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  1. did that, no luck... maybe it wasn't here that I saw it, but didn't look elsewhere for golf related topics...so thought maybe it was a re-direct somehow... I'll try again - thanks dbl checked - I found in in Golf WRX...when I saw it the first time I thought it was a link to Subaru WRX ...which I've been shopping for..thanks for the nudge
  2. Hi - the day I joined here I found a post about contact and club face angle...the creator of the post used examples - Chuck hit closed faced and a woman whose name started with an "O" hit open face... Being a slow learner, I wanted to revisit that post and read again, but I can't find it...anyone remember where that can be found, or the author of it? Thanks..
  3. yes, I was hitting fat a lot, but that's reduced quite a bit with some weight transfer practice. I do hit off mats at least once a week and in the garage I'll swing off some very thick (modern) astro tuff I pickedup ... the shock of hitting the ground hard is felt immediately and i'm sure is a partial cause.
  4. yeah, I'm not ready for any competition I'm trying to hit them straight and keep them in the fairway a little more successfully than last year, but not much - I signed up to play in bi-wkly tournaments, I played so badly before the first one I decided not to embarass myself. I'm going to try to loosed my grip and see how that goes first - thanks!
  5. thanks all for the advice, and humor, I wondered if my grip was too tight, but I'm not able to hang onto money very well so I'm a bit suspect there...I've been double dipping on the NAISDs all week, and just played 9 today ... I'll see how they feel in the morning. Started taking hot yoga clases because a friend recommended it ... hope that looens me up a bit. My fingers don't hurt as much as the rest of my body now... I think that's progress.. one more thing - it's the fingers on both hands, but left a bit more I guess..
  6. Thanks much! I know what you are talking about. I have Dupuytren's I think my ring finger palm side ligaments (i think ligaments) on both hands .. I've had this before I started working at my golfing. My wife is peds nurse practitioner, ex-peds ICU and ER nurse, so she rolls her eyes when I complain of pain. I stretch my fingers hoping I don't get contracture, but the finger joint pain is more of a concern. oh - her suggestion same as your NSAID's. & if it hurts doing that - don't do that... I'm seeing a hand doc next wednesday - I was just looking to see how prevalent it is with golfers
  7. I googled searched for golf & finger pain and that is how I found TST today. There were several post about this all from 2009, so I'm hoping there are more recent examples/suggestions for this. I started playing regularly about a year ago (at least 1x a week w/ garage and range practice in between) after about 20 years of once a year golf. I used an interlocking grip and noticed that the ring finger of my right hand ached a lot. After several months I switched to the grip where the baby finger of the right hand lays atop and between the middle and index finger of the left hand. The pain mention went away. But, now I wake up every morning with other knuckles of both hands aching - very painful first movement. Wondering if there are other examples and hopefully relief from this...thinking oversized grips? I'm about 6'3" - was strong once - still pretend to be...
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