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  1. I only go to the range a few times a year (8-10 times).... or when I have a new club in my bag. During the visit, I spend roughly 40 minutes to one hour. Just 20-30 minutes on the range and usually 30 minutes on the practice green. I play golf about 5 times a month....
  2. No... it's not shaft kickpoint that makes a shaft cheaper.... If you use a Frequency Analyzer, cheaper shaft has less consistency... that's one.
  3. Max Power, Disagree.... I did more than research. It's based on many People who have been using upgraded shaft from manufacturer. It's also based on people who have worked in the Golf shaft industry. I even visited several Golf shaft manufactures in the past. Not to mention, many hours of conversation with private Club fitters. It does not matter if it's from Titleist or Taylormade or any other club manufacturers. They have less quality in order to be more price competitive. That's also why the specs are different. There are certain Shaft properties that make a
  4. Oh well only in the First Round. You did not mention that. He's at 48th in the Final Leaderboard.... gotta be suck dropping from 3rd to 48th....
  5. Shaft upgrades from manufacturer are not the same with the Aftermarket shaft. These shaft upgrades have less quality..... Yeah I saw on ebay, thos Di-6 priced at $300. You might wanna check ebay...
  6. Gill I kinda tired reading "Seach on google". What a forum for? Why would I use a forum if everything can be found on Google?? Do you tell someone to Search on Google Map when they are asking for directions on the street??? If you do... then you are being rude.
  7. You mean 2010 British Open??? No I don't see John Daly..... check the leader board: http://www.pga.com/openchampionship/2010/scoring/index.cfm I posted two videos of Tiger swinging Driver and 3 wood on this thread... Maybe you can help with the Geometry on that....
  8. So many Tiger Hater in my Thread..... http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/43885/tiger-s-driver-clublength A simple question on Tiger became a Tiger Thrash talk.....
  9. May I add John Dally.... I hate her Pants.... he dresses like a clown now....
  10. Sean Miller As usual, one useless reply.... White Drivers aren't new innovation.... Ive seen White, Pink, Blue, Gold, Red headed Drivers before..... And A Poll does not have ONE CORRECT ANSWER. It's not multiple choice question where there is one correct answer.
  11. I bet he will win 10 more Majors and regain his No.1 Status......
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