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  1. 98 at Hampshire greens in Montgomery County MD. First time shooting under 100.
  2. Hah, yeah You're definitely right. I guess I was hoping for a little more. I was interested in what he had to say but I couldn't get past the run on sentences. I like the idea of the kid having his own voice on the internet, I think thats great.
  3. So I've become a fan of Rory McIlroy lately. So today I decided to look up and see if he had a website or blog. It turns out he does. He has a blog on the site and it seems to be painfully clear that he does the postings himself. Now, let me just say I want to hear what he has to say from his own head. I do. But my problem with his blog is the first entry I read was riddled with grammatically errors and run-on sentences. Past that there isn't much of a flow, but I can forgive that, he's a golfer not a writer. I can't forgive terrible grammar (of which I know i don't have the best grammar myself) The difference is his management company, that seems to run the site, could have an editor to proofread and fix grammar for him on the posts, if he doesn't have the time or skill to do that sort of proofreading himself... Anyone else have similar things they've noticed about other tour player's blogs, or recommendations of any really good blogs (and of course if you want to point out really bad ones do that to).
  4. I've become a big fan or Rory McIlroy lately. Seems like a fun kid and he's really damn good. I was looking at his website today though, and somebody really needs to proofread his blog postings for him, its riddled with bad grammar and disconnected thoughts.
  5. iammike

    Buick Invite

    As I look at it, it seems tiger just pulled ahead of him.
  6. I just got this ping answer for my birthday and love the feel of it. I don't think there's another putter under a 90 bucks that is this good for the price. I even tested out the Ping I-Series Anser, that starts at around 120, and didn't like it as much, it just didn't have much feel unless you struck it exactly on the insert.
  7. I've been really happy with my Taylormade R580xd can be had from dicks sporting goods for 130 bucks now.
  8. The group that i play with regularly tries to stay as close to the rules as we can, with a few exceptions added because our level of play is pretty poor. 1 Mulligan on each the front and back 9.. you lose it if you don't use it. Mainly we do this for our long standing gentlemen's bet. We'd prefer to not let teebox misshits determine the outcome of who was playing best that day. Also.. as I noticed, we just drop lies down the fairway approximately where the group believes the ball was lost. I never really thought much about this being "outside the rules of golf", but I guess I can see why. We do it mainly for pace of play reasons.. even when hitting a provisional you're still going to take extra time to go retrieve the ball if you do find your first one, plus we'd actually like to try and find the ball in the first place, and once you're down the fairway there's no good reason to go back to the tee and hit again if the ball is lost.
  9. I wish I had the time to play in a tourney sometimes, but I have a hard enough time finding the time to play with my buddies. Most likely even then I'd play in some sort of scramble with people I know. I think I'd have fun playing a singles tourny but if I had to choose my golf this month to be with buddies or a tournament, I'd choose my buddies.
  10. Hehehe Yes probably. What does burn me is I know I'm better than the other 3 guys I play with, so if for some reason they start getting ahead of me, that turns the fire on in me. I get excited when I come out of the front nine and I'm in a position where reaching sub-100 is somewhat reachable ;). One of the things that I think is improving my game is that I am shooting for bogey (or hell double bogey) now, it keeps me from making dumb mistakes, when I think "Shit if i hit through these trees to the green i could actually make birdie", where as what really happens is a hit a tree and i post a 10.
  11. i read all the scores posted on here and I go crazy. I shot a 113 sunday on a course that my previous best was a 121. I loved it. I hope I get to a point one day were i complain about shooting 90. But oh well :). I like how I'm doing, and i'm taking golf a lot more seriously in the past year.
  12. Driver - TM R580XD 10.5degree Regular flex. I bought this last summer. I had two that I tested at Dicks Sporting goods. a 9.5 degree stiff flex, and the 10.5 degree regular flex. I hit them both similarly on their swing tester. I waited a few days, and no longer found the 9.5 degree there.. so i bought the 10.5 degree. I'm regretting that a little bit. I hit the 10.5 degree great and I get good distance out of it, but i feel like i get a much higher launch angle than I should, and I would have benefited from a stiffer shaft at least. But oh well, i'm fairly consistent with it, so who cares if i hit it 20 yards longer right? 3 Wood - Dunlop 3wood that came with a starter set i bought in 2002. I was in North Dakota for my first assignment in the air force, and I wanted to get into golf. I went to the local sporting goods store, and picked out the ones that looked right to what I wanted to play with. There was no science involved in my purchase. They look sort of like Ping i3's. They've turned out to be a pretty good set of clubs. I do think they're a little too heavy at the head for me though, but i can't justify a new set yet. 5 Wood - same dunlop set. This club I was thinking of replacing last summer with a 18degree hybrid. I got all into to trying hybrids out, and reading which one I wanted. Then i started actually pulling the 5 wood out in rounds I played, and found that this club comes through in a clutch. Its like it somehow knew that I was looking to kick it to the curb so it decided to step up to the plate and perform. With how many nice shots I've made with this 5-wood i just can't justify taking it out of my bag anymore. Irons - Same dunlop set, see above story. I just regripped them, It won't be until next summer at least before i get a new set. That is more because I'm getting married and need to save the money. Gap Wedge - This crappy wilson 52degree wedge that I wish i would just throw into a lake. I've never hit it well, and even though it says its a 52 degree loft, at address it looks like it has more loft than my 56degree Callaway sand wedge. I should really take this out of my bag, but I don't for some reason, since I did buy it. I think I'm in denial about this wedge. Any time I've touched it in an actual round it has only disappointed me. Sand Wedge - 56degree Callaway tour wedge. I love it. Always gets me out of the sand, and only ever seems to fail me when I want to use it for longer shots. I've learned I have much better results just hitting half swings with my pitching wedge. Putter - Its crappy, but when I hit it at the right point on the face it has amazing feel. Anywhere outside that area, it seems like the ball just springboards off the face. Very strange, i really need to upgrade it. The Bag and the rest. I have a nike bag with backpack like straps. I have a Philadelphia Eagles towel. I have a ball mark fixer that mysteriously showed up in the bag one day. I seriously have no idea where I got it. Random change and about 50 million golf pencils. I seem to always get stuck with them in the group. Receipts from random things that have nothing to do with golf (again no recollections of how they get in there). The balls - Lately i've been using Nike Soft, 2 dozen for $20 at dicks. They work welll for me
  13. Reading some previous posts.. my scores are laughable, but golf is all about improvement right? I shot a 109 this passed weekend, on a course which i've only at best shot a 121 before. Breton Bay in Southern Maryland. I putted really well comparatively, and only had one hole where my game completely dissolved. I really feel like i could have shot sub 100 if I could have gotten the right swing going for 100yard and less shots onto the green. I was leaving myself way short way too many times.
  14. So in the end, the reason might be "Strategic Error". in that Tiger has been attempting to drive the ball in a way that hasn't been working as well as it should be for him. Or maybe he just doesn't care if he hits fairways.
  15. I would think though with game improvement. If you've been hitting a less forgiving set of clubs, and you have hit a wall in improvement. You just can't kill some characteristics of bad hits through practice or lessons. Then i'd say game improvement is the way to go. Cause you'll get some forgiveness for the problems you just can't beat at all. On the other hand, if you know you're always improving, maybe a middle of the road type of club would be good. Something thats not Tour spec, but something thats not quite, a fat soled game improver.
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