite and I have steel. Anyone have any advice? I know the bounce and such would be affected, but being a stock X20 SW I can't imagine it'd be the end of the world...
  10. Not to hijack this thread, but what's everyone's distances with their woods? I really need something as my 3 hybrid I can hit 210 but I have nothing for anything farther. Also curious to see what people enjoy as I think I'll probably need a 3 wood here soon...
  11. Try this. I do my practice swing with my feet together. It forces me to turn my shoulders and release the club down through the ball as opposed to being all arms and just flailing the club through the zone. When I can't get the ball in the air, it's usually because I'm lazy or tired and my swing is all arms.
  12. LOL I just posted about that in another thread. I do it before every shot so that I can get the feeling of the shoulder turn and coming down on the ball. It's really done wonders for my ball striking.
  13. I'm working on my driver. Specifically getting the shaft on the right plane on the takeaway and downswing. I have a horrible habit of bringing the club back way too high and bringing it through the zone from the outside and over the top. I've had to literally go quarter speed at my lessons and the range to try and build muscle memory. ;)
  14. I focus on 2 different things depending on if it's an iron or driver. If driver, I focus on taking it back slow and low. This helps me keep the swing path on the way down, which I tend to have problems with (don't get the club shaft enough to the inside). If iron, I focus on shoulder turn. When I'm not hitting my irons well it's usually because I'm not getting down on the ball. When I do my practice swing, I'll do it with my feet together so it's all shoulders and it forces me to get the feel of the steep shoulder turn. As long as I get that feeling of my shoulder turn, I'll hit the ir
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