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  1. In case anyone is interested, after working on all the feed back I've been given, I did reduce the amount of pop ups I was having, but, I had to fight so hard to keep the ball down it was ridiculous! I dragged my old driver (taylormade superfast 9.5 dog stiff shaft) out of retirement and haven't had skied a ball since, I've played 4 rounds of golf. I did read some pro reviews of my other driver (aero burner 9.5 stiff) and they did all day it went high for them and gave them a little too much spin. Im surprised, but it turns out, it might have just been the club? Seems odd that it would make that much difference what with it being the same shaft weight and face angle. Thanks for sll uour help, the shoulder angle tip has really improved my ball striking with all my clubs.
  2. Thanks, I like the drills, I'll definitely try that. My shoulder turn is flat as I've really been trying to swing around my body (just with my driver) so as not to come in to steep. Maybe I've over done it a little, I'll definitely have a play around with this on the range tomorrow.
  3. wow, well I've certainly made some improvements since then, that's awful! ill probably feel the same about this post in 6 months haha. Well, my local pro recently taught me to have all my weight on my toes, maybe I'm still doing that subconsciously. I think my balance certainly needs working on, even if it's not the cause on my pop up drives.
  4. This adds up, i can see from watching my swing that I've developed a lateral sway and I'm moving forward and backwards. Which I'm suprised about, I didn't realise that was something I did.
  5. Yes, I agree. I don't have foam balls I'm afraid. I'm going to the range tomorrow with my camera and a bucket of balls to try and replicate the fault on camera, strangely enough, it rarely happens on the range. as for where it's impacting on the club face, I have lots of sky marks that can answer that question. I'm obviously hitting high on the face and sometimes even the crown.
  6. Hello all, how are you? im really happy with my game at the moment, my short game is on point, 9 out of 10 shots with my irons are bang on target and my fairway woods are working a charm...But, I'd say about 60% of my drives are pop ups and the rest are painfully short, even when I think I've nailed it they go under 200 yards most the time, I have been known to drive over 300 yards in the summer months (I'm 6'3"). I should add, that they are all going reasonably straight, which is a small consolation haha. i really don't think I'm hitting over the top or swinging the club down too steep, are there any other things that can cause this heart breaking pop up??? i've uploaded a couple of videos, you can laugh at my facial expressions if nothing else haha. Any help would be greatly appriciated, i have recently lost faith in my local pro and don't know where else to turn.
  7. Thank you, I might give that a evolvr a go.
  8. I wish I could find a good instructor, I have shaken off the bad techniques I'd established from my recent tuition but I'm back to the original miss hits I was having before I started the lessons (the reason I had them). It's been a long emotional road to get right back to where I started, accept I now have way to many swing thoughts in my head I just feel like I can't find a repeatable swing anymore, it's draining me.
  9. Sorry, 2 over my handicap.
  10. Well I played around this morning, I've basically tried to take the things I like from his instruction and leave out the bits I didn't. I started off a mess as I've really been trying to stick to what I was taught, but as I shook off the bad habits my swing started to come together. Went around on 95 (5 over my handicap) which if fine considering the start I had. looking forward to my next game, hopfully my swing is on the mend.
  11. I probably just need more expensive golf clubs haha.
  12. Actually, the first lesson I had was as a pair with a friend and he gave the same advice to both of us. We both have very different swings/swing faults. The only one you mentioned that was spasific to me and was prescribed in a solo lesson was having my body open target.
  13. Maybe he thinks I'm an elite ball striker in the making haha. My initial assumption was that he was gonna let me suffer for a while then tell me that if I now went back to my normal alignment I will hit on a better swing path (I do fight with a slightly out to in sp) but not the case, he seems to want me to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm heading for an early round tomorrow, if I run into him I will have a chat and see what he says.
  14. I agree, that why I just asked if these methods were familiar to anyone. I've never heard of them. I made the mistake of chasing my swing faults with online videos and online advice when I first started playing and it was poisonous. ive only really brought up the instructional points I'm unsure of, I did also take away quite a few good things from the lessons. I'm getting a sweet strike with my irons at the moment, just fighting to get them on the target line and not in the direction of my body allingment. If i could say the same about my longer clubs I'd be happy but I'm having to have two completely different swings at the moment and that is not ideal! anyway, I digress, I really appreciate the input and I think I just need to discus this with my pro and either come up with a better plan with him or find a different pro. Definitely not drills, I confirmed this with him a few days after my last lesson.
  15. I thought this, I've waiting for him to tell me to start aligning everything at target again, but he hasn't. thanks for all all your help guys, I wanted to make sure these weren't standard methods that I'd somehow never heard of, I think I'm gonna find a new pro.