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  1. This.... http://www.froggergolf.com/BrushProSplash.html I could live without it, but it's a great product imo. My regular foursome went out and bought one after using mine.
  2. Awesome Yukari! LMAO!!! I've had a similar situation as the OP. You can see by my handicap that I'm not great, I've only been playing for a year. However, there are two of my friends that just took up the game, but know nothing about etiquette, club selection, pace of play, order of play, etc... I get so tired of having to tell them it's their turn or to go hit their shot instead of helping me look for my ball when there's a group waiting behind us or asking them why they're using a 5 iron from 40 yds or putting from the fairway (yes, this really happened). The worst was when I was lined up for a 5 foot birdie putt and right as I start my backstroke one of them walks right in my line of vision to pick up the flag!!! It's a shame because I like both of these guys, but I don't want to golf with them. They never practice and can't keep up with my normal group... and we're 28 handicaps!!!
  3. This is the image that popped into my head when reading the yellow ball suggestion... LOL
  4. So you wear short sleeves in the winter to stay warm? lol :) Clubs don't sweat like people do. It's the perspiration that keeps us cool. Long clothes (or head covers) would protect you (or your clubs) from direct sunlight, but would do nothing to lower the temperature.
  5. I'm having this done at a training facility I go to on Wedensday. It's part of the membership fee so nothing extra out of pocket. I dunno if it will make a difference, but it sounds cool. FYI... The place I go to is related to the Titleist Performance Institute
  6. Doesn't make sense. If you are wearing a long sleeved shirt in the summer, aren't you hotter than if you weren't wearing a shirt at all?
  7. I didn't vote since I like both of them. Right now I am currently only subscribed to Golf Digest... at $12 it gives me something to read on the throne. LOL Also, I like looking at the Hot List each year.
  8. Oh my.... those are ugly. But, I love the 1st sentence in the description.
  9. I guess you're right. I liked the black matte finish look of the Adams and there's no ugly lime green on it like some of their others. Any truth to the benefits of the aerodynamic head design or just marketing fluff? But, hey, I fall in love with drivers like John Gruden falls in love with quarterbacks.
  10. I got a chance to hit this at Dick's sporting goods last night and WOW! I really liked it. I thought it was going to feel too light, but I had no problem maintaining my swing tempo and was swinging it 3 to 4 mph faster than my Ping G15. (94 up from 90). I wish I had an extra $380 sitting around. Anybody else hit one or own one? If so, what are your impressions? http://www.adamsgolf.com/products/dr...eedline_4g.php
  11. People everywhere from to shake hands and so do I. If guys like and do it, then I better do it as well. Shake hands? (please check one) ..............................................Yes or No.............................................................
  12. I agree. We played this weekend in Maryland and it was about 100 -105. The heat didn't bother me too much. The main challenge was keeping my hands dry from all the sweat. It's a lot better than when I played at the very end of the season last year where it was 38 and I could barley feel my hands.
  13. Tiger uses a Scotty... he won 13 majors with it and only switched to the Nike for two rounds during the Open.... He promptly switched back to the Scotty.
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