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  1. Here in the UK, now that the really cold weather has stopped for a while, it's just raining every day. I played at my course yesterday and had trouble on quite a few holes whereby I'm within chipping distance, I play my shot and see it die the moment it hits the green because of hidden water on the green. Other times, I'd try and flop it straight at the flag only to see it hit a non-waterlogged part of the green and see the ball run on for another 2-3 yds leaving me a tricky put for par. Do you just accept this is golf in the winter and getting within 5-6 shots of your handicap is a realistic goal or do you (like me) end up feeling frustrated at the end of the round? Stu
  2. OK guys here goes..... I've always played golf once a week since starting the game when I was aged 28 (11 years go) 2 years ago my handicap was 7.7 I went through a grip change just over a year ago that totally screwed with my grip/swing but had to be done because of the horrible hook I'd developed (owing to an over-strong grip) It's taken just over a year to drill-in this new grip/swing. I have a handicap now of 9.1 I have 2 daughters aged 3 & 7 and a son who's 14 weeks old. I think I've shot my handicap maybe 4-5 times in the last year. A normal round seems to be going like this: bogey double bogey bogey double bogey straight par for the next 8 holes double bogey bogey birdie double bogey bogey par I've always typically arrived at the course, got my shoes on and walked straight onto the 1st tee, so last weekend I thought I'd hit a few balls on the practice range beforehand and a few putts on the practice green. My round went almost identical to the above in pattern but with a further 2 shots over handicap. The 5th-12th holes are not particularly easy at my course but my results seem to indicative otherwise. Has anyone gone through a remotely similar experience? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Any suggestions/tips/anything welcome :) Cheers Stu
  3. It would be interesting to see how you guys coped playing here in the UK. The majority of courses over here have a 3 tee system - red for ladies, yellow for casual play and white for competition play. The higher end courses may have a blue tee but from my experience this is the minority. Whenever there's a monthly medal or stableford competition at my home club everyone is expected to play from the white tees - whether you can nail a drive 300+ straight down the middle or 100 forward and 200+ to the right/left. Makes for some loooooong days on qualifying rounds.......
  4. Anybody got suggestions for alternative games to play as a 2 ball other than matchplay or strokeplay to mix things up a bit? A friend and I will be playing 36 holes as a 2 ball due to our other 2 friends dropping out. We'll both be playing off a handicap of 9 on this course: http://www.princesgolfclub.co.uk for the first time. Cheers Stu
  5. Zeph, Can you elaborate on this point a little? What do you mean by "deep"? I barely get time to get out and play once a week, let alone have the time to make a video of my swing sadly....... Stu
  6. Guys, Has anyone worked on changing their swing path from out-to-in to in-to-out? I'm in the process of trying to do just this and I'm struggling to get rid of that over the top move causing the out-to-in. I guess this is mainly because I've had the same swing for 10 years and changing my muscle memory is going to be tough. I've tried the following: - practice swings in slow motion - can get correct in-to-out path working - headcover next to ball angled on the correct path - imagining I'm trying to hit my right-hand trouser pocket on the downswing Trying any of the above at full swing speed or put a driver in my hand and this all goes out of the window!! What worked for you? Stu
  7. Erik, Sorry, maybe I'm being a bit thick here, but can you clarify where you get the 0.0175 figure from? I've tried TAN(1), but that gives 1.557408. I understand that from the above example, the "1" is the 1* of angle, and the 155 is the distance in yards. Thanks Stu
  8. Phew - too much maths for me - hence why I asked the question. Thanks for clarifying Erik. Stu
  9. That's a good article Erik, but it still doesn't answer my question :) The table below is the closest to what I'm after, but I don't see how to extrapolate this data into what I'm looking for. The below shows that on an approach of 150 yds, you can be +/- 4.76* and still hit a green 25 yds wide. Does that mean a 1* open would be roughly +/- 5.25 yds (25 / 4.76) right and a 2* would be roughly +/- 10.5 yds right of target? What's the equation to use if my 7i goes 155yds instead of 150? Stu Appr. Width tan(θ) θ (+/-) ----- ----- ------ ------- 50 25 0.2500 14.04 75 25 0.1667 9.46 100 25 0.1250 7.13 115 25 0.1087 6.20 130 25 0.0962 5.49 150 25 0.0833 4.76 175 25 0.0714 4.09 200 25 0.0625 3.58 225 25 0.0556 3.18
  10. This is probably a mathematical question rather than a golfing one, but here goes.... Assuming 7i straight carry distance is 150yds Assuming you're a righty if you hit a golf ball with a 7i and the golf face is open 1*, how many yards to the right will the ball land? If you're 2* open, is that distance doubled? Is there a standard equiation to apply here? Cheers Stu
  11. I did a charity day in November 2008 - - teed off at 06:50 - finished at 08:30 - had the course to myself. Used a buggy for the rest of the day - teed off next at 08:45, finished at 10:30 - next round at 10:45, finished at 12:30 - next round at 12:45 finished at 14:30 - last round at 14:45 finished at 16:15 (barely able to see the ball due to fading light) 90 holes of golf in a single day - raised £1600 for Children in Need and had muscles aching the next day that I didn't know existed!!! Stu
  12. Hey guys, has anyone had experience of making their irons more upright? I'm 6'3" and although I was fitted for my driver (standard length), I've never had my irons fitted. My pro advised that the toe should be slightly raised at address? He mentioned that as mine is level with the ground, I may occasionally be catching the toe on the ground and causing the clubface to slightly open at impact. Has anyone done this? Are there any downsides? Thanks Stu
  13. Update to my progress.... NONE ..... this is the MOST frustrating thing I've ever tried in my life!!! I'm trying to drill the inside-out path by putting a ball 6-8 inches in front of my target ball on the inside by about a ball and a half. I'm then trying to ensure I do not hit the second ball at impact. I hit 120 balls last night - I can do this fine at 50% swing speed, but put me back to 80-90% and I hit the second ball every time!!!! Is this something in my subconcious that's stopping me performing this simple action? Is there going to be a "click" moment if I hit another 120, and another 120 and another 120..... Any feedback from others who may have gone through this would be truly appreciated...... Desperate......
  14. Assuming I take the club away on the right path (ie. plenty of width and on the correct path), are you saying I could get into the correct plane by bringing my hands further in towards my body after say 2-3 feet of takeaway? It's obviously very difficult to visualise the correct path - do you know of any good images that show this? Stu
  15. Hey all, Went for a lesson on Friday to see about my "power fade" and the pro tells me my swing path is out-to-in coming over the top, causing loss of distance, etc. I guess I already knew this but it was good to hear it confirmed. He advised that my takeaway was good and wide and that to get on the right downswing plane, I need to "drop" my hands at the top of the backswing to get in the slot for an in-to-out swing plane. I totally understand this concept and the reasons behind it. However, as I've had the same swing since I started 10 years ago, I'm struggling to implement the change. I can do it in slo-mo, but as soon as I go back to normal speed, I lose it. I've managed to get down to a 9 handicap with the same swing and the rest of my game is pretty good. Does anyone have any other tips for instilling this move into my muscle memory? Appreciated Stu
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