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  1. This seems like the thread for me. My best score is a 103. I've been so close... I am going to practice today because I won't have time for a full round but I will keep updating on here. I won't be able to play a full round until the end of the month due to vacation. I'm hoping the 10 days off of golf doesn't set me back and the next time I play I can break 100. This sums up my game all too well. I'll be having a round where I am well on pace to break 100 and all of a sudden I'll take a 6 on a par 3, then a 7 on a par 4, then another par 3 will roll around and I'll take a 6. The par 3's
  2. I use the FST KBS TOUR stiff shafts in all my wedges
  3. I've seen this thread a lot and been thinking man I'm really no better than last year. Last year I would hover around 105-110 per round with my best round of 104. This year I got a late start and have been scoring over 110. It feels like I have improved a lot though and I keep telling myself that. The last round I played I shot my personal best 103. I'm hoping I can stay on this track and have the scores show the improvement I make. Anyone else feel better but the scores don't necessarily show it?
  4. Good information. I don't have a problem with my fade. I just thought I'd throw my input in about my experience with draw bias. When I used to hit 10.5* no draw setting it seemed to have an identical shape to what I hit now with 11.5* draw setting on.
  5. I have a Cobra Bio Cell driver that has the draw settings on it. I was having a problem earlier this year where I was worm burning every drive. I had the loft set at 10.5 with no draw. I changed it to 11.5 with the draw setting on. That did nothing for me. I ended up having the ball teed up too close to the middle of my stance. I still use the driver at 11.5 with a draw and I hit it a fade or straight ball every time. I've been needing to go to the range and change the settings back and see if it makes a difference.
  6. Typically where I play the tee boxes are elevated, so I will go off of them and practice chipping up onto them.
  7. Here we go, it's my first post on here so hello everyone. My goals for 2016 are to finally break 100 and to go a full round without a 3-putt. I find my self in situations where my first putt is long and I can put it about 4-5 ft from the hole but can't finish there so I have been practicing my short putting a lot and am hoping that when I get my only 2-putt round I finally break 100.
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