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  1. Asmanning95


  2. Great idea. I really like the idea. But you can’t use it in competition. Also game golf is an expensive piece of kit. Do I really want to fork out Loren for something I’m never going to get the best use out of?
  3. I'm very generous when I'm winning well and it's not a putt to win the hole...
  4. I can think of a certain boxer who controversially lost in 1996
  5. People over here have become very disillusioned with the Olympics after the state sponsored Doping and now the dodgy decisions in boxing. Mick was absolutely robbed here.
  6. I do the same, it's amazing the amount of putts I've seen missed due to poor alignment. Not that I'm a fantastic putter though.
  7. I don't know if I would like that more. My dad is a 5 day member so can't play in Saturday comps, and therefore he can never play in a competition to reduce his handicap (He's a bad 28 so never would but that's not the point.) So i can absolutely see the benefit of the USGA system. I do like that it;'s limited to competition rounds here though. And Manuals....pfft... nahh don't read them.
  8. Is that a CONGU thing? Or just an England Golf thing? I have to find out if i can do that in Ireland.
  9. A lesson could be as valuable if not more so than a new club
  10. See what you can figure out from that, I just got confused.
  11. My club isn't too bad with bandits as in general most members have been around a while so handicaps seem to be a reasonable reflection. There will always be some people who struggle to play regularly enough for the handicap to be a good reflection. One guy i know just had a baby so he hasn't played on a Saturday for about a year, so even though he has definitely improved in that time his handicap is still 19.The Juvenile (under 18) section is a different story, anything under 42 points and you won't even place, but i suppose that is to be expected as the young lads should improve drastically w
  12. They shall go on the list of possible new irons. Gorgeous
  13. I do use it pretty regularly, getting out of trouble, 2nd shots on par 5's (sometimes 3rd or 4th shots) and of the tee on par 4's. Probably one of the most used irons in my bag actually. A bit of an all-purpose club.
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