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  1. This set has SW-PW-5 and a Wilson approach that he added ok to the set. So it's a nice full set. I hit the x20's at Golfsmith today and they felt really nice. The x2 hots felt lighter and amazing but honestly I don't think it was a world of difference for me. Which to me says I should go with this cheaper option because they seemed to hit and feel beautiful. I'm asking about shafts now.
  2. Thanks everyone. Clubs are in good shape. No major dings or dents or anything. The others I am looking at are Mizuno 800 JPX HD for $250 (4-5 hybrid, 6-P & Gap). I'm leaning towards the Mizuno's because of all that I've read on Golf Digest about their performance and they're obviously much newer. They have only been used 5 rounds and are mint condition. Thoughts?
  3. Hi all, Been out of the golfing scene for a couple years (wife in grad school means we have no money)... Currently I have old hand me down graphite irons, not sure what brand but they aren't good. I want to upgrade to some newer Callaway/Taylor Made/Cobra or whatever I can get a good deal on while maintaining quality. I'm going to buy used because I do have a budget and I want to replace all of my clubs, so I'm hoping my irons can stay under $250 if possible. Looking on eBay and Craigslist. i found a guy on Craigslist selling his Callaway X20 iron set with a lob and approach for $200 w/ a bag. Without the bag I got him down to $130 for all the clubs. I know these are 8-9 years old (maybe more?) so I'm curious if innovation and updates to clubs are too far beyond these. At the moment, my thought is for $130, it's worth it just to buy them and see how I like them for a few months. If I don't, I should be able to sell and get my money back. Is this a good price? Are the x20's too old at this point? Anyone have opinions on the x20s? I see mixed stuff online, but my assumption is it's Callaway and it'll be light years better than my trash I have now. Mostly I want very forgiving irons that are easy to hit. I'm not exactly a pro :) thanks in advance!
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