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  1. Yeah, I've certainly never heard of someone slicing for turning their left hip to much away from the ball. now I have to get confidence in the straight draw I've developed with my irons haha. Doesn't feel right aiming right of the green as I've always hit straight or a pull fade/push draw
  2. Yeah, I have tried that before. It didn't really help. It was to do with what happened just before contact. Like an in to in swing if you like. Caused by turning away from the ball to much with my right hip. I played a round to day, hit a couple of strong fades but other than that alls good.
  3. For those that are interested, I saw my pro today and we played a few holes then went on the range. It seems I was collapsing my left leg and my left hip was turning to much away from the ball. He had me turning my right hip towards the ball whilst trying to keep my left hip from going behind me and my leg straighter and it seems to have done the trick.
  4. I am still working on what my pro has taught me, it's put 10 yards on all my irons and made me really comfortable and confident with them. I can even shape the ball flight with them if need be. I'm also gonna ask him to play a few holes with me next time I have a lesson. I don't think doing my own research can hurt as long as it's in conjunction with lessons. I always tell him what I've been working on. I do think my swing sequence is an issue, I've neglected it for a while because for some reason it's never come up in my lessons. But I'm definitely not clearing my hips enough which causes the club to swing in from the target line as it approaches the ball.
  5. In my pros defence, I do hit a lot of really good shots during his lesson and the times he's stopped to see how I'm getting on on the range. I think my sequencing is out on the course and I start the swing from the top down rather than the other way around. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I wanna try an early wrist hing as well, I find it easier to keep my left wrist flat this way and it stops me swinging so shallow, which makes my shoulder alignment shallow.
  6. I think it's probably a little of both making a big problem. i should just leave my driver in the car, I hit my 5i pretty well about 190-200 yards, (everything above that is unreliable) I'd probably walk off with a great score. You just cant beat that feeling when you cream a drive 300+ yards down the fair way though, I miss it. I'm gonna book in with my pro again, it will be my 4th lesson with this pro, not seen any sign of an improvement...yet.
  7. Thanks, i naturally want to swing out to in, I've fought with it for years, I just wanted to confirm I wasn't trying to fix something that wasn't happening anymore, as the trackman says in pretty much on plane. i agree about my swing sequencing, but my pro doesn't seem too worried about it? Maybe that's what I'm doing differently on the range? Thanks for the tips, i have literally tried everything to get free of this slice with my driver, including all of the above, hundreds of pounds on lessons, hours and hours of practice, I've done all you mention to death and more and it never seems to even make things even slightly better. i will persevere though. Thanks, I understand the mechanics of what causes my slice, I only wanted to get another POV. For 2 reasons, 1. The track man says I'm pretty much on plane. 2. I had been told that as my ball flight goes right then further right, it could be the result of an open club face. Now that I know that it's just my good old out to in swing I can get back to banging my head against a brick wall trying to fix it. 5 years, no change. It's killing me lol. I'll defo have a read of the link though thank you.
  8. I tried this today, still hitting a strong fade/slice, just lost 30-40 yards lol. I did see one one of the pros briefly today and he said my driver probably isn't helping. It's 9.5 degs with quite a light, reg flex shaft. I swing at 105 miles per hour according to trackman. Clearly not the root of the problem but it's not doing me any favours.
  9. I think I do (we all do) swing harder on the course, I might try and have a swing though of only hitting the ball 100 yards with my driver. Maybe that will slow me down. Thanks mate.
  10. Yeah, it's something I'm working on, I used to take HUGE divots, not to bad anymore, I hit a nice draw with my irons. I've been trying to tame my driver for years, I just can't seem to getting coming from the inside. Im gonna get my pro to play a couple of rounds with me so he can see what's different from when I hit on the range. Thsnks all for confirming for me, I wasn't sure if maybe it was something else.
  11. Ok mate, thanks, I can tell either. My pro thinks I'm mad cos I hardly ever have a bad shot during my lessons haha. Typical right!?
  12. I was just wanting to know if my swing looked out to in/over the top. Not really after tip as such, although they're welcome.
  13. Hello all, how is everyone? So I've posted on here before and everyone was extremely helpful so I thought I'd ask for some opinions. I'm struggling with a slice since I started with a new pro (other than that everything is spot on) and I can't decide if I'm hitting in to out or if it's something else? The video to me doesn't look too much in to out, but I'm no expert. I'm struggling with it most of all, as during my lessons or when I practice on the range I hit a pretty nice draw. Hard to fix when in only happens on the course note: upon watching my self, I realised my shoulder plane was a little shallow, I've addressed this, didnt really help https://youtu.be/TK6LZRczi1c
  14. In case anyone is interested, after working on all the feed back I've been given, I did reduce the amount of pop ups I was having, but, I had to fight so hard to keep the ball down it was ridiculous! I dragged my old driver (taylormade superfast 9.5 dog stiff shaft) out of retirement and haven't had skied a ball since, I've played 4 rounds of golf. I did read some pro reviews of my other driver (aero burner 9.5 stiff) and they did all day it went high for them and gave them a little too much spin. Im surprised, but it turns out, it might have just been the club? Seems odd that it would make that much difference what with it being the same shaft weight and face angle. Thanks for sll uour help, the shoulder angle tip has really improved my ball striking with all my clubs.

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