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  1. Hello everyone, I recently got a fitting and looking to get new irons. During the fitting a tried out a couple clubs(ap1, ap2,t-mb,callaway Xr,). I didnt really like the feel of the ap1 or XR(ap2 was a little better) but as soon as I started hitting the Titleist t-md I immediately felt a great connection. It wasn't the farthest hitting club out of all tested but it really felt like butter and I was hitting it the best out of all of them. Unfortunately its a little too expensive for me. I was wondering if anyone has some alternative suggestions that would have the same feel, even if its 1-2 years older.
  2. The launch monitor was nFLight. If you look at my 328 yard drive the spin was only 2200. However when comparing the two different systems and the same club(nflight shot #4) its carrying 20 yards farther. Not sure which system to trust.....
  3. Here are some updated stats on a fitting I did Today. Number are looking much better than my old driver. 300+ for Driver and some 200+ 7 iron.
  4. Thanks for the replies! What would cause such a high spin rate? And can this be correct with a updated driver? How would a Callaway XR 16 compare to my 14 year old Cobra ss 350(45g low kick stiff)?
  5. Hello everyone, Im new to these forums. Little bit about myself......haven't been playing golf consistently for very long(sixth time at the range in about 3 years) but iv. I went to the range today and a lady had a trackman setup. Asked her if I could try it out and she was hesitant at first(was wearing gym shorts and shirt) but she agreed. I only got 1 swing in but it felt great even though i have been hitting the same driver(cobra ss 350) since highschool....currently 28yr. Anyways after looking at the numbers she was pretty surprised and told me my swing is very fast. A pro instructor came over and looked at the numbers and explain with a correct fitting and updated drive I could hit it 300+ no problem. My question for you all is what driver would fit best?
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