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  1. Sounds like an excellent blog topic! Somebody needs to research that. :)
  2. It may be an issue of muscle memory. If your own techniques have become ingrained over the last 10 years, it will be difficult to try to retrain your body to perform differently. I think I once had a martial arts instructor that claimed you had to repeat a technique at least 1000 times before it became habit and was easy to perform without a lot of forethought. As for whether you were getting good golf instruction, you'll have to decide that!
  3. I did not know that. Was that a recent change?
  4. I'm guessing you have probably read this as well, but long putters and belly putters are often helpful when dealing with tremors.
  5. Yup, that gator was at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. Even more recent was the smaller, more agile gator that climbed over the chain-link fence at Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida. "Hazards" have a whole new meaning here in Florida!
  6. I'm concerned that LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis may be correct in saying that golfers are using Zika as an excuse not to attend the Olympics. August is the cool part of the year for Rio since it is in the Southern Hemisphere. The number of mosquitos is at its lowest and some health officials are saying that the risk of catching Zika is "very low" at that time of year. I think golfers feel they should concentrate on winning championships instead of "growing the sport" by competing in the Olympics. The benefits of participating in the Olympics for golfers is unknown and it may seem like a gamble when you weigh in health concerns.
  7. Well, I have one in my possession... I work for a golf manufacturer and a few years ago they were going to come out with their own model. While they never brought the product to market, we have a number of prototypes floating around the office. I'm pretty sure there are a number of companies that make them if you Google it. I have not spent much time using the product, because I really haven't had a need for it. I think it is a brilliant idea, although I am not positive if it is conforming.
  8. There's an entry on Critical Golf that breaks down what you are allowed to carry by each airline. According to them, you are allowed golf clubs but each airline has different regulations on the size, weight, and number. While I haven't tried to take golf clubs on an airline in quite awhile, I think my strategy would be to bring a telescoping club that breaks down and can be carried in a very small hard case and hopefully that would pass muster by most of the airlines.
  9. I've heard about Whistling Straits too, more than 1000 bunkers rough estimate, although most of them were designed primarily for intimidation. Talk about mean and sadistic. Did you know you can blame bunkers on Scottish sheep? They are the original "sand trap architect".
  10. I just read that Byeong Hun An is set to be part of Rio's summer games representing South Korea. The crazy thing is that both his parents were Olympic athletes too, however they played table tennis. Are there any other golfers carrying on this same family heritage?
  11. Do you ever wonder what your caddy says about your golf game after you leave? Here are my favorite CADDY quotes... Why does he always carry three pounds of water balls in his bag? I wish he’d stop buying those annoying iron head covers. I’ve seen better strokes in intensive care. He complains that I keep checking my watch; it is actually a compass. His golf game is so bad he had to have his ball retriever regripped. He has a great short game. Unfortunately, it’s off the tee. If he tries drowning himself in the water hazard, he should keep his head down. He bought a new putter after finding out the old one didn’t float. Does he know fairways come with the greens fee?
  12. Got an interesting tidbit... In order for a ball to be USGA Conforming (which is required for tournament play), the overall distance of the golf ball when tested, cannot exceed 317 yards when struck at a set speed by a mechanical robot. So, if I ball is considered USGA Conforming it will not go further than 317 yards, despite whether it is being marketed as a "distance" ball. Yes, there are balls that go further, but they are not USGA Conforming.
  13. First I would look for USGA conforming balls because they are legal for tournament play. Then as a beginner, you may want to look for a two piece construction ball with a Surlyn cover. The two piece ball is made of a solid core and cover and offers better distance with a slow swing. For decades, Surlyn has been the material of choice for “distance balls”. In addition to increasing distance, Surlyn is durable, often making it the preferred choice for amateur golfers. Two piece golf balls are generally less expensive, slightly more durable and may provide a little more distance than polyurethane models. However, they don’t have the spin necessary to stop shots quickly around the greens as do three piece golf balls. So as your skills improve, you may wish to upgrade to a three piece ball.
  14. Two piece golf balls are generally less expensive, slightly more durable and may provide a little more distance than polyurethane models (typically three piece construction). However, they don’t have the spin necessary to stop shots quickly around the greens as do three piece golf balls. Look for USGA Conforming golf balls when you shop...
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