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  1. Take a Break?

    also: wedges again, those used to be my best. absolute 10/10 perfection. a shank once in a blue moon, if that. i used to never fail with a wedge, wether it was full swing or pitching. now they are my worst, i can't even pitch anymore. if there was one thing i could ever rely on, it was short game and full swing wedge. not anymore. i hate swinging a wedge now. feels terrible
  2. Take a Break?

    This is my first post here fyi So i have been golfing for 8 months now, and in the beginning, i was very very bad. I could make ok contact but my balls weren't staring. went up from there and broke 100 4 months later, played in the mid-high nineties for about a month. Then everything went straight to hell, and i haven't fully recovered. first is was shanks caused by too much arms and not enough body. struggled to fix that but ended up somewhat fixing it. Still terrible, decided to take a two week break. That didn't help at all. in fact i got worse. then suddenly the shanks stop and for a week i am playing ok. after that, straight downhill to this point. after that i developed a very wide and horizontal swing and my takeaway was behind my body, causing a MASSIVE pull on every single shot, good contact or not. a quick tweak had my driver woods and hybrid fixed, but to this day i can't fix my irons and wedges are a complete shitshow. with irons at least the ball gets off the ground (massive pull still) but my wedges not have massive shanks. sometimes (4/10) i swing so far out that the club brushes the ball ever so slightly it rolls in between my feet. Absolute worst feeling ever, had to keep from absolutely loosing my shit on the range. nothing i do is working so i am taking another break, but am very worried that i will be worse after. I'm not having fun on the course, can't do shit, 3 tries to get out of a bunker. average score for past two months: 143. i could do better when i was first starting out with 116 average. i don't know what the hell is happening. now i basically want to break all of my clubs after each round. i don't know what the hell i am supposed to do now. SUPER PISSED OFF

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